What is image submission

Do you know what is Image Submission? Is this beneficial for the SEO of your blog or website? Does image submission impact your website visibility in Google search ranking? Are you looking for any SEO strategy for your blog or website traffic? In this post, I will tell you how can you increase search engine visibility or traffic to your site or blog by image submission sites.

So let’s dive into the article.

What is image submission?

Image submission is one of the great technics for Search Engine Optimization for a digital platform like your blog or website or any other web page. In this strategy, you share the great images of your brand or blog with other famous & high-authority sites that millions of visitors visit on daily basis. Through these images, visitors visit & click your images & land on your own site or blog. Thus, you get high traffic for your blog without sending ads.

So, this is What is image submission. Images submission doesn’t mean just sharing any image on any of the sites. There are some rules & regulations to be followed to share images. Neither, you will get traffic from high authority sites nor the benefit of authority if you go with any wrong practice in the image sharing system.

How to share images to image submission sites?

Look, Images submission tasks seem to be very easy but there are also a few rules that are to be followed by bloggers or digital marketers. If you shared an image of your blog on another high DA PA site without any research then there are high chances that you could not drive traffic to your site.

1. Create a high-resolution image

Please keep one thing in your mind you have to create an image with a tool. Because if you copy images from somewhere else & use the same without any editing then there are no chances to drive huge traffic. Because this activity sends the traffic to its original owners. So you can do it by using a free tool named “Canva” a famous free image editing tool.

Using Canva, you can create a high-resolution image free of cost. Not only high-resolution images, In the Canva tool, you also get a variety of images like infographics, social media presentations, customizable image sizes, Social media profile images etc.

2. Use your own logo in this image

To get a better result in the favour of your own blog traffic, this is necessary to use your own brand logo in your images. This will directly impact your blog or website visitors. There is a high chance for a visitor to return to your blog through Google Search if he sees your logo in your images. If this happens, then this is a double benefit for your blog to rank. Because Google will get a signal for searching your brand name in Google.

3. Write text related to your post or pages

Images define your blog post’s nature. So make sure that you have created your images having the same content what is your post or page about this? if you name your image with the exact focus keywords that are used in your post. then it quite is ok.

4. Define the Brand colour in the image

Make sure that you have used your brand colour in your sharing images it impacts a positive connection with your audience. Your brand colour enables your audience to identify your Brand from the crowds. Try to keep your image background in your Brand colour.

keep one thing in your mind always create attractive & high-resolution images for sharing on Image sharing sites.

2. Why you should use image Submission?

We can’t ignore that the image submission technic is a part of off-page SEO. In the past, traffic driving was an easy task even for a new blogger. Because there was not so much competition. But today Google has tons of content on the same topic. So you have to focus on both types of SEO. There are several bloggers who always complain about not getting traffic or less traffic to their sites. Well, there are some great SEO Technics to drive traffic to your site. Image submission is one of those.

The reason for using this image submission technics Because images are the more engageable type of content as compared to textual content. A human can easily memorize any image information rather than any text. If you notice that there is also a social site that is based only on image sharing that is Pinterest. You can easily know from here. How important is image submission for SEO purposes for a blog or website? If you share your images connected with our blog then you will surely get high traffic.

When you should perform sharing images process?

Well, this is a common question when can we share our images on other high DA PA sites? So that we might get high traffic. What is the proper time & platform to share our images connected to our blogs or websites?

The right time for sharing your blog posts depends upon your blog. there are a few circumstances that define whether you should share or not the images of your blog posts. Please read them carefully. You can share your images only when the following conditions are met.

  • If your blog or website contains sufficient content. so that when users land on your specific page or blog post then they might spend time reading your content. if there will not sufficient & valuable content the user will quit your page or posts. This will increase your blog or website Bounce rate. The increasing Bounce rate is a red signal for your blog.
  • If you have written at least two articles in each of your categories the users who visit your site can spend hours reading your articles on the blog or website. Because it is possible that the user read some other article than the one through which he came to your blog.
  • If you have created valuable content so that if users come to your site they can read & get valuable content. If did so your content can be viral through social media.

Points to be remembered while using this Image sharing

Well, image sharing looks like a simple task but this is totally different activity. Because an image directly impacts your mind & pushes you to take an action like clicking on the image or downloading it. So if you take this process seriously then there are high chances to drive more traffic to your sites. For this, you have to take some precautions in this whole process.

Do it on a regular basis

When you share your images linked with your own blog. then do this process on a regular basis. If you share today & after this share the next article after one week or once a month. then this process will not work. There must be consistency in this process to get high results.

Do it on specific image-sharing sites (Site selection)

This is right to share the images of your blog articles or gallery on a regular basis but above this, there comes another thing that is where to share your images. There is really one of the great factors. You must prepare this list after only doing great research. Don’t hurry in preparing this list.

This research can be based on our niche. please make sure that you have selected the same niche of the image-sharing platforms. If you managed this platform selection carefully, then you will get the benefit of images sharing system & would be able to drive huge traffic.

Care when Google AdSense is active on your site

Keep one thing in your mind if there is Google AdSense is active on your blog then do not do this activity at a high level. if huge traffic appeared on your site or blog then there may be covered an ad limit by Google AdSense by Google. Even in some cause, Google can suspend your Google Adsense. So, don’t do this at a high level. If you have to do a massive level to grow your traffic then please disable your Google AdSense ads on your website through WordPress Plugin.

Last Words

In the Last Words, I would like to suggest that Images submission process is a very beneficial task for your blog growth. Do this process only when you have written at least more than 40 posts on your blog or website. Don’t hurry with this process. Because visitors need to read content when they will land on your blog but if they did not get sufficient & relevant content on your site then they started to leave your site. this will increase your bounce rate.

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