Hi, have you heard of the chatbot? What is Chatbot? Are you looking for the best chatbot for your business website? So you can continue this powerful post. By using this chatbot on your business website or in your blog, you can double your conversions. This chatbot acts as your business representative 24 hours a day. In this post, I am going to discuss the complete story about Chatbot. so stay tuned.

What is chatbot?

A chatbot is a type of software that is able to chat with visitors on any website where it has been installed. The chatbot is a cost-effective & time-saving software. This chatbot is widely used by companies or Business websites to handle their visitor’s queries regarding services & Products. I think now you have an idea about what is chatBot.

Your website’s chatbot software acts as a representative of your business. It answers all your visitor’s questions at the same time. This chatbot tells your visitors everything about what you feed (Instructions) inside it like your office address, your products, and services or your office hours, etc. Usually, this chatbot is shown at the bottom of any website. Visitors can chat through this icon.

What is Chatbot?

How to use chatbot in your Website or Blog?

It is very easy and economical to use a chatbot on your website or blog. I hope that now you have a must an idea about what is a chatbot. Using a chatbot on your website is similar to having the software automatically manage a lot of work for your business growth. To install any chatbot in your WordPress website or blog, You can use a free version of the chatbot by WordPress.

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When you install any chatbot plugin in your WordPress. You have to integrate some settings in your chatbot plugin which can run chatbot for your visitors. You will need to create a set of questions and answers in your chatbot software to answer your visitors’ questions. It will take a lot of time but when it is ready you will get filter calls that are really genuine and relevant calls to your business or niche.

To install & activate this chatbot Plugin in your Business? You can take a few easy steps. To work with chatbot this is not enough that What is chatbot?

  • First find the Best WordPress Chatbot Plugin of your own choice like ChatBot by QuantumCloud
  • Install it in your WordPress & activate this. Feed FAQs what usually your clients or customers ask.
  • Your chatbot is ready to for your visitors.

Benefits of chatbot in your business

Hi, if you want to know the benefits of a chatbot for your Business then this question is going to be most popular for your Business. In a Business when you advertise your Products online this is possible to get many calls about your products or services. The new audience calls you to know about the prices of your newly launched service & products. There are several questions are asked by your new audience.

To handle all the calls you have to manage the staff who may be able to receive and answer your calls. So, it’s going to be a big job. It is a daunting task to refine the calls relevant to your business across all the calls you receive every day without using the chatbot.

You find the following benefits of a chatbot in your Business.

  • ChatBot works for your Business 24 hours.
  • ChatBot increase Customer Engagement & improves lead generation in your Business.
  • ChatBot answers your visitors queries online on their smartphone instantly.
  • ChatBot fullful your customers requirement.
  • ChatBot shares your Products & services information as your customers or clients expectations.
  • ChatBot tells your customers your office address, Timings, your several Products & services.
  • Through this chatBot you get a filtered customers that is relevant to your Business. So, you save your more time & manpower.
  • You will not need to hire staff for taking calls or related management. You will only need to customize your FAQs in your chatBot system in your wordPress site or Blog.

Best ChatBots for your Websites

In the market, there are many chatbots available for your Business. all of them are useful & powerful but these have something different as per features provided in it. You can use any of them that suits your Business great.


Chatbot.com is a very user-friendly tool for your Business. To use chatbot.com, you do not need to have any coding or technical skill. there is everything drag & drop. there are pre-built templates for your setting & only you have to customize them for your Business Products & services.

Chatbot.com offers a 14-day free trial to check their services for this you don’t require to have credit card details. So, you can test the quality of their services. Integrating a chatbot into your website is very essential for an online Business. there are amazing templates related to your Business categories.

You can buy there a minimum price of the plan worth $42/month & start your journey with chatbot.com


Hubspot also provides the Chatbot service including live chat software for all kinds of business that is online. Hubspot chatbot is really a powerful tool for your business enhancement. This live chat design is the best for customizing. you can customize this as you want or as per your Business requirements.

Hubspot offers also a powerful CRM to its clients & customers. CRM is really powerful management for any kind of Businesses whether it relates to physical products or digital products CRM helps your business make stable in generating profits in your business. You must use CRM for your business leads.

Pricings, Unfortunately, there is no lifetime free plan in Hubspot. Still, you can take a free demo. For your kind of information, Hubspot offers their live chat along with chatbot in a single plan for $45/ month named Starter So, you have to buy their plan to use live chat & chatbot.


Manychat is also a chatbot builder having higher features. Manychat provides you Instagram Direct Messages, Facebook Messages,& WhatsApp even in a free version plan. This free version of chatbot is not enough valuable But this is enough to learn a lot.

Pricing By the way Manychat provides a free plan but there are limitations of 1000 contacts. After this, you cannot take benefits of the free plan. On the other hand, you will get a pro plan where you will pay $15/month.


Freshworks was known as freshchat in the past time. This provides a free plan also where you use the chatbot on your website & take the service as you want. Freshworks provide you with messaging channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, & line, etc. It has built with artificial intelligence by

They offer also a free plan for life time. You can also avail the same. But you want more features then you can go with pro plan. Freshworks offer a minimum price plan of worth ₹999/- per month. You can take the plan what you want.


Chatfuel is also a great chatbot as a marketing tools used by marketing company. This chatbot service Provider serves in a free plan also to its client & customers. Chatfuel offers its services in Instagram integration.

Pricing chatfuel offers a pro plan of $15 per month with unlimited users. If you start for a chatbot for your Business then you can start with this reasonable plan.


Tidio is an amazing live chatbot platform for your Business. Tidio is super fast & attractive chatboat service. By using this you can send emails to your clients & customers. This chatbot allows you to communicate your customers by using website & mobile friendly chatbot, Facebook and many more.

You have unlimited chats even in free plan. You also get a mobile apps along with desktop app. In this free plan, you will also get 3rd party app integration & Java API integration.

Pricings By the way, there is a free Plan available But there is not any chatbot feature in this free plan. So, you can go with a paid plan of minimum price of $39/month.


Zendesk is a popular customers support Platform for Businesses. By using this you can handle support tickets, chat with your customers & more. you can automate your messages with Zendesk chat. You can check also your audience engagement rate.

If we talk about pricing of Zendesk, there is not any lifetime free plan. there is a lowest price of minimum plan “Suite Team” $49/monthly. there are amazing ticketing system, using through web, mobile & social facility, email, voice, SMS along with Live chat Support features.


Quriobot offers a fine features chatbot along with many features. This is a simple chatbot that can be used by a small companies on a less budget. This chatbot offers a fine features like Email support, Unlimited organization members, Custom look, Facebook channel, trigger WhatsApp, Telegram channel & many more.

Pricing Quriobot has a generous free plan where you 500 chats per month, with unlimited bots. But If you want more chats then you need to but a plan from €9/month.


Intercom is an amazing tool that allows to chat with your clients. You can engage your customers with your Product & services. with Intercom, you can personalize your chatbot’s interactions with your customers online. You can also use filter & target options as per your customers behaviour.

Intercom platform is designed to build a better relationship with your audience. It might be helpful to grow your additional leads. It also helps you to integrated email marketing services.

Pricing Intercom offers a plan from $67/mo where you get Chat & email support, Chat & email support, In-product messages, & many more.

Last Word

In last word, I would like to recommend you to use any of the above chatbots to double your sales. This is very essential action of a growing Business. So, Please must use chatbot in order to reduce work load & grow your sales.

How do your react my post? Please share your opinion in comment below. Have a nice day.

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