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Are you looking for How to check traffic on your website? how to check website traffic free? For experienced bloggers, this is easy to check website Traffic for a blog or website But for a new blogger, it might be some problematic conditions. This is not because there are no free tools available but also the point is which of the tools provides us with correct information about a blog or website traffic. I am going to focus that how to check traffic on the website.

Aa a new blogger works on writing high-quality content in his blog. He doesn’t care to check his blog traffic. In starting days, they publish near about 50 to 80 Blog posts including high-quality content on their blog. And after some time they start sharing on various social Platforms. & then they need a website traffic checker or traffic checker.

So here are a few tools by which we can check & analyze our blog or website traffic. There are various tools for checking the traffic of a blog on our website but we are discussing a few of them that provide us with correct information.

Why do we need to check our blog or website traffic?

This is not a simple thing that is why you need to check the traffic on your blog or website. Think for a while… You continued to publish your post daily But what happened if you don’t analyze traffic? how many possibilities are to grow your audience? Check your website or blog traffic is very very essential for your blog health. Regular checking of your website traffic enables you to know various things about your audience engagement on your blog.

  • If you check your website traffic then you will also know how much your audience is coming to your site or blog. after this how much time your audience is spending on your blog? how are their engagement on your blog? Which pages of your blog are more attractive?
  • If you check your blog traffic then you also will know from which country your blog is getting traffic.
  • By checking your blog or traffic you can also know which pages of your blog are not performing well.
  • By checking your site or blog you can analyze your blog or site & can know where your site or blog stands & ways to improve your site traffic.

Why should you check your competitors’ website traffic?

This is good that you are working on your blog or site on a regular basis but this will be more good when you regularly check your competitor’s website or blog. You will know about your competitor’s site or blog by using any keyword Research Tools. By checking your competitor’s site or blog traffic you will help to know the following things.

  • You will be able to know what keywords are being used to attract the new audience on your competitor sites or blog.
  • You will be able to know which quality content is being provided on your competitor sites or blog.
  • You will be able to know which keywords are ranking for your competitors.
  • You will be able to know which social platforms are being used by your competitors.

How to check traffic on a website or blog?

Well, now we are going to know the best ways to check blog or site traffic. As there are various traffic-checking tools that are free as well as paid. Each tool has a unique set of features that make them distinctly different from the other tools.

See there are two ways to check your website or blog traffic. First is a tool on the web. & second is a chrome extension. You can check your blog or traffic by using a Browser extension (especially Chrome extension) or simple web tools like ahrefs, Semrush, & many more.

1. Google Search Console

Google search console is a famous tool provided by Google self. This is a product of Google. Google Search console provides a lot of information about your website or blog. for this, you have to create an account & verify your domain with Google Search Console. Here you will get even small information about your traffic on your website or blog.

Here, you can get also a filter option to get you each post details individually. You can get info about your all post-ranking detail.

how to check traffic on website
How to check traffic on the website

Google Search Console is free of cost. This is a free tool from Google.

2. Similar Web

Similar web is the best tool for checking your or any other website or blog traffic. With this tool, you will get additional traffic sources also of your blog or websites. The Similar web shows you your traffic source also. I n this tool. A similar web describes your visitor’s countries also. That helps you where your blogs are ranked.

A similar web also provides you with different channel lists through which your visitors are coming. By this, you are able to analyze how much your specific social media works for your blog. With this information, you can improve your social media appearance. & make a better selection of social media platforms.

how to check traffic on website
how to check traffic on the website

There is both versions available to use a Similar web tool. You can use this chrome extension & web version also. there are two plans one is free & other is paid. if your are a new blogger then the free plan is sufficient But if you want to avail paid plan then you can contact the team of Similar web.

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is also an amazing & famous Keyword Research Tool in the Digital Marketing industry. No one precious tool like this in the market. This tool is highly recommended tools for digital Marketing to boost your blog or website traffic & increase your conversion. With this tool, You can check your website or blog traffic with very deep knowledge.

Ahrefs provides you with a number of knowledge about your or your competitor’s blog or website. This shows also you any difference in your traffic in the past days or months & even years. No one tool provides you with a lot of information regarding your blog traffic like ahrefs.

how to check traffic on the website

Since Ahrefs Provides a lot of details of your all ranking keywords, with their ranking location (countries), and your competitors ranking keywords. So, there is not any free plan to avail. This is also a very costly Keyword Research Tool. But still, there is a 7-day free trial to use or test this Ahrefs feature.

There is a minimum pricing plan is worth $99 USD named Lite You can also check more plans here.

4. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is also one of the best traffic-checking tools. If you want to see & analyze your own blog or website traffic then there is a better way to get data about your traffic. Actually, there is a WordPress Plugin that you can install on our WordPress blog or site. through this WordPress plugin, you can see amazing metrics of MonsterInsights.

After installing this WordPress Plugin you can see all types of traffic metrics that you will never find in other Software or services. you will find the following details given below.

  • Real-Time Analytics
  • E-Commerce Reports
  • SEO Ranking Reports
  • User Behavior Report
  • GDPR Friendly
  • Google Analytics Dashboard
how to check traffic on the website

There are not any free plans here. there are three plans to avail. You can start your Plus plan worth $ 99.50 USD & enjoy this service. For more information, you can check here in depth.

5. Semrush

Semrush is one of the famous & used keyword Research tools for the field of Digital Marketing. You can check your blog or website traffic. Semrush provides an easy interface where you can get all traffic analysis of your blog or websites.

Semrush provides you with a lot of features having many key points. Semrush provides you with the following tools for checking keywords.

  • Domain Overview
  • Traffic analysis
  • Organic Research
  • Keyword Gap
  • Backlink Gap
  • Keyword Magic Tool
how to check traffic on website
how to check traffic on the website

Semrush also doesn’t provide any free plan for your traffic & keyword Research. Still, you can use 10 free hits for any purpose of keyword Research or any other purposes. Semrush provides three plans named Pro, Guru, and Business. If you want to avail minimum price of the plan then you can go with the pro plan worth 119.95 $ monthly.

6. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is also a tool for checking our website or blog traffic. This is a free & paid tool for keyword research & traffic analysis as well. You can know your all traffic source through this tool. This tool is used by all small digital Marketing professionals to a big giant digital Marketing companies.

Ubersuggest having a simple interface enables your keyword research easy. By using this Tool you can see your all keywords on your site is ranking. Ubersuggest provides the following features domain overview, Rank tracking, Site Audit & many more.

How to check traffic on the website

Like other tools, Ubersuggest doesn’t provide any free plan. They have three plans but the plan is very reasonable in cost. There is three plan that helps in your Blogging.

  • Individual $12USD/month
  • Business $20USD/month
  • Enterprise / Agency $40USD/month

7. Serpstat

Serpstat is a powerful tool for Blog or website traffic checking, there are more than 20 types of tools that can empower your Blog visibility in Search Engines. This tool can be used as traffic checking for your blog or website. With this tool you can track the traffic in comes to your blog or website.

Serpstat provides you API & Integration, SERP crawling services, Custom reports, & page Audit & many more.

Plans & Pricing

how to check traffic on the website

Like others, this tool is also not free. There are 5 plans for your keyword Research. You can choose any of them that suit your Budget & Business nature. There is a minimum price plan worth $69 per month.

8. Chrome extension

There is another thing to check your website or blog traffic which is the chrome extension. Yes, there is a chrome extension through which you can track your daily traffic on your website or blog. There is a chrome extension named WSC Traffic Checker. With this extension, you can check your daily & monthly traffic while visiting any blog or website.

Last Word

The last word, I would like to suggest that if your want to check your website or blog traffic then please use Search Engine Console Because this shows you all desired data of your blog or website or you can use any free chrome extension like Similar web, that is enough for a new blog or website.

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