What is infographics

What are infographics? Infographics are one of the highly recommended property formats for a web page. Where 10 users are on your site or web page. I can surely say that 9 of 10 users will see the infographic set on your website. There is hardly any single user who ignores to see an infographic.

Infographics are not a new way to gain traffic or generate high do-follow backlinks. Most bloggers don’t create this because of a lack of time.

What are infographics?

Infographic is a unique combination of data & graphics or any type of other information that represents the terms clearly. Infographics may contain graphics & data in different styles that are highly attractive for human sights. The purpose of making infographics is to increase CTR for blogging or digital marketing. Human beings always preferred to visualize information in image form as compared to information in textual format.

In these Infographics, there may be information in form of graphics & text, So, this becomes more informatic along with attractive for the human mindset. In these infographics, we can use information with different designs, & colors.

Infographics examples

I understand clearly that to understand anything perfectly we need examples. Because with an example, we are capable to know any dark side of the same thing that is not easy to identify in definitions of the same term. Definitions give you meaning but an example gives you a perfect conception of the same thing.

let’s take an example of infographics

Here are two blogs where both of the authors wrote on the same topic about printers. But the Author of A blog describes the meaning of printers with a complete infographic in his post. But the author of Blog B didn’t use any infographic images in his post. He wrote only textual information in his post.

Here we can say that readers of Blog B are more attracted to the post of blog A because of using infographics that are more engageable But on the other side, the readers of Blog B look not engageable to read & pass their time.

Why should you use Infographics?

If you don’t know then, I tell you that this is the time to use infographics in your articles or post. Because infographics tell a lot to your audience about your post. Once there was a time when a user used to get all answers by reading only text-based articles. But these days the time has gone to new seasons.

Today’s users want to visualize the information in your blog post articles. You can also assume on your own habit if you are reading a blog post where an attractive & great information infographic then there is a high possibility that the infographic you are reading also deserves to download.

Generally, you can use infographics in your articles or blog posts to increase user dwelling time period & conversion. Some of them are given below.

1. To get free high-quality Backlinks

Yes, there is a solid & valid reason that is getting a high-quality backlink through great-quality of infographics. As you know very well that there is a high role of a do-follow backlink to rank your blog post. Assume you have written a well & good post in your blog. But your written post is not being ranked because of lacks a do-follow backlink.

This high-quality infographic enables you to get a free do-follow backlink. So keep one thing in your mind creating a high-quality infographic can also boost your site ranking. that is called double benefits.

2. Provide a clear & quick overview

You can provide a clear & quick overview of your Post title or what you want to say or tell. If you are serving your information in the form of infographics then this is easier to understand what the author (you) wants to say.

By using infographics in your blog post, you can message in a very short form that is also easy to share & downloadable.

3. Make a Summary of your blogpost

Using these infographics, you can prepare a summary of your blog post. In this summary, you can build small content for your audience that can be easily understood even in a short time period. The summary gives your content a different look that makes it easy to make real conversions.

4. Display your Research data

If you are using infographics in your blog post then you can also show your research data in the form of any type of chart. You can show several types of charts based on the points like time, Commodities, etc. This is the best way to introduce any detailed knowledge.

5. Raise any type of awareness

You can raise any type of awareness through your infographics using images. Yes, this is an amazing idea to bring awareness about your own project, new services, or any other innovative ideas to your audience. This is one of the most effective ways to introduce new services.

How to create Infographics? (infographic creator tools)

See, preparing an infographic is now too easy but takes a little bit more time rather than an image. As you know to create an image, we use powerful & popular tools like Canva. Create an infographic there are a lot of online tools available in the web version. There are easy & user-friendly tools to create infographics. Those are given below.

1. Canva

Canva is a popular tool that is most used by digital Marketers & bloggers. This offers its services in both web version & android versions also. Canva offers you to create several types of images & videos & any other content in various categories also. Here you can create a customized sizes of images in various formats.

Canva also offers to create high-quality infographics for your blog or any other content purpose. Canva offers you more than 150 free infographics templates to create infographics even in a free plan. In Canva, you can easily design your infographic free of cost with just the drag & drop option.

There are two types of plans introduced by Canva. The first is a free plan & the second is paid plan.

#Free Plan this free plan is free forever. In this plan, you get also a lot of services. In this free plan, you can create unlimited images & download them. In this plan, you get free access to create or edit pre-designed images & download them forever. You get a lot of infographics, images with an option of customized sizes, images based on social media, personal, Business, Marketing & many more even in a free plan.

#Paid Plan this paid plan powers your content more than before. If your work doesn’t run in a free plan then you can upgrade your free plan to a paid plan. In paid plan, you will get a lot of stuff that will be sufficient for the content of your blog.

2. Venngage

Venngage also provides you to create a variety of infographics to make it more informative your blog content more. If you want to create a more informative infographic for your blog then you can choose this platform. like Canva, this tool also offers you to create several kinds of designed infographics in an easy style

There is a free plan for students & paid for anyone else. There are three plans in paid plans.

  • #Premium @19$ monthly
  • #Buisness @49$ monthly
  • #Enterprise #499$ monthly

3. MindtheGraph

The third is going to be really amazing tools for creating infographics for your content. This is the same tool where you can offer your audience a real experience with your innovative ideas via your interesting content. Mindthegraph offers you to create catchy Graphical Abstracts, Posters, slide presentations & infographics as well. Through this tool, you can create high-quality infographics for your content.

  1. #Beginner (fit For: Platform and Informal Communication)
  2. #Junior (fit For:  Undergrad Students & Low-demand Users)
  3. #Senior (fit For: Grad Students; Speakers; Researchers; Teachers)
  4. #ProTeams (fit For:  R&D Labs & Companies)

4. Pictochart

Piktochart is a web-based graphic design tool that allows users to amazing experience so that graphic designer might easily create visuals, high resolutions infographics, reports, etc. By using Pictochart, you can easily create your fully customizable templates infographics.

Like another infographic, this tools also offer a free plan & a paid plan. Actually, Pictochrart offers three kinds of plans & each plan contains a free plan & another two paid. you can choose of them which one suits you best.

  1. Free plan
  2. Pro Plan worth for minimum 14$
  3. Custom Plan

5. Easel.ly

Easel.ly is also an infographic creator tool that can help to create amazing designs and infographics for your blog. Here you can create the best infographics within 30 minutes very easily. when you upgrade your plan then you will get millions of templates, photos & icons as well. You can choose any one of the templates.

In this infographics designing tool, you will get the following features given below:-

  • You will get 320+ templates for your infographics creations.
  • You will get unlimited photos, objects, icons, etc.
  • Personal viewing authority.
  • You will get 20+ types of charts, graphs & pictograms in your account.
  • You can export high-quality pdf, png & jpeg image formats.

Plan & Pricing

  1. Student Plan for just 2$
  2. Individual Plan for just 4$
  3. Business Plan for just 5$

Last Word

In last words, There are many infographics creation tools available in the market. But you have to choose the best & fits for you one of them. I would like to suggest that if you want more traffic & backlink then you must use infographics in your blog post or any other digital platform.

If you are a new blogger then you must try infographics in your blog. Because this is an interesting way to generate genuine traffic for your blog that is 100% organic traffic.

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