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Hi dear, how are you? write us… Many of you usually search for a specific marketplace, hospital, coffee shop, and many more. Many of you find them on google on your smartphone to reach the target place. In these posts, we will talk about What is google my business.

Some people search for them on Google while few of them search on Google Maps. Both are comfortable to search for. Google Maps shows you a relevant way in just a few seconds.

Have you thought that How this is possible?. How Google shows your destination way in a very short time using your keyword.

That means everything you search for, is already listed on Google Maps. Only then do we easily find anything on Google Maps. We find a lot of things like the best Hospitals, Marriage Halls, coffee shops, etc.

Now many of you came to my point. what I am going to discussing about? Yes, I am going to discuss Google My Business. In this post, we will see everything about Google My Business.

What is Google My Business or Google Business Profile (GMB)

As you see in the title containing the word “Google My Business” you are very sure that Google My Business is the product of Google. Google serves a lot of products and services. Google My Business is one of them. Google My Business is also known as GMB in the short form.

Name Update in name of Google My Business name

what is google my business
what is google my business

We will also talk about What is google my business & how it works?

Especially, GMB is prepared for the Local Business Listing platforms. Google launched this Google My Business in June 2014. This is one of the most popular Online Business Listing Platforms. This is also one of the high-rating Google Products.

GMB is such an Online Business Listing Platform where any Business can be listed. Through this platform, any Business can collect more leads, and customers as well as great sales. If you would like to read it in Hindi then you may read it here.

These all are possible due to Google Search-Based Product. Usually, Customers search for products like “shoes under 1000″, and” Best T-shirts under 500″ on their smartphones. Google displays the best result from these listings done by GMB Listing Agency. GMB listing is totally free of cost by Google.

Usually, Businesses list their profile on GMB, and fill in all necessary detail like Business address, and contact No. website if any, & their all products or services. Businesses write regular posts relevant to their business so that their product or services might reach a maximum number of customers.

How Goolge My Business (GMB) works?

Now, We have the proper knowledge of GMB What is google my business? we will know all the key points of GMB in this post.

what is google my business
what is google my business?

As I have already mentioned above Google My Business is a Search-Based Product. GMB makes an Online Presence of your Brand or Business in the Market. Google uses your detail to find your customers near your Business Location.

Google My Business uses your listing Profile Information like your Brand Name, your Office address, and your Mobile No. & your all Product and services names what you have uploaded on your profile nothing else. Google displays a maximum of three Business listings on the Google Search Result Page (SERP).

Customers see those listing & call them or go to their shop address using Google Maps. Thus Businesses take a lot of traffic & customers.

Benefits of Google My Business

By the way, there are a lot of benefits of Google My Business. Among these benefits, one of the most powerful benefits is traffic on your listing. Before knowing its benefits we knew What is google business.

Yes, This is a Powerful fact that you acquire a lot of Traffic through your GMB Listing. whether it is not linked with direct sales but in the sense of traffic, it is highly beneficial for any kind of Business. we can understand the benefits through the points given below:-

  • You get great traffic from the local area which is good for your Business.
  • You get the best Online Presence for your Business online.
  • You get calls directly from new customers that find their Products related keywords on your Business or On Google.
  • You can run ads to attract more customers & generate more leads.
  • You can take benefit from customers’ insights.
  • If you run a non-long lasting product like vegetable, bakery & sweets shop. then you take the advantage of the same.

How to List Business on Google My Business

Now after knowing about what is Google My Business this is time to know how can we list our Business in an official way. Here, an official way means that Businesses must be seen on a google search while people run a search on any device. You can go to GMB Listing by typing google my business website in Google.

Many experts talk that first, we must add our Business on Google Maps. & after showing it on Google Maps, we must claim our same Business on Google my Business. But This is not an official way to add Business on Google My Business.

To list any Business you can go through this link Google My Business. We have a detailed post where I have told how to list any Business on Google My Business. You can also download the Google My Business listing App from the google Play store.

Google my business login

As you know that Google My business was renamed as Google Business Profile on 05 November 2021. Now all the work will be done on Google Maps & this is also mentioned there that Google My Business will not be any more in the future. This is also noticeable that you can log in to your account only after the google my business sign up.

if you want to log in to your Google Business Profile. then you have two options to log in to your Business Profile.

  1. Through Google Maps application 2. Through Google Business Profile on the browser

You can log in with your Google My Business application also until the application is removed from the Google Play store.

How to run Google Ads on Google

If any Business simply got listed on GMB & made a regular post via the Business profile account still, Business-holders get more leads and calls from customers with a number of leads. But still, if Business-holders want to generate more leads than ever then Google Ads come into our mind.

Google Ads is the most popular tool that is used by businesses to generate more leads. lots of Businesses run Google Ads campaigns through their listings. Before running, ads make sure that what is google my business.

How to optimize your Google My Business Account

When we talk about Google My Business or even any other platform we will have to discuss a lot of points. But in the case of Google My Business, our tasks get low. I know what are you thinking in your mind regarding GMB.

When we talk about Google My Business. we have to perform certain tasks that I am going to discuss with you in the next lines. By doing that you can optimize your Google My Business Account as per Google Guidelines. Now you have a better understanding of what is google my business.

  • Complete your Business Profile on Google My Business by signing in with your preferred email ID
    • Your Business Name, Email ID, and Contact No. & Your Business Address
    • Please alert that use the same/exact address on different listing Platforms
  • Use Images in the correct manner on Google My Business.
  • Post on regular Bases in GMB

How to remove GMB suspension?

Many Businesses fall into the wrong practices in Google My Business account. there may be any reason for the suspension of your Google My Business Account. If your Business got suspended anytime. Don’t worry about this suspension. This suspension can be easily removed.

But one thing, keep in your mind don’t perform any activity in your Google My Business Account after GMB Suspension. Solution for removal Suspension is given below:-

There is only one thing to do. Rewind the actions that you performed during your Business listing suspension & find the mistake and resolve them after this you can send your request here to Google. Your listing will be soon released.

Last Word

In the last word, I would like to suggest to you that Google My Business is now called Business Profile. Having a Business Profile is very necessary for a Local Business. You must have your Business listing.

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