Hi, are you looking for “How to get traffic for your blog“? Do you think more to get traffic to your blog or site. Just leave thinking now. To promote your blog post, you have to do a lot. In which you share your blog post articles on social media platforms and many more. You also share your blog posts on regular basis to promote your blog posts. After creating a blog post, there is a big problem of traffic coming to your blog post. Because your journey starts from where some people start coming to your blog post and looking for value in your writings.

In this post, I am going to share on the same topic. I will share you a list of Online e-books store where you can share converted pdf of your Blog post partial parts of your Blog post. Through this e-book, you will get more & more traffic on your site or blog. Trust me this idea really, works. Only you have to convert your Blog post into a beautiful pdf in a decent design & share this any famous traffic platforms.

How to get traffic for your blog?

Usually, you share your blog post on several social media platforms to get traffic But even you seem that is not enough traffic for your site growth. Then it looks like that you should try something different to take traffic. In this post, I will tell your how you can take traffic like pdf sharing Platforms.

Learn how to convert pdf from your Blog post

So, let’s start follow the following instructions to get traffic on your blog. In this process we will use a chrome extension to convert pdf from our Blog posts. and then using this extension we will ready our pdf and share them different Pdf sharing platforms like instamojo.com, Lulu.com & many more.

  • Install & activate the print Friendly chrome extension from Chrome webstore.
  • Before selecting Pdf Please insure the following things.
    • Your pdf must be in clean & beautiful format.
    • There must be your own link in starting part of your pdf.
    • Insure that you have links of your website in a proper Numbers.
    • You also must high quality images in your pdf. So there are high chances for clicks.
    • Your images must be linked with your website or your blog post links.
  • Open your same blog post, you want to convert into pdf. & click on the icon of this Print friendly Chrome extension, click the button Download your Pdf.
  • Your PDF will be ready to sharing.

Now after preparing pdfs you have to share this pdf on high volume visitors e-book stores. From the point of gaining traffic on your site or blog. Please insure the following information regarding the platform where you are going to share your pdfs.

The platform you will select must be in your choice like blog niche, visitors nature etc.

  • Care about nationality of the sharing platform because of difference of your languages. If your blog language is English, then it will not work if the majority visitors on the platform would like to read in Hindi or any other language.

Now I am going to reveal some pdf or e-book sharing platforms where you can share your pdf & get more traffic for your blog or site. You also get backlinks from this website So take it serious. A high quality backlink sends a lot of traffic to your site or blog. You must read about Backlink in depth Because this knowledge is necessary for your Blog or site ranking improvement.

For sharing your pdf you will have to create an account on these platforms. where you need to use your email address nothing else. It will verify your email ID & after this you will be able to upload or share your pdf.

Best pdf or e-book sharing sites

Here you will find the best pdf or e-books sharing sites where you can share your articles in the form of pdf or e-books & drive a lot of traffic to your blog or websites.

1. Issue.com

Issue.com is the Great site to share your pdf to get high volume traffic & do-follow backlink as well. The registration process is very simple. After verification of your account, you can upload your pdf and get a high volume traffic for your blog or website. Issue is one of the High DA PA Sites. from this site you will also gain a do-follow backlink that is great for your site authority improvement.

You can Create your account here easily on issue.com

2. Slideshare.com

Slideshare.com is instantly work for who shares pdfs. This is the such platform where you can share your pdf instantly without any Sign up or login Formality. You also get email when your pdf is downloaded & liked by users.

Slideshare.com is a very high DA (98) PA Site. There is a high volume of 36 millions of visitors on Slideshare.com. So, you must use this. You will get the great benefits of traffic on your site due to high traffic availability on Slideshare.net.

You can use Slideshare.net here.

3. Scribd.com

Scribd.com is also a great place to share your pdf. There is high volume traffic of 114 Millions on this platform. You must use this platform to share your pdf to get a high volume traffic for your Blog or website. Here you can try this platform for 30 days free trial. After this you have to pay only 299/- per monthly.

On this platform, you can easily upload your pdf on Scribd.com. You can upload any type of categories. There are the following types of categories:-

  1. Contemporary Fiction
  2. Literary Fiction
  3. Small Business & Entrepreneurs
  4. Home & Gardening Mystery
  5. Science & Mathematics History Study
  6. Self-Improvement & Personal Growth
  7. Thriller & Crime Fiction
  8. Religion & Spirituality

4. Calameo.com

Calameo.com is also one of sites that generate thousand of traffic to your blog or site. There is also a huge traffic of 17 million on this platform. You can go with free plan to upload your pdf on this platform. here you are also upload pdf in a different categories related to your Blog post.

You can start uploading pdf on Calameo.com

5. Mediafire.com

Mediafire.com is one of the highest traffic gaining platform where you must share your pdf for enhancement of your blog or website. You will surprise to know that there is a huge traffic of 267 millions on mediafire.com. Another good news is that there is a Basic plan that is free of cost for uploading your pdf on regular basis. If you want to get more feature then there is also paid plan that you can buy.

You can jump to Mediafire.com

6. Instamojo.com (e-book platform)

This is the great platform for any new bloggers or users. There is a very simple user interface. Instamojo is not just a e-book store this is the place where you can sell your physical items also. You don’t need to do for setting your online store here. You get your readymade online store in just 5 minutes along with your payment gateway. You only need to sign up here giving your email ID & complete your registration. there is also a low fee of proving services. They charge a nominal fee on your e-book sales income.

You can upload you own prepared pdf of your Blog or website to get traffic from this platform. You can sell any digital or physical product through this platforms. you can sell your pdf free of cost through this platform, by this your pdf can reach up to millions of users.

E-book Publishing cost NIL

7. Amazon kindle (e-book platform)

Sharing your e-books is a great option for your blog to reach the maximum target audience. If you want to share your PDF on Amazon then it is perfect. You get a big advantage of Amazon. That is, trust. If you share your PDF on Amazon you gain the trust of your audience. If the user downloads your PDF then it is very possible that the same user can visit your website through the same link.

To share your pdf on Amazon Kindle, you have to create your account on Amazon. you need to enter your detail like your name, Your email ID, your Mobile No. & your complete address along with your Postal Index code & your PAN Card. This process takes only less than 5 minutes. When your account will be ready then you can upload your Pdfs.

Amazon kindle takes 72 hrs. to review your e-book. from the time of uploading.

Notice: Here you cannot sell your e-book for free. Therefore, you need to keep the cost of your e-book at least $1.

8. lulu.com (pdf platform)

You can also share your PDF with your audience on this platform. Through this platform, you get the audience for your blog or website. You need to register with your email id to share your PDF on this platform. You will also need to submit your PayPal account details where you get the money.

There are six steps in which you have to create your online e-book store on lulu.com such as start, copyright, design details, pricing, and payer details and in final review. All of these take a good amount of time to complete. Here, you are not able to sell your e-book for free. You must set the cost of your e-book at $1.

9. Google e-Book (Google play e-book)

Google books is the one of largest e-book online store. Google play is also known as Google play store. This is operated & distributed by Google. Because there are a huge number of visitors on Google play store. There are a billion of users on Google. Google Play was launched on 6th March , 2012. The Google play provide the services of Play BooksPlay Games.

On Google play store, you can get up to 70% royalty of your e-books you uploaded. Usually there are several types of content.

  • Android Applications
  • Online Games
  • Books (e-books)
  • Movies & TV Shows
  • Any others Software

You can upload your e-books Play.google.com/books/publish/

10. Draft2digital

Draft2Digital is one of the pdf uploading site that has potential to send traffic to your blog or site. Although there is not enough traffic on this site yet you should share your blog pdf on this platform. Because one share will bring your site many others visitors if your content in your pdf will be valuable for Readers on Digital2draft.


In the end, I would like to remind you that in the initial days of blogging you do not get minimum traffic to your site or blog. You should prepare your PDF from the content of your blog and share them on as many sharing platforms as possible so that your blog can get maximum number of visitors.

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