What is Google Ads

Are you looking for Google Ads? What is Google Ads? Google Ads is a powerful thing for any Business-holders. You will be surprised to know that there are 3.8 million searches per minute on Google. In such conditions, if you don’t use Google Ads, you can not earn a good number of quality customers in your Business. These days, most Businesses use Google Ads. By Google Ads, you can reach your product or services to your targeted audience even at minimum cost & time. In this article, you’ll learn what Google Ads are, How this works for your Business? & why you should run Google Ads.

What is Google Ads?

Before going ahead with something advanced about Google Ads, we need to know What is Google Ads. you can easily guess by the term “Google Ads” is a product of Google, a Giant company in technology in the United States. Google Ads is a platform where you can do your paid advertisement for your own product or services. This is the same place where advertisers can display their Product ads & on the other hand Publishers earn by showing the same ads on their platforms or websites. Google ads are a part of Google AdSense.

For example for advertisers, if a company or Business holder wants to advertise their products or services to target their audience for sales. then here the same Business holder or company is an advertiser. An advertiser pays for running ads for their own products.

For example for Publisher, If you are a Blogger or you have any other social platform, where you have your own followers or regular audience then if you keep ads on your blog for revenue purposes then here you are a Publisher. Publishers get paid for placing or showing ads on their platforms.

What is Google Adwords?

This is necessary to know that Google Adwords is an old name of Google Ads. On 24 July 2018 Google changed the name of Google Adwords. Google renamed this service by a new name Google Ads. Google extended the service variety of Google Adwords. So, Google changed and renamed this service.

How do Google Ads work?

As you know Google AdSense & Google Ads are both products of Google. Google AdSense is A type of Ad Network, a place, where you get paid for placing ads on your Platform. Google ads are a type of platform where you can advertise your Products.

So the workflow is like this;-

Initially, the first step is taken by a company or Business-holder that wants to advertise its products online. for this, the companies pay to run their ads to target their audience on Google ads. These ads are sown at the Top of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). When visitors search for anything related to your Ads then Google shows them your Ads. Visitors click on Ads & land on your landing page whatever you have connected.

In fact, Google serves your ads based on the focused keyword that you set in your Google Ads campaign keyword settings when you created the ad. The performance of your ads depends on how much extra you pay for your ads compared to your competitors. This is how Google Ads works.

How to run Google Ads

To run Google ads is not a small thing. Google ads can change your Business completely into a successful Business. If you have established your Business recently in the competition era then you need to run your ads for the promotion of your Business or Products. Google Ads is really a life-changing idea for your Business. I have introduced how can you run your Google Ads & get 2000 ad credit in this Post.

Role of Google Keyword Planner

Google provides you with a free Keyword Research Tool for your Google Ads. There is a highly important role of Keyword Research Tools. you can use this keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner.

Benefits of Google Ads

Running Google ads is a very profitable idea for an Online Business. Because An Online Business can give you a lot if you manage your online appearance of Business. If you are running Google ads or planning to run then these are the benefits of Google Ads in your Business.

  • Google Ads Targeting
    • You can target your audience by location, Age group, Language, keywords, etc.
  • Complete control of Google Ads
    • Google Ads offers you full power control of your running ads on this Platform. you can use your own landing page except for your Business Profile on Google. you can customize your ads line what your customers see & click ads.
  • Bringing new sales
    • For any new business or brand, this is too hard to bring new sales Business Because no one knows about your new Brand whether you offer them low prices. In this case, Google ads can help you a lot. By running Google ads you can bring new customers to your Business. This is like a boon for your Business.
  • Brand Awareness
    • If you use Google Ads, For Brand awareness purposes then this is also a good instrument for your Business. Because your Brand is the only thing that can bring extra sales to your Business. Because after purchasing your Product, Customers keep your Brand name in their mind & if your product satisfies your customers then they also search for your brand on google. This increases your sales.
  • Landing Page
    • In Google ads, you can target your audience in your own choice of location, keywords, & a specific range. etc. Google ads offer you also to connect your own website or landing page where your customers land after they click your ads.
  • Minimum Cost
    • In Google ads, you can generate a good profit even by paying a high cost by promoting any other affiliate Products or your own digital or Physical Products.

Who can use Google Ads?

Google Ads is a product of Google LLC. It serves as a tool to bring in the target audience in any type of online business. Therefore, Google Ads can be used by companies, bloggers, or small business holders and also by the government of any country. In other simple words, if you want to reach your new audience for any type of product or service then you can use this as Google Ads provides its services across the world.

Google Ads 2000 credit

What is Google Ads 2000 credit? Google offers you to avail free ad credit for your first ad campaign. Please keep in mind that your first ad campaign is very crucial for your Business. You could create & run Google ads for a sufficient time period. for this Google offers every new Google ads account holder free 2000/- INR Ad credit directly to your Google Ads Account. You can read here the full process availing for 2000/- Ad Credit in your Account.

Sometimes Google provides you with google ads coupons that you can redeem in your account. You can create your first Google Ads campaign here

Last Word

In last words, I would like to say that if you are running any type of business and want to bring more sales to your business then please start a new Google Ads campaign and get more leads. To use Google Ads more effectively, you can watch videos available on YouTube and then launch a campaign.

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