What is OneDrive

What is OneDrive? Like name like work. Are you facing problems saving & access your files in Digital marketing work? OneDrive can help you in this case. OneDrive is online storage like Dropbox but OneDrive is smarter than Dropbox in a few conditions.

In this post, I am going to tell you what is OneDrive, its uses & how can you use this in your Online Business. If you are a digital Marketer & provide several services like Ads campaigns, Social Media Promotion, or anything else. you need to save many files on a daily basis.

What is OneDrive

OneDrive is one of the most popular online File sharing services. OneDrive is an online Storage based service & product of Microsoft so this is called Microsoft OneDrive. Actually, OneDrive is a file-hosting service operated by Microsoft.

OneDrive was launched in August 2007. This enables its registered users to share & synchronize their Files. OneDrive is also available in Web version & application as well.

OneDrive is very smarter than other online file-sharing services. Since this is a product of OneDrive So, you can get easily this desktop application in your Microsoft Office Program inbuilt.

Another great thing is that OneDrive is available in 107 languages. By using this service, you can easily save & share your files everywhere on any device where you logged in.

How OneDrive works?

Online File sharing service enables you to share your file on any device just logged in to your account. You can also set up it as your backup system for your WordPress Website. like other file-sharing services, OneDrive works very smoothly.

For this, you have to create an account on OneDrive on its official website using your email ID. After this, you have to do some basic settings in your account.

You can also sync this with your laptop using Microsoft OneDrive which comes with Microsoft Word in your laptop. Here are a few steps to use this Microsoft OneDrive.

  • Create an account on the Microsoft OneDrive website.
  • Do some setting that is required to use this service.
  • You can also connect it to your laptop or Smartphone in order to get synchronized benefits.
    • You can also set up it in your smartphone camera so that if you take any screenshots or photos with your mobile camera all photos & screenshots will be automatically stored in your OneDrive account that is accessible by you anywhere.
  • When you update any files anywhere, It automatically updates everywhere like your phones. laptop or any other device where your same account has been logged in.
  • If you delete any files then you will get these changes in your all locations.

Benefits of OneDrive

OneDrive makes our work easier & lightly. Each of us needs online storage to save files daily basis on our device.

Well, there are several great services that are provided by OneDrive. But here I am describing a few great features that are really appraisable.

  • You can easily send your taken screenshots on your device to directly your OneDrive account even while taking them.
  • You can easily sync your all device’s OneDrive folders by using relatively applications.
  • You need not sign in to your OneDrive account manually. It automatically starts to sign in when you start or switch on your PC.
  • You can also create your specific folders to place your own required files in your OneDrive account.
  • You will get Personal Vault in this OneDrive account where you can place your personal documents like a Voter ID card, Aadhaar Card, Driving License, or any other personal Documents. when you click to access these files it will require an additional Password or PIN.
  • You can protect your files on Microsoft OneDrive with an additional PIN based on your Smartphone.
  • You can access your files unlimited times.
  • You can share your content with your team members.

Uses in Digital Marketing

As you know Digital Marketing is such a type of industry where you work a lot on Internet Browsers. Because in this industry,

you need to do a lot of tasks on your Browser as a daily routine. You always need to download or save your files on your PC. In doing so.

if you lose or forget your files then this is a very painful condition for you. In order to get rid of these types of issues Microsoft OneDrive is here.

If you are a digital Marketing, you can use OneDrive as an online file hosting & sharing service. You can use this OneDrive to save your files online.

For a digital Marketer, OneDrive is a very beneficial service. By using this service you can get rid of your file saving. You can save or send your desired files while you work with a single click.

Assume that you are working on a website & you see that this page is very knowledgeable for you then you would like to take a screenshot and then do the same.

If you have activated your OneDrive account on your PC then the system will send a copy of your taken screenshot to your OneDrive account that is online. It will save us a lot of time.

Plans & Pricings

Well, OneDrive offers a free plan for a life that comes with all sufficient features. But If you want to avail more features then you need its paid plan. there are four plans including a free one. those are given below:-

  • This Free plan gives you a storage of 5 GB only.
  • In this plan you will get 100 GB storage only/

In this plan, you will get 1 TB of online space. For this plan, you will be charged 4899.00/- INR annually. You will get additional benefits in this plan named Outlook, Excel, Word, & PowerPoint.

In Microsoft 365 Family package, you will get 6 TB of Storage with a facility of 1 TB for each user. In this plan, you will also get four platforms Outlook, Excel, Word, & PowerPoint.

OneDrive Vs Dropbox which is the better one?

Well, there is not any big feature difference but it totally depends upon you & your work. Dropbox is also a file-sharing service & you can use Dropbox anyway But when it comes to security factors then OneDrive will be great to use.

Because OneDrive controls your all files on a world level. OneDrive works continuously on its security. In the terms of security, I think OneDrive is a better way to save, share & sync your important files.

Last Word

In last words, I would like to suggest that if you are a digital marketer then OneDrive is really amazing tool for your work. This is always better to save your files on OneDrive for business rather than on a hard disk only.

Because this saves a lot of time of yours. You do need not to save your files separately. It automatically saves your all files as you set already in your OneDrive account.

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