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Are you looking for a hashtag research tool for your Instagram Marketing in your Online Business? Want a proper hashtag research process for your Instagram marketing? As you know Instagram focuses on using hashtags. If you use highly targeted hashtags then you can easily increase and grow your audience & likes as well. If you want to know what hashtags you read in my previous post here.

In this post, I will tell you all the main points that are necessary for researching Instagram hashtags that really work to increase your audience. You will also know that how will you know that how to use hashtags.

What is hashtag Research?

Hashtag Research helps us to define the nature of ideal hashtags. To get a high reach, you have to select the right hashtag for your social media Platform. Hashtag research contains a lot of crucial points to be mentioned. A Hashtag depends on various factors. In hashtag research, we will care all about things we will discuss all the parameters on which basis, a hashtag is considered a prolific hashtag. you can say that hashtags are for followers.

To start the investigation below:-

1. How many people follow the specific hashtag?

This is the first & foremost hashtag parameter to define an ideal hashtag. You must check the follower base of the hashtag you chose. The followers must be greater than any other hashtag’s followers that you didn’t choose. well, there is not any fixed ratio but If the number of followers is a minimum of 1,00,000. then this is also great for new Instagram users.

2. Popularity of hashtags

The Popularity of hashtags is the second parameter of hashtag Research. Here popularity means how much the hashtag is used by people, and how many times the people create their posts using this hashtag. the more uses hashtag the more popular they are. You can also check the live frequency of selected hashtags. If the hashtag is live then you can check this hashtag as popular.

Don’t take the word “live” like any big thing. If there are publishing posts on a regular basis then we can consider them as a live hashtag.

3. Relevancy of posts

You need to check also post relevancy of the hashtag you selected. If you find high relevancy of published posts then this is a great signal for an ideal hashtag. Then we can easily consider the selected hashtags are beneficial to use. Please keep in mind that niche relevancy matters a lot in the field of reach expansion.

4. Prevention from banned hashtags

Since you are working hard on Research on Hashtags So, you must know about all banned hashtags. If you use banned hashtags in your social media profile by mistake, then you will get nothing but a loss of organic reach & growth efforts. If you use more than one banned hashtag. Then Instagram will flag your account. So, try to ignore using the banned hashtags in our social media account especially Instagram.

Here is the process of identity banned hashtags

How to identify hashtag is banned?

It will be very painful when your organic reach will be reduced due to using banned hashtags in your social media accounts. By using banned hashtags you not only lose your organic reach but also your endless effort. So, you must know how to identify which hashtags are banned and which are not.

Here are a few tricks by which you can easily know whether a hashtag is banned or not. I explain this by taking the example of Instagram.

  • Type #yourphrase in the search box on Instagram & see.
  • If you are not able to see the total number of posts there, then this hashtag is not banned by Instagram. But on the other hand, if are not able to see the total number of posts then it means the hashtag you type is banned by Instagram. You must leave this hashtag instant. You must not use this hashtag.

A list of the banned hashtag on Instagram is given below.

Alphabet A

The banned hashtag starts with A

Alphabet B

#beautyblogger (**Note: #beautybloggers plural works.)#besties#bikinibody
The banned hashtag starts with B

Alphabet C

The banned hashtag starts with C

Alphabet D

#date #dating#desk
The banned hashtag starts with D

Alphabet E

The banned hashtag starts with E

Alphabet G

The banned hashtag starts with G

Alphabet H

The banned hashtag starts with H

Alphabet I

The banned hashtag starts with I

Alphabet K

The banned hashtag starts with K

Alphabet L

The banned hashtag starts with L

Alphabet M

The banned hashtag starts with M

Alphabet N

The banned hashtag starts with N

Alphabet O

The banned hashtag starts with O

Alphabet P

#parties #parties#petite
The banned hashtag starts with P

Alphabet R

The banned hashtag starts with R

Alphabet S

The banned hashtag starts with S

Alphabet T

The banned hashtag starts with T

Alphabet U, V, W, Y

The Banned hashtag starts with U, V, W, Y

5. Leave high following hashtags with high-rate publishing post

This is also a great thing. For a bit, you may take it wrong. But trust me this is right. If you find any hashtag that is highly followed & there is a high-frequency rate of publishing posts. Then there is a high chance that your post might send low traffic, & soon it goes down in rank.

Because if the users publish their posts on regular basis & also in large numbers then your post goes down & not able to send traffic. So, don’t use hashtags having followers in large numbers of.

Last Words

In last words, I would like to suggest that if you want to reach more & more then use three types of hashtags first is high followed, second is medium followed & third & last is low followed but not under 25000 followers. You must publish your story on daily basis on your Instagram to increase your reach & also be updated with new banned hashtags.

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