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Web hosting is a service that hosts your website on any computer & allows you to show any website content on the internet to anyone. In this post, we will discuss What is web hosting? If there is an Online Business then the Business requires a Business website to host its content online for everyone.

The computer, Where the content of the website is stored or placed is called Server. This server is not a small computer and it works at a low level. SERVER works at a high level with many advantages. There are hosting a lot of sites. The performance of your website depends on your web hosting providers. By reading this line you must have an idea of what is web hosting.

When users search for your website & click on your website in the Browser then this request reaches your web hosting server & the server sends the response to display your website page in the user’s browser. This all must happen in a few seconds, only then we can say web hosting is good.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that hosts or stores your website content. Actually, web hosting is a service-based business that makes it easy to host one’s website. Many users often search for what web hosting or web hosting means. Such a type of Business is a service-Provider that provides technology based services to Online Businesses. There are a lot of examples to understand web hosting companies like Godaddy, Hostgator, Bigrock, & many more.

If you would like to understand in more simple ways then we can take another example of our smartphone. when we hit the play button of the music then the music plays. If the song is in our phone’s memory card (external storage) & when we hit the play button on our smartphone. The memory card sends the content to the phone & it plays. In this case, it is not wrong to say that a Memory card works like web hosting, and the display of our phone works like web hosting.

How web hosting works

As I think that by reading the above passage you have easily known what is web hosting & even how it works. still, I would like to describe more about Webhosting Working Procedures. Assume that you purchased a web hosting package from a well-known web hosting service provider. after a successful Transaction, you receive a mail from the hosting service provider containing detail like- Name server, Server IP Address

You have to connect your domain with their Server Name with another detail received in the mail. after connecting your domain with web hosting. Your site will be live for everyone online.

The detail you receive after purchasing Web hosting

When you purchase any web hosting packages from any Web hosting company then they send you a mail, with having few details. Which helps you can connect your domain with that hosting. actually, you receive the following details from your web hosting service provider.

  • New Account Information
    • Hosting Package Name & code
    • Associated Domain: That you add while choosing your web hosting plan
    • Your First Payment Amount: You paid
    • Recurring Amount: You will pay regular
    • Billing cycle: Your Payment is monthly or annually
    • Next Due Date: This date is your next date to pay
  • Login Details
    • Cpanel Login URL: you will receive your Cpanel URL where you log in to install WordPress & many more.
      • Username: this is your Cpanel username.
      • Password: This is your Cpanel password.
  • Nameserver This nameserver is to be added to your DNS in your domain account.
  • IP Address This IP Address may be used in your DNS & Cloud server in the case of speed optimization.

Types of Web hosting

There are four types of web hosting.

  • VPS Web hosting: VPS means Virtual Privates Server. VPS Webhosting works like something like A dedicated server. In this web hosting, you receive also a separate room for hosting your content in a fast & secure environment. In this Webhosting type, you can start your own Webhosting Business.
  • Cloud web hosting: This type of web hosting is also very costly. But there is one big benefit that This type of hosting is in small data storage in the form of the cloud. this is the only reason for not being a minimum time of hosting.
  • Dedicated hosting: This web hosting is really fast & takes minimal time to load your web pages. This type of web hosting is really costly. This is not affordable for a new blogger. But like a dedicated server, there is nothing for your highly visited blogs.
  • Shared Webhosting: This web hosting service is good for new bloggers. There is a solid reason behind this. Actually, initially, there is not enough traffic on the blog. hence your Blog will run work on even a shared web hosting. Later on, you can upgrade to any hosting.

From where to buy web hosting

If you are serious about your Business or you are a digital Marketer & want to provide your service to Business-holders. You must think about which web hosting is good to buy, and reliable to buy So that your might provide the best services to your Business-holders.

Please purchase web hosting from a well-known hosting provider. You must keep in your mind the following main points while purchasing any web hosting for your web hosting. First, you should decide which type of web hosting would you like to buy. Dedicated hosting or Shared Hosting.

  • You must care about which type of storage web hosting is offering you. It must be SSD Storage, not SDD Storage. SSD Storage makes your site super fast & takes less than 1 second to load.
  • SSD Storage
    • SSD stands for Solid State Drive
    • SSD Storage helps to load your page very shortly just within one second.
  • HDD Storage
    • HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive
    • SDD Storage is not much fast as SSD
  1. If you are going to start a new blogger & expecting a low number of visitors to your blog then you can go with any shared hosting package after growing your visitors, you can upgrade your web hosting package.
  2. If you are already running a blog & expect a good amount of visitors then you buy a VPS Webhosting.

Benefits of a good hosting Package

There are several hosting companies in the market. Now the question is which one I should choose. If you go with premium quality web hosting then your Business boosts up. You will get several benefits in your Business.

If you buy premium quality web hosting then:–

  • You can get your C panel from where you can edit your site very user-comfortable way.
  • Your website works live 24by7. So your clients or customers regular can visit your site to find their queries.
  • You get your customized email like [email protected] email ID. This email looks different from other individuals who have & push clients to your Business or products.
  • You get a chance to create your subdomain associated with your main domain.
  • You get an SSL Certificate to show a padlock in your website URL. This shows the security of your website.
  • You can customize your content by file manager in your C panel.
  • You can easily see your package Bandwith, disk storage, all requests & file number quota.

Webhosting Related Terms

If you are interested in Digital marketing then you should know the following things. You must know the term used in the field of Digital Marketing. Such as Domain, web hosting Cpanel, etc. So, Here I placed a few terms that you should know.

  • Domain: A domain name is a registered name in the internet world that exist worldwide & by this, you can take your Business online globally.
  • Web hosting: An online space where your website content is placed so that your site can be viewed from anywhere globally.
  • Cpanel: A Cpanel means that Control Panel where you can customize your domain & hosting connection, install WordPress, Manage your all subdomain, SSL, Any updation, or any type of external control on the WordPress site.
  • SSL: SSL is a Secure Socket Layer, Usually SSL provides a secure lock icon on your URL in the browser. This provides a security layer to your WordPress site. & another benefit there is the trust of visitors on your site by seeing

Best web hosting provider

If you are a business-holders & want to grow your business online to the next level. Then you have to go for making your Business Presence Online. for this you have to choose the Best Web hosting to host your site. there is no such condition that you will not find any free web hosting. But due to many issues, I will not recommend free web hosting.

But If you want to perform any experiment then you must try free web hosting. After testing free web hosting you should go with paid hosting. Some of the best web hosting providers’ names are given below:-


At last, I would like to suggest that if you are going to buy a premium class web hosting then you should test the same hosting package by purchasing a minimum marked price web hosting. By doing this, you can test your web hosting speed & any more features.

What is web hosting?

The web hosting company is a Service Provider that allows hosting your website online in order to display or show your content Globally at any time.

Can anyone become Hosting Service Provider?

Yes, you need software to manage your client. For this, you need a lot of technical knowledge to handle issues in web hosting service providers online.

Should I use free web hosting?

Free web hosting is good for only experiments. Nothing for real use.

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