What is SERP

What is SERP? SERP full form is Search Engine Result Page. Search Engine Result Page is the same page that appears after submitting a query by an internet users on Google. SERP is the result of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This SERP page included many types of information like Organic Search, Paid Search, etc. This is same page where more than 90% visitors click the top results & land their sites. In this post, I am going to tell what is SERP & which of the components are there in SERP?

What is SERP?

The full form of SERP is Search Engine Result Page. SERP is the same page that comes after you hit the search button by entering any query on Google or any other search engine. There are many types of content in SERP. Another thing is that this SERP may differ according to the device. This means there can be difference in the SERP ranking of a desktop version and a mobile version or tablet version. These types of difference may be seen in different countries.

What is SERP
What is Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

What types of Contents are in SERP?

As you know SERP represents for Search Engine Result Page. That contains several types of content. There is one thing more that a proper sequence in content in SERP. That means there are also ads run by advertisers to promote their products on the Google Search Result page. there are also some running ads that may be image carousels.

I’m going to present the SERP components as their rank is shown in the SERP, from the top to bottom.

Ads (Google Ads)

This is the first Term that can be seen In SERP. Usually, you see these google ads when you are searching for anything on google. For example, if you hit queries in google about “digital Marketing course” or “what is Digital marketing” then there is a high possibility of showing Google ads. Because Digital Marketing institutions run their ads for sales in their own online courses.

This ad is the property of Google Ads. This Google ad is shown as per different criteria set by advertisers. The criteria for showing Google ads are a lot of like that users’ location, gender, age, interest, Education & many more. Google Ads is a great thing to generate more leads, more sales, etc. You can use Google ads to generate leads in your Business for Business enhancement.

Google Ads in SERP

Tips for your Business Promotions

If you want to advertise your own product or Business then you can use Google Ads. You can advertise your Business in a different way & boost your Business worldwide.

Google Map

Google Maps is the most relevant factor in the SERP. In today’s time, there will hardly be any person who does not know about google Maps. When people want to find their destination they search for their destination on Google. & Displays relevant results in Google SERP. There is huge regular traffic on Google. Google is a huge search engine all over the world. You will be surprised that there is 91 billion traffic on Google.

Usually, Google shows you only three updated Google Business Profiles. If you want to see more than these three results you can show them by clicking View All Button. Google map is the most relevant component of the Google SERP Search Engine Result Page. So If you want to advertise your own product or Business Location then you can use Google Maps & take this advantage of Google Maps.

Google Maps in SERP

People also ask

People also ask” is also a content component of SERP. If you see your SERP after hitting a query. There are a few contents questions and answers in this heading named People also ask. In this component, Google shows you questions and answers related to your search queries. For example your hit a search of the query “What is SERP” Then Google will show related articles to your queries in the heading of this “People also ask

This component of “people even ask” has a specific nature. That the more you click to read this content, the more will be their number. With this feature, you get additional info about your queries.

People also ask in SERP

Related searches

There is also a related search component of SERP. This is a most helpful term for visitors who search on Google. When you search for any queries on Google then Google also shows you some related search queries at the bottom of the SERP. Through this component, the visitors also get the knowledge that what the people are searching for is related to their queries & Visitors can get the ultimate knowledge.

In related searches, Google shows you 7 to 8 related search queries at the bottom of the SERP. Google modifies this process when you click on these related searches. This way, you can refine your searches.


Carousel gives visitors a bird’s eye view of your content and attracts new visitors to visit targeted websites. These carousels have a high potential to attract new visitors. Usually when you search for any word on Google you see a carousel. Especially when you search for a product or person by its name. Then Google displays the content in the SERP as a carousel.

Certain types of content can be seen in the carousel. These are photos, personalities, products, etc., which means that if you’re searching for a product by its name it’s possible to be seen as a carousel. If you’re searching for text or paragraphs that aren’t drawn into a photo or image, it can be viewed in content types other than carousels.

Tips for your Business Promotions

If you want to show your own content from a blog or any other platform then you will have to optimize your content ready for showing in carousels in SERP. This carousel might give you huge traffic to your platform.


Wikipedia is also a high-quality component seen in SERP. You must hear about Wikipedia. Wikipedia is the largest knowledge website or a platform where you can find a lot of knowledge. Usually, when you search anything on Google then you see a Wikipedia link related to your queries. Visitors click this link & read the same. That proves that if you add your content to Wikipedia then your content link also will show on SERP & visitors might click on this & read your article. That is the most powerful for your Blog or Business website.


You can’t forget the magic of videos. Videos are the relevant content to be seen in SERP. Suppose you are searching on Google “How to drive a car”. Then there are high chances that Google suggests you some videos in SERP. Because Google knows better that only video is the best idea to satisfy visitors’ such types of queries.

So, if you want to show your own content from your blog or Business website then your must create your content in the form of videos. you can create your videos, and upload them on YouTube & after this, you can embed them in your blog or website.

Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are also seen in SERP results. Users get their answers in a very short time through Featured Snippets. Actually, Featured Snippets are content that is pulled from a page fully indexed by Google. A single show of a featured snippet page is not the result of two to three months of hard and continuous efforts in SEO. This requires a concerted effort of at least six months.

Featured Snippets is a nice way to get traffic to your blog or business website. So, you must manage it for your business or blog growth. There can be seen google snippets also.

Google Shopping

Sometimes, when you search for a product on Google. You are then shown a list of products that are managed by Google Shopping Center. Google Shopping is also a component of the SERP. This component of the SERP is usually shown to the user making the purchase.

There may be images of products in SERP. These images are managed by Google shopping users to promote their Products online. This is a great way of getting backlinks along with traffic from Google for your blog or Business.

Top Stories

Top stories are also one of the components of the SERP. Top stories are featured from news sites or blogs that regularly publish relevant articles. It is the most relevant SERP component that has a huge potential to grab the attention of visitors and is also capable of driving huge traffic to news sites on their targeted blogs.

To get shown in the Top stories of your own blog content, there are sufficient ways to do so. If your site is built with WordPress then you can easily get a plugin named Web Stories. By using this you can create web stories of your own blog content.


FAQs also come in SERP components. When you google anything then Google also suggests Frequently Asked Questions in front of you. There are types of responses to your own queries. These FAQs are located in the middle of your SERP. If you don’t satisfy with your above web result then you can find your desired result in these FAQs.

Famous Block

There are also famous blocks in SERP like if you are searching flight details, hotel details, Jobs details. & many more than Google shows you these types of results in various blocks. these look in a very pretty style & rich content. These are some types of information Block:-

Flight Price Block

In these Blocks, Google shows you the range of flight prices that you have requested in Google Search. There is all the information in a well-designed format that might be easily read & understood.

Hotel Price Block

In this type of Block, you get your nearest hotel, Restaurants with their prices. Most people search hotel prices with their names & locations. So, Google shows a complete list of hotels with their prices.


Images are also a component of the SERP. if you are searching for an image then google shows you relevant images in SERP. Google pulls these images from well-indexed Pages. These images are pulled from the image Gallery that exists on Blogs or websites.

Tips for showing your own images in SERP

If you want to show your own images in Google SERP, used in our websites or blogs. Then Please use a photo Gallery in your Blogs or websites.

Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph is also a component that is shown in SERP. Usually, when you search for any famous thing on Google then you see a right-side knowledge panel. In this knowledge panel, you see everything you searched.

If your want to get your own blog content or profile of your blog shown in the knowledge graph then you will have to create your Wikipedia page.

Twitter Cards

if you search for any type of famous personality or any product or service then you can see Twitter cards in SERP. These cards are prepared by the same service Providers or any associative person or team with the same brand or personality.

This is also a type of SERP component that is really important for your Business or Blog. If visitors see these Twitter cards & also click on them & they land on the target website also. Therefore Twitter cards are the source of Generating traffic for your Blogs or Websites.

Last Words

In Last words, I would like to suggest that If you are serious about your blog or website’s search engine visibility then work on SERP improvement, so that might your blog or website be got in the (SERP) Search Engine Result Page. Keep one thing in your mind all SERP activity works on Proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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