Want more marketing ideas for your Business in different ways? Are you planning for email Marketing for your Brand or Business Products or services? Do you want to send your offer via email marketing? Then this is going to be something great for your Business. In this post, I am going to tell you that what is email marketing & how can you apply it to your business or blog website for more lead generation.

What is email marketing?

Email Marketing is an act of sending your commercial offers of products or services in your business to your customers. Email Marketing is the cheapest marketing tool that allows you to market your target audience at a very very low cost. In this marketing, you can send your offers & products info to each & every subscriber. In email marketing, You can automate all email marketing campaigns for your Business. you can set your all email campaign for a preset time.

You can save a lot of time that your invest in other marketing. if you do affiliate marketing then you can also use this email marketing. You are able to save enough time for your different marketing efforts.

How can you use email Marketing in your Business or blog website?

Keep one thing in our mind that there is nothing cheapest marketing tool like email marketing. where you can preset your own designed email templates in defining your email campaign. To use this automation in your Business website or blog, you can use any of the email marketing tools available in online Markets like Mailchimp, Sendinblue & many more.

How to integrate e-mail marketing into your blog or website?

You have to create an account & activate the service with a free plan for your Business. you have to take a few steps to prepare your automated email marketing. Here I take an example of Mailchimp (The best Free email Marketing tool)

  • First create an account free on Mailchimp & complete varification of your account.
  • Fill your profile detail completly like your email, User ID & Mobile No, etc.
  • Create your Subscription form that will be reflected on your website through you will receive email list of your audience.
  • Create email Templates that you will set for sending to your audience.
  • Create an automation system with your email Subscription list & your email templates.
  • Start your atomation & you can also take test of your email.

Best free email Marketing tool or software in 2022

Well, there are many email marking tools available in the online market. But which of these is effective and user-friendly is a matter of note. There is also another point that if you are new to this field then it is possible that you may be eligible for a free plan initially but if you are well acclaimed in this field then you need a highly efficient email marketing tool.

I am going to discuss the best free email marketing tools that can be used by anyone in his/her Business. these are given below.

1. Mailchimp


MailChimp is the best tool for free & paid for both of the marketing. By using this you can avail really amazing a user-friendly interface of the email automation system. Mailchimp allows you to create your own email templates, create an automation free of cost. Mailchimp offers you another service also like creating contact forms that you can pate on your contact page with the help of a shortcode that helps you to get your visitors to contact details in your Mailchimp account dashboard.

#Services & offering

Mailchimp offers you various amazing services except email marketing. You can grow your Business with this email marketing effort that is absolutely free of cost. you can create your own designed email templates in Mailchimp free for both types of editors visual & coding. Mailchimp offers you the following services.

  1. Create a blog free of cost: Mailchimp offers you to create a blog free of cost where you can publish your post or articles about your services & products.
  2. Create a contact form free of cost: Mailchimp offers you to create a contatct form that you can easily integrate with a short code anywhere in your page or post within your blog.
  3. Create an online store free of cost: Mailchimp offers you to create an online store where you can create & setup your own Online Store even with inbuilt marketing tools by mailchimp.
  4. Schedule an Online Appointment: with mailchimp, you can create an online schedule for online appointment with your own clients & customers.


Well, Mailchimp offers it free plan for beginners. but if your want to use its paid services then this may be going to be something awesome for your Business marketing. Mailchimp along with all email marketing software companies create interesting offers & pricing for their products & services. The pricing of Mailchimp are given below:

Well, there is four plan including a free one.

  1. Free Plan (Free of cost) (Highly Recomended)


  • #Form & Landing page
  • #Marketing CRM
  • #Creative Assistant
  • #Forms & Landing Pages
  • #Website Builder
  • #Mailchimp Domain

2. Essentials Plan (770/- Per month)

In this paid plan, you will get the following services mention below.

  • #Email & Landing Page Templates
  • #Customer Journey Builder
  • #Custom Branding
  • #A/B Testing
  • #24/7 Email & Chat Support
  • #Behavioral targeting

2. Sendinblue


Sendinblue is also the second-best email marketing tool that can boost your marketing effort at zero cost. Sendinblue offers you to customize everything. Here you can create your own email templates in your automation system prepared for the email campaign.

#Service & Offering

Like Mailchimp here you get also a huge number of great services for your Business marketing that boosts your Business & will take it to the next level. Sendinblue offers you brilliant marketing tools with a lot of free extra services like live chats, CRM. Sendinblue provides you with mail Inbox services also. you get the following services in Sendinblue email marketing tools.

#Pricings & offer

Sendinblue offers paid plans along with their free plan. There are four plans including a free one.

  1. Free Plan Getting started with Sendinblue (Highly Recomended)

In this free plan, you will get amazing services from Sendinblue. Sendinblue offers you really a great experience with email marketing. In this email Marketing. Sendinblue offers you to send up to 300 emails per day. You get the following features in a free plan by Sendinblue.

  • #Unlimited contacts
  • #Capacity of sending up to 300 emails per day
  • #One user Chat
  • #CRM
  • #Mail inbox inegrated with Sendinblue platform
  • #SMS facility

2. Lite Perfect for new marketers

In this paid plan, you will get a monthly email volume of 10,000 mails along with various features given below:

  • #No daily sending limit
  • #Email support
  • #Lite+ add-on: A/B testing
  • #Removing Sendinblue logo
  • #Advanced statistics

3. Sender.net


Sender.net is also a great email marketing tool for beginners with amazing features such as High email deliverability, Smart automation, Dedicated to your success, Great & conversion email templates, & Powerful analysts. In the free plan of sender.net, you will get a sending capacity of 25000 emails per month to your 2500 subscribers.

#Pricing & Offers

When we talk about the pricing of sender.net for its amazing services. then this is not forgettable of its amazing plan with no cost for Building your brand. There are also four plans of sender.net including a free one.

  1. Free Forever! (highly recomended for beginner)

In this free plan, you will amazing features that is not forgettable. If you are a beginner then you can start your journey with a free plan. the plan features are given below:

  • #You can send email Up to 2 500 subscribers
  • #Up to 15 000 emails/month
  • #Email automation features

2. Standard Plan

In this standard plan, you get an advanced experience as compared to the free plan. In this plan, you can automate your Business Marketing with these double efforts. there are the following features in this standard plan.

  • #Up to 240k emails/month
  • #SMS and MMS messaging
  • #Sender branding
  • #Multi-user access

Last Word

In the last words, I would like to suggest that email marketing is a revenue enhancement tool that proves to be a key to a successful business. You also ever see & visualize that in companies grow their profit with the use of Email Marketing. So, use this in your Business. & make a huge profit.

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