What is Google AdSense & How to apply

Google AdSense is the name the famous Ad Network throughout the world. Google AdSense is one of the most popular Ad networks that offers you to make huge money through your channels like a blog, YouTube channel, or any application. Each, 8 out of 10 bloggers want to generate revenue through Google AdSense. In this post, I will tell you what is Google AdSense & how can you make money using this ad network.

What is Google Adsense? an intro

Google AdSense is a product of Google. This is a type of Ad network. If you have any digital Channel like a blog, YouTube channel, or any other applications & have good traffic then you can monetize your traffic through any network. Google AdSense is one of them. Google serves its service throughout the world. Google is also considered the highest-paying CPC of the rest of the Ad Networks.

As you see there are more & more famous products of Google that grabbed the online users’ markets. from the Chrome Browser to Google AdSense there are more beneficial products like Gmail, online docs, Google sheet, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Business Profile, Google Translate, Google Earth, etc.

How does Google AdSense work?

Google AdSense offers you to monetize your blog or any other Digital Platform. After approval of the application for your blog, You can place ads in the content of your blog. when visitors visit your blog. They see & click on your ads. Thus, Google pays you a certain portion of what an advertiser pays to Google. There is a complete process for taking Google AdSense Approval. Google pays this payout on a certain date of each month. to Publishers (Google AdSense Account Holders).

How to check if Google AdSense is banned on your domain?

Well, Google AdSense offers to monetize your blog or YouTube channel but it is only a task for you to check whether the domain you are going to buy, will work no not with Google AdSense monetization. Means Google AdSense or Banned or not?

Most new Bloggers don’t check whether the domain they bought is banned or not for using Google AdSense. Please keep one thing in your mind if you want to monetize your traffic through Google AdSense then you should perform this task. To check whether google AdSense can be used on this domain you can check here on this domain by entering your domain name. Check here the status of your domain banned or not for Google AdSense

Eligibility for applying to Google AdSense

See, there are not so many long definitions and criteria for applying for Google AdSense. Although there is some eligibility for applying for Google AdSense in order to monetize your blog or other digital channel or platforms.

So This article is based on personal experience so take it seriously. So let’s start.

1. Domain Age

For a business brand, the age of the domain matters a lot. The older your domain, the more authority your domain has. If you have any domain more than 6 months old then this is great. But if you registered a domain today then you must wait for at least one month. You have to apply for Google AdSense when your domain is at least one month old.

3. Domain holder age

Wake up, I am talking about the domain holder’s age who owns the domain. This is a different thing. You must take it seriously so that you wouldn’t face issues while applying for google AdSense. Please keep one thing in your mind if you are or are above 18 years old then you are eligible for a Google AdSense account. Until 18 you can apply for Google AdSense account for another person in your home or relatives.

If you apply a google Adsense account for another person’s name then you should also keep the following things in your mind.

  • The bank account holder must be the same as the Google Adsense account holder’s name.
  • The same person must be a valid Pan Card with the same name.
  • All the money sent by Google will arrive in the google Adsense account holder’s name.

4. Top-Level Domain

Don’t be afraid of this term Top-level domain. You should use only Top-level Domains for a blog. As you know, there are two methods to start a blog. Free & paid. In a free domain, you get a subdomain from the original one while when you buy a new domain from a domain Registrar then this is a new & original domain like digitalpathik.com whatever will be available.

I would not recommend using free subdomains like yourname.bloggspot.com or any other platform domain. Because this takes too much time to rank in Rank Search Engines. Above this, you do get not all the features that are available in the prodomain. like a subdomain facility that you can use in your other work or tasks. So, Register your new domain from a Domain Registrar & start your journey today.

What things you should know before buying a new domain read here.

5. Sufficient Content

Always keep in your mind that you are going to apply for Google AdSense, a famous Ad Network that gives you a chance to monetize your blog. For this, make sure that you have created sufficient content for your blog. Before applying Google AdSense, you have sufficient content on your blog for your audience reading. So that there is too low a bounce rate.

If you have created categories then make sure you have associated at least one article in each of the categories in your blog. Make sure there is no empty category in your blog. If you apply for Google Adsense then your application might be rejected.

Learn how to write your first blog post.

6. Minimum length word count

To get fast Google Adsense approval you should publish articles in your blog above 1500-2000 words count length. Don’t write content up to only 600 words. Although Google says to write a minimum 600 words article. But in order to be safe, I would recommend writing a minimum word length of 1000 words count in your blog.

7. Valid Content

Make sure you have written valid content in your post articles in your blog. Here valid content means the nature of your content must be in the policy given by Google AdSense. There must not any invalid content that violates rules or is harmful to an audience like adult content or gambling-based content. You must ensure that you have run a check for this in your content.

8. Menu Navigation

One thing you should know is that there must be a proper menu navigation system in your blog so that visitors might be able to find proper menu navigation for specific content like pages, categories, etc. If the Google AdSense team found your blog with no proper navigation system. Then your application can also be rejected by the Google AdSense team.

So, keep all your pages & posts in a proper navigation system in headers specifically.

9. Legal Pages

Legal Pages are the essential parts of any blog or any Business website. By these legal pages, a Business website serves its content or services to its Audience under government rule & regulations. Usually, Google AdSense requires a few pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, and Terms & Conditions.

The second thing is how to prepare these types of pages. This is a too small thing to do. If you search on Google to generate these pages online then you will see a number of tools recommended by Google in the Google Search Result Page. Well, here are some online tool names that will help to generate these legal pages for your blog. You can also use a WordPress plugin to do some work called Wplegalpages.

Famous tool online page generators

10. Website Speed

Don’t underestimate the factor of website speed. If your blog page takes longer to load than it does. So this can be a serious reason for the suspension of your Google Adsense Account. Please ensure that the loading speed of your blog page is minimal or favored by your visitors. If it isn’t done so. So maybe something similar when Google sends a crawler to crawl your blog but your page is too slow to load. So the Google AdSense team will reject your application.

So, Buy Reliable web hosting from a well-known Webhosting company like that Hostinger.

11. Unique & valuable content

If you want to grow your blog with highly valuable content for the future. then provide always unique & relevant content for your audience. So that they might get value from your content. Don’t provide any copied content in your blog. Due to this wrong practice, there may be a hamper in the ranking of your blog or website. Because Google doesn’t promote copied material. Cut Copy Past work doesn’t work anymore in modern time blogging. For getting success in the blog you need to provide unique content in your blog.

So keep one thing in your mind always provide genuine content in your blog.

12. Must use of any of supportive Language

To get the approval of Google AdSense in a short time. you need to mind which language are you using in your blog or website. Because what will you do making a website or blog in a specific language that Google AdSense disallows? Google allows you to Google AdSense in a specific language based blog. These are given below:-

ChineseMarathiChinese (Traditional)Croatian
NorwegianPolishDanish Punjabi 
EnglishRomanian EstonianRussian
GermanSpanish (European)GreekGujarati
JapaneseIndonesianUrdu Vietnamese

Offered Languages

14. Proper Time scheduling

Google will mind our blog or promote your blog when you publish any page or post on a proper time schedule. Because time schedule means a lot for Google. If you publish several posts but in no time schedule. when Google would ignore them But if you did all these in a proper time schedule this is a lot of in the view of Google. Google may promote your blog post.

How to apply Google AdSense for a new Blog?

Applying Google AdSense is no easier than before. In past, the applying process was so easy. Writing one or two articles on the blog. anyone can easily take approval for Google AdSense Approval. In the past time, Google used to approve having a non SSL certificated domain. But at this time there is a requirement for approval of a new blog. Although the application process is simple like before.

Here is the complete process that how can you apply for Google AdSense for our blog?

For the application, you need to have the following things.

  • A valid email ID
  • A Domain name
  1. Please visit at Official website of Google AdSense.
  2. Click on Sign In & select your email ID.
  3. Enter your domain in the box & select any one of the dropdown menu & Press the submit Button.
  4. After hitting the submit Button you will see a code Snippet that you will have to paste in header of your website that will work for entire website.
  5. Account creation process is completed here. You have wait for approval from The Google AdSense.

Last Word

In the last word, I would like to suggest that don’t hurry to take approval in Google AdSense. Because Google AdSense need organic traffic to monetize your blog. So if you aren’t getting organic traffic on your blog, then work forgetting organic traffic first, after this apply for Google AdSense Account.

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