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Are you looking for a tool like Google Analytics? What is Google Analytics & how do this works? Have you ever thought that you need a tool that can help you see and experience your live visitors to your website or application? If I’m right then this is what you deserved too. After good practice of SEO, you must use Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager.

Google Analytics provides you with a free service to track the behavior of your visitors to your blog or any other application such as their time of stay, their country of origin, and much more. There will probably be a digital marketer who doesn’t use Google Analytics. In this post, I will tell you what is Google Analytics, its uses, and the entire setup process.

What is google analytics?

Google Analytics is a product of Google LLC. Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that provides us with web analytics about website traffic & every event happening on our site or blog. Google Analytics is a powerful tool that let us see live visitors & their actions on our website.

There is an application along with their web service. Google Analytics is the same platform where you will get exact metrics of your website like live visitors, visitors’ locations, visitors’ coming source, their dwelling time on your website, & repeated visitors, etc. Well, there are more tools for getting web analytics but not like Google Analytics is free of cost.

What is google analytics used for?

Google Analytics is used to show web analytics of any websites or any other types of property like applications, third-party subdomain-based websites, etc. By using Google Analytics, you get all information on what is going on on your website all over the world. This is what is google analytics in digital marketing.

Google analytics terms

Google Analytics is a product of Google. There are a few terms that Google Analytics uses to show your web analytics.

TrafficHow many visitors are there on your website or application?
Live VisitorsVisitors are currently on your website.
EventVisitors each type of activity like page view, scrolling, session start, and user engagement.
SourceFrom which mediums do the users come through?
UserA user who visits your site again is called a user.
New UserA user that visits the first time your site is called a New user.
RealtimeA time period in which you see live visitor metrics on Google analytics of your website.
PropertyYour different platforms are called properties like websites, applications, etc.
Property IDThis is the ID by that your use your website while connecting your website through the WP plugin
AcquisitionBy which medium, or session you are getting traffic to your website?
Session CampaignA session Campaign is the same thing that you are getting traffic the campaign is run by your like Facebook ads group, & Google ads group, etc.
OrganicVisitors come to your site by searching on Google is called organic traffic.
ReferralVisitors come to your site by clicking a link on another site called Referral.
User EngagementEngagement is how many clicks, scrolls, views, or downloads your content.
Bounce RateThe percentage of leaving the web page by visitors after landing on the same web page.
SessionA time period in which there is any interaction between the user & any page of the website.
View Search ResultHow much time your website or any link has been seen by visitors?
GAMCGoogle Analytics Measurement code is used to install on your website to get user data.
PropertyAny web page, application, or other platform is called an asset that you want to track the visitors on it.

Features of Google Analytics

When we talk about the features of Google Analytics then there is a huge image in our mind that can’t help saying that there is nothing tool like Google analytics. I mean to say that no one tool is available above this tool. Since Google Analytics is a product of Google. So, You don’t need to worry about the services. Well, the features of Google Analytics are given below.

1. Campaign Measurement for Traffic

Just imagine that you run a paid campaign & get also huge traffic to your website But you are not able to track traffic sources. So in this case, Google Analytics offers you to track your Traffic sources. here we will talk about the traffic you are getting from a campaign run by you. With this tool, you can see & analyze your traffic.

You can check your traffic from which campaign you are getting traffic on your site or blog. Google Analytics lets you check your all traffic from different Campaigns. This is a good thing to get huge traffic, But before this, you should know or have the complete detail of where you are getting traffic to your site or blog. This is not only for making the traffic regular but also getting the traffic intension.

2. Source of Traffic

By using Google Analytics, you can view your visitor’s source. If you share your post or pages on a social sharing platform then you can get all details like which users are coming from which social sharing platforms. By this, you can track your visitors easily & improve your sharing protocols on various platforms.

I tell also you that if you are using a lot of social media engagement then you must use google Tag Manager to prevent multiple code snippets from inserting in the header or body tags of your website. With Google Tag Manager, you can do a lot of code snippet work without a heavy workload.

3. Audience Report

Google Analytics offers you to view an Audience Report. An audience Report contains a lot of information like New users. users, average engagement time, total revenue, top country, User per minute, etc.

4. Realtime visitors

By using Google Analytics you can view your real-time visitors who land on your site at a specific time. Google Analytics shows you a list of users in the last 30 minutes in your Realtime Tabs. In the real-time tab, you can also see your visitor’s device category in which devices are used by your audience. This might be a very helpful facet of your on-page optimization in SEO. Google Analytics also shows you all active users in Google Maps on the right side of the page.

Google Analytics offers you a comparison tool that lets you show different users based on their locations. With this features, you are able to compare your user metrics shown in Google analytics.

5. Demographics overview

In Google Analytics, you see another option where you will find the demographic value of your audience. In this option, google analytics shows you that in how many other countries your blog is being read. This tool shows your country name & its user count.

How to setup Google Analytics & connect to your Property?

If you use your website as an online store & want to track your visitor’s activity then you need to use Google analytics. Google Analytics is a product of Google. So, it’s the interface is very user-friendly. You can easily install it on your website.

By Tag Manager (Recommended)

This is the first choice for connecting your website or property with Google analytics. This method is not easy but exactly safe for our website’s health. As you know if you use multiple code snippets in your header or body through the Theme editor in your WordPress website. then It affects your site loading speed which is a Red signal for your ranking & user experience. So, If you want to install your google analytics then I recommend using this method Google Tag Manager. By Google Tag Manager, you can add or insert multiple code snippets without affecting your web page loading speed.

By inserting Snippet code into the Header (Not Recommended)

This method is also used by some digital marketers. In this method, if your website is built with WordPress then you can insert snippets (generated from Google Analytics while creating an account) by installing WordPress plugin or directly through the theme editor. In this method, you have to access your website again and again in your Html code and even a small mistake in code can put your website in trouble.

Who can use Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tool presented by Google. Google Analytics is used to analyze web traffic or any other applications. With this tool, you can see the live traffic on your property that you added to analytics. Google Analytics is used by an online eCommerce company, any online Business, a professional Blogger, or any governmental unit of any country.

Last Word

In the last word, I would like to suggest that if you want to track your visitor’s activity for the purpose of marketing then you must use this Google analytics service. If you use Google analytics then you have a lot to do with your User data. To use Google Analytics you have complete knowledge of this product.

Q. Can Google analytics be used without GMT (Google Tag Manager)?

Yes, you can use Google Analytics without GMT (Google Tag Manager). But you need to use GMT for a long time on your website.

Q. What is GMT?

GMT stands for Google Tag Manager. You can call this a central Management System. Because you can add or insert your all snippet via this GMT directly to your website.

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