What is VPN

Want to know more about VPNs? What is VPN? How does it work? How does it provide privacy for your Browsing in your daily tasks of digital Marketing? Are you looking for software that prevents your personal information from cyber-criminals or hackers? then stay tuned with this post. In this post, I will tell you the whole story of VPN.

So let’s dive into the post.

What is VPN?

First VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A network that makes secure & private what your browser via your browser. VPN makes a virtual private network tunnel that encrypted all your history. By using a VPN, you can hide all your browsing history from your service provider. VPN works as software that enables you to browse privately & masks your IP (Internet Protocol) so that your online activity whatsoever you search on your smartphone. VPN provides high-level privacy through an encrypted connection as compared to a secured wi-fi hotspot.

Why do you need a VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

This is 100% right that you browse daily something on your smartphone or perform any online transactions. How will you react if your personal information might be stolen by hackers or cyber-criminal? There is most common & possible reason for using VPN is preventing your personal information from hackers or cybercriminals.

If you use an unsecured wi-fi network for surfing or doing your online payment. then this may be a high risk of losing your personal information. Using a non-secured wi-fi internet connection can put you at the loss of personal information or knowledge of browsing habit theft or misuse. Your browser knows your all habitual search so, use a non-secured wi-fi connection. may you put in trouble for misuse of your search history?

Your service provider knows what you browse today or in your past days. After you, if there is any second person who knows what you browse then that is your service provider. So this is also called the selection of your service provider is one of the very essential things.

The reason why you use VPN is an important thing. well, here are some points that I have covered below.

How A VPN protects privacy?

As you know that VPN stands for Virtual Private Network that makes a data tunnel between your local area Network & exit node in another location that may be thousands of miles away. this seems as if you are in any other location. So that the information you send & receive can be encrypted & totally private & no one can see. This activity makes you free or able to access your all desired browsing & apps.

Here is very essential to know for an internet user how A VPN works & keeps you protected from the theft of your personal information. Actually, VPNs use encryption of your information data when it’s sent over a Wi-fi network. Encryption makes the data unreadable. Your data security is important when you use a public wi-fi network Because encryption is the only thing that prevents cybercriminals from stealing & misusing your personal information.

You can know in this style also that how a VPN works. If you don’t use VPN, Then keep one thing in your mind your Internet service provider can see & visualize your entire browsing history. Your service provider can see what you browse via your all devices in a specific time period & your location. In this case, if any government authority asks for the same information then they will provide this to them.

But But But….. if you are using A VPN then this is a great tool that works for hiding your browsing information from your internet service provider. Look how it works. Actually, your web activity is associated with your taken VPN service provider IP Address (not yours). There are a lot of Servers of VPN across the world. That is very clear to understand that your search appearance will not appear through your VPN address but one of (the VPN Server IP addresses). that is not yours.

What does a VPN mask?

Usually, A VPN hides a lot of information in order to protect your browsing information from unknown people. Here are some of them.

1. Your Browsing History

The work of a VPN is really great. if you use A VPN then this hides your all browsing history from your internet service providers. Keep one thing in your mind there is only one person who is able to access your browsing history after you. that is your own Internet Service Provider. If your browse any website or YouTube videos then this history is available to your Internet Service Providers. But if you use VPN then your history is not accessible by your internet service provider. This VPN hides your entire browsing history from your ISP.

2. Your IP address & Location

Well, this is a great feature provided by Google that anyone can go anywhere by using Google Maps. Google map guides you at every turn where you are going & where you want to go. In the same way when you make a call or do a search on your smartphone. This activity is associated with your IP Address & your location. Your Internet service providers tie it with your IP address whatsoever you search on the internet. So, in order to keep your personal information VPN hides this Info like the Location & your IP address.

3. Your devices

A VPN can protect all devices. Devices are an integral part of any event. In this technology era, each of us has our own devices. Your device can be a primary target of cyber-criminals or hackers. Whether you use a laptop, Computer, tablet, PC, or any other device. If you use VPN then there is no chance to get your information easily from any hackers or cyber criminals because VPN masks the IP Address of all devices you use.

4. Location where you streaming

Not before 2002 but after the Jio revolution streaming is loved much. Now you can easily see that everyone likes online streaming. There is more example of online streaming like YouTube, Netflix Prime amazon, etc. VPN enables you to keep private you’re streaming along with your locations.

You must have noticed that when you are abroad then your online streaming doesn’t work. this happens due to an IP issue. There is also a good reason behind this humper. All this is in the respect of rules & regulations of the country you are in. In this case, VPN offers you to select an IP Address that leads to giving you access to online streaming.

5. Other Web Activity

This is a good thing that you are not a person who is under government surveillance. As you know if the Government for your browsing history or any other details to your service provider & if you use VPN, this is possible to prevent the sharing of the same info with the government.

In this case, a VPN protects your personal info from sharing with another party.

How to find the best VPN service, and the provider?

How much are you safe with an internet connection this depends only on what types of VPN are you using on your smartphones. Well, using a good & powerful VPN is necessary for your smartphone to keep your personal information safe.

There are several important points to be careful of when you buy a VPN. Here are a few of them.

1. Privacy Level

The best VPN always respect your privacy Policy & crucial also ensures it protects & safe your online activity from other parties. Some VPN Services follow a no-log policy that indicates they don’t track your online activity.

2. Server Location

The server is also a factor that you must check when you choose a good VPN. This is important when you want to display your search result in a very short time then this is also to be taken carefully.

3. Protocol they use

The protocol is one of the important things that you must care about while you choose your VPN. Because VPN works on a stronger Protocol than the other protocols. VPN uses stronger protocols like PPTP (Point-to-Point Protocol).

4. Responsive to all device

While choosing A VPN, this is necessary to check whether VPN is being connected to all your devices or not like PC, laptops, Tablets Smartphones, etc. Because most VPN service providers offer a high-cost plan & if it didn’t connect your all devices then this will be too costly for you.

5. How much it will cost?

Plan & pricing is a common factors of any service or product. Regarding the VPN service. If the pricing matters for you then you should go with a free VPN. There are available free VPNs for chrome. But if you are serious about your privacy then you should go with these costly plans. Please keep in mind that quality comes with a price.

What is VPN in short?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A network protects you from your web activity on your devices like your smartphones, laptop, or anything else. This service hides your browsing history, your location u0026amp; files you downloaded from your service providers, and any government agency if any.

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