What is LCP on the webpage?  LCP stands for Largest Contentful Paint. This is a very crucial & one of the important terms of webpage loading time period. Do you know? that LCP may be one of the serious reasons for getting low organic traffic on your blog or website. In this post, we will talk about LCP. What is LCP & how can you manage this so that your might get huge organic traffic? So that your business might be grown more & more.

What is LCP on the webpage?

LCP stands for Largest Contentful Paint. This means such an element of a web page that takes the most time to load for visitors on their device is called Largest Contentful Paint. A good LCP reading is less than 2 seconds. If you found your LCP in less than 2 seconds then this is good for your blog or website to grow. But If this score is more than 2 seconds then you need to fix this first.

Even you have set up your website on high-performance Webhosting. But still, you need to check the LCP of your website or blog. Because if your LCP is bad then Google will not promote your blog or website. User experience always matters for Google. So not only Google, even other search engines require a good LCP score for your website.

Generally, this is seen that new bloggers create this LCP issue for their blogs. They installed a highly features WordPress theme & Plugin to make their blog or website. Thus their blog or website gets too slow to load. By doing this art, they extend their blog or website LCP score up to more than 5 minutes. That is very very bad for taking organic growth.

Why a good LCP must be necessary for your blog or website?

There is a strong reason except for others, for having a good LCP Score that is taking organic Traffic. If you have managed a good LCP score for your blog or website then you will get huge organic traffic. You will be surprised to know that millions of traffic may be diverted due to having a bad LCP score. If you have a good LCP score then there will be organic traffic even on a new website or blog.

How to measure My blog LCP score?

Usually, bloggers find several ways or tools to measure their LCP score. Keep one thing in your mind This factor is a game-changer for your blog So, you should choose a trustworthy tool or service offered by a trusted Brand. There are several tools in the market that you can use like web-based tools & chrome extensions. All of them is right.

But we focus on the trustworthiness of the tools we are using. You can use any of the following tools mentioned below.

1. Pagespeedinsights

Page speed insights is a tool represented by Google. So you can easily trust these results & continue with this free tool. In this tool, you get different types of scores related to your blog speed index. By this, you can use these metrics to improve your page loading speed. If you use this tool to check your LCP, here you will find the following extra metrics.

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
  • First Contentful Paint (FCP)
  • First Input Delay (FID)
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)
  • Speed Index
  • Time to Interactive
  • Total Blocking Time

2. Gtmetrics

GTmetrics is also one of the great tools for Speed Analysis. You will find a simple user-friendly interface. Here you will find long stories & even a single issue about the speed of a blog or website. You find here Performance & structure Tabs under GTmetrics grade & LCP. TBT & CLS in Web Vitals.

In GTmetrics, you will find some other tabs also like Summary, Performance, Structure, Waterfall, Video, & History

How to maximize an LCP Score?

How to improve your LCP Score for your blog or website so that you might get organic traffic. Many of us forget this LCP issue while building our website & make a highly dynamic website But as a result, our blog or website becomes too slow to load. That is very bad for our blog or site performance & user experience. Because we lose our organic traffic due to this LCP issue.

So we must fix this LCP first. here I am introducing a few tips by following them you can improve your blog LCP. I would like to tell you that this issue is mostly faced by WordPress users. So If you are a WordPress user & face this issue, you can read it here.

1. Installing a very light WordPress theme

If you run a blog or website then ensure you have installed a lightweight WordPress theme. So that Page might be loaded in minimum time. Most bloggers installed a very beautiful or dynamic theme in their blog & this takes too much time to load the page. because there are used a lot of CSS & Javascript in that theme. Now you are thinking about what types of themes or which themes should you use.

So here I have described a few lightweight WordPress themes that you should use in your blog.

  1. Generate Press WordPress theme
  2. Astra WordPress theme
  3. Neve WordPress theme
  4. Schema WordPress theme
  5. OceanWP WordPress theme
  6. StudioPress Themes
  7. Divi WordPress theme
  8. Kava WordPress Theme
  9. Skin WordPress Theme
  10. Elementor Hello Theme
  11. Twenty Twenty Theme

2. Installing speedup WordPress Plugins

After installing any of the WordPress themes you may need some plugins to speed up your website. You need to delete old post revisions or clear WordPress or server-level cache. So you can use any one of the following WordPress Plugins given below. Please keep one thing in your mind you have only any one of the following plugins that suit your WordPress blog or website.

Suggestion: If you use Neve WordPress themes then you can go with Litespeedcache WordPress Plugin.

Rakesh Kumar
  1. Litespeed cache You must use this plugin to speed up your site.
  2. W3 – Total Cache You can also use this plugin for clearing cache & others purposes.
  3. WP Super Minify You can use this plugin to minify HTML, CSS, & JAVA Script files.
  4. WP Smush You can use this plugin for compressing your high-resolution image files.

You can use also a CDN service

CDN stands for content delivery network. In this system, your files are placed on a local station hosting location & served with visitors that are near the same locations by your web hosting service provider. In order to use CDN, you can do this via WordPress Plugin. You can use only any one of them from the following.

  1. Sucuri This is one of the famous & trustworthy CDN services.
  2. Sift8cdn
  3. G-Core CDN
  4. Cdn77
  5. Cloudflare
  6. Bunny Cdn
  7. KeyCDN

Benefits of having a good LCP Score

If you are thinking that why are you not getting more organic traffic to your blog then there is a more probable reason for having a bad LCP Score. Google or other search engines works on User Experience. If there are bad or poor user experiences on your blog then you will not get higher organic traffic on your blog.

If you improve the LCP of your blog then there will be more traffic than before you can’t imagine. You will get a lot of benefits from improving LCP.

  • More organic traffic than before drives your blog.
  • Your blog ranking in SERP improves than before.
  • Your visitor number increase so you can monetize your traffic.
  • You will start getting backlinks from other sites automatically.

Last Words

Lastly, I would like to suggest that in the digital marketing industry you need to focus on speedup functionality on your WordPress site. Because a blog or website is never worth it until traffic does not come on it. And all this is possible only and only if you are ready to work on speed.

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