What is indexing

Indexing can be considered as a mirror for a new blogger that is easy to understand but not less than a thing of imaginary item. Do you want to know what is indexing? how does this indexing process work for a web page? Why you should index your page instant while you publish one? In this post, I will tell you the whole story of Indexing a web page.

What is indexing?

Indexing is a crucial stage of a web page that works on the basis of Google Search algorithms. Indexing is a very important stage of a web page especially when it relates to a blog. Only after successful indexing, your web page is served in SERP by search engines for your audience. The process of optimization of a web page is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If your page is indexed by a Search Engine then your page is eligible to rank anywhere in SERP results.

Indexing is the third stage of a web page on any website. your web page is not auto-visible on search keywords until the Search Engine doesn’t crawl for the same. Indexing means that your web page is in the knowledge of search engines. Indexing is the stage after crawling.

How to index a website?

Indexing, a website is a very crucial stage. for this you have to submit your website in Google Search Console. Before indexing your website or blog you have to submit your site or blog in Google Search Console. I have told this whole process of website or blog submission in Search Console in my previous post you can read it here.

  1. Publishing to prepare a blog post or page is called Publishing.
  2. Crawling to tell the search engines that a web page is created using a search console.
  3. Indexing To place your web pages or posts in the file or directory from where Search Engines serves this in SERP
  4. Ranking After successfully indexing your pages are ready for showing in SERP Results on Keyword Basis & following the off-page & page ranking factors.

Which issue may you face in indexing?

Since there are tons of posts or pages on a single niche in the Google database. So this is a difficult task for Google to identify the more valuable post or content to serve in SERP. So, many bloggers face a lot of problems with crawling & indexing a web page. Their web pages or posts don’t index or sometimes it gets a lot of time like one day to 2 days. Sometimes the pages don’t get indexed. This is a very painful situation for bloggers. Because without indexing, a web page will not be shown in SERP.

How to solve the indexing issue & how to index?

To fix the indexing issue of your web pages. First & foremost, I would like to say that creating valuable content will solve the indexing issue by 50%. If you create unique content then there is a high chance that your post gets indexed instantly. well, here are a few tips to get indexed instantly

  • Create genuine content. Don’t copy from anywhere. Don’t use spinning tools.
  • Male a relevancy into your already written posts.
  • Publish your post at a certain time like 4 pm to each day, week, or month whatsoever you set.
  • Publish each post in a certain time period like daily, weekly, or monthly whatsoever you set.
  • Publish at least a minimum of two articles in each category that you’re created.
  • Mind your internal linking is great.
  • Use grammar carefully in your posts with fewer or no mistakes.
  • Use multimedia files like images, audio, or videos. You can use also infographics in your post.
  • Don’t forget to give do-follow backlinks to highly authoritative sites in the same niche.

Why is indexing so important?

Well, indexing is an important stage of a web page. each of us wants to get indexed blog posts. Generally, A blogger wants to get indexed in his Blog posts. But sometimes we don’t want to index our blog pages or posts. Because we don’t want that people could reach the same page through search.

Here I am going to tell you why indexing is so important for blog posts, especially for your instantly published pages or posts. Keep one thing in your mind if your recent page is not indexed then there is no use but there is a high chance that your content might get stolen. Well, there are more factors that are why you index your page instantly.

  • Loss of content If you don’t index your web page or post then anyone can steal or copy your content & use it in other blogs. By doing this There is a high chance to get a low rank for your post even after indexing.
  • Lack of domain Authority If you don’t index your pages or posts then your domain authority will be low.
  • Search Engine Appearance If you create a page or post but don’t index your page or post then there is not much search engine visibility.
  • Decrease your traffic you can’t get traffic until you indexed your page or posts of your blog.

Which tools do you need to index your page or post?

Look, normally, Search Engines automatically index any blog posts or pages. But due to having content competition Sometimes, you have to put your efforts into indexing your blog posts. Well, I have told you the method for indexing issue fixing. But A blogger must know the necessary tools that can help you in indexing. See indexing is based on any specific search engine. Here we will discuss Google. I am going to tell tools name that lets you know hidden ideas in which way can you index your web pages manually.

  • Google Search Console (mandatory tool for indexing)
    • Here, you have to submit your blog via a domain verification method.
    • This is a product of Google where you can get a lot of information about your blog or website.
    • Using this tool you can easily get a lot of information that you really deserve
      • you can know what is ranking of your blog in Google SERP is.
      • you can easily know all keywords over your blogs are being ranked.
      • you can know any possible error in your ranking through the Google Search console.
  • Google Analytics
    • Google analytics tool doesn’t index or rank your blog post. But helps to understand your audience’s behavior on your website. So you must use Google Analytics for your blog. You can understand & read this Google analytics in depth here in this post.
  • Indexification

Indexification is a tool that can help your indexing issue for your blog or website. You can sign up & resolve your issue.

Last Word

In last words, I would like to suggest that if you publish posts daily then this is also necessary that you should index your post in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. If you don’t work on your blog post indexing then there is a high chance somebody might steal hour content & publish the same content on his blog.

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