What is Dropbox?

Want to know about online storage or an online backup system or technology for your blog or any other platform? What is dropbox? Do you really want to know how can you establish a backup system then you can continue this post. In this post, I will tell you what is Dropbox. & who can you set up this to take backup of your own blog or website in WordPress?

What is dropbox?

Dropbox is one of the online storage services. Dropbox is a file-hosting service operated by an American company headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States. This offers cloud storage for file storage, file synchronization, Personal cloud & client software. In other easy words, Dropbox is an online storage system that lets you save your files online such as images, and videos. any type of file. Dropbox’s initial release date is 11 September 2008.

Dropbox works like an emergency bag where your articles or content are automatic come & stored. You need not worry that your content will get lost anywhere or damaged. if you have an automatic backup then take relief.

Why do you need DropBox?

In the digital world, each of us uses any data storage to save our files online or offline. Sometimes, unfortunately, you must have struggled to get or access your own files due to a loss of performance. There is a great example of your own WordPress website when your site has a critical error while editing & you have no access to your admin panel even if your site is not available for your audience to visit. This is the more painful time for a performance blog owner.

To restore your data on the website you need a backup. & if you didn’t set up any auto backup then there is no way to restore your website & whole data inside your WordPress Website. Here, a term is originated that is Backup. Yes, Backup is a more & more important stage of any technology-based software.

So, if you run any blog or website then you must use the updraft Plus Plugin to take a backup of your WordPress site on regular basis. So that your get rid of all tension of data on your website.

Benefits of the dropbox

Probably there is any user who never needs online storage. As you know when you save any file or any content to storage whether the storage is online or offline. Normally, you need the same content at any time to use the same. You need also to make safe your files so that your files are totally safe & secure in their storage.

  • Dropbox offers you a free plan also, where you get 2 GB of online storage.
  • Dropbox is a user-friendly interface so that you can integrate this with your blog in WordPress.
  • Dropbox offers a WordPress Plugin to integrate this into your site or blog.
  • By using Dropbox you can get rid of the tension of taking Loss or deleting your content, unfortunately.

How to set up an automatic backup for your blog?

Setting up an auto backup for your blog is a necessary step for the security of your blog. Dropbox offers you to secure your blog content from unfortunate deletion or broken site. Well, there are several ways to set up a backup system for your blog. But in this post, I am going to tell you how can you set up an auto-backup system with your blog.

For this, please make sure that you are logged in to your admin dashboard in your WordPress account. Now take the following steps to set up a backup system in your blog. First of all, you need a WordPress Plugin to create & send a backup to your Dropbox (online storage system)

  • First, login into your WordPress Dashboard & Your Dropbox account in a single Browser. This will helps to integrate your backup system in a short time.
  • Install a new Plugin named UpdraftPlus for backup in your WordPress website.
  • Go to Plugins > Add new Plugin> Type UpdraftPlus > install & activate this.
  • Go to setting > UpdraftPlus > choose settings Tabs in the above five Tabs.
  • Now fill in the following details in the above tabs. You can leave this as default also.
    • Files backup schedule: this indicates how many times, you want to send backup files.
    • Database backup schedule: this indicates how many times you want to send your database.
  • Choose any one of the lists of remote storage you want to use to take your Website backup.
    • Here, Tap on Dropbox as we are learning Dropbox. well, there are various options.
      • Here you can see other options also where you can take your backup, like Google Drive, Email, Upddaftplus Vault, Microsoft Onedrive, FTP, Microsoft Azure, S-3 Compatible (Generic), Openstack (Swift), Amazon S3, SFTP/SCP, Dream Objects, Rackspace Cloud files, Google Cloud, & WebDAV.
      • Here you can do another set if you want like the following actions.
        • You can tick the check box to get a report on your email ID.
        • You can click to remove the setting that you did for this setup of your backup.
        • You can change the items that you want to back up like plugins & themes, etc.
    • Then, scroll down the page & hit the button “Save Changes“.
    • In the next step, you will see a button “Authorize the dropbox” in “Remote Storage Authentication” you can’t verify this without clicking this.
    • After this Plugin UdraftPlus will show you the last verification page with the button “Complete Setup” click this. your process for setup.
    • Now you have completed the full process of an automatic backup of your WordPress website.
    • If you want to take a backup of your website manually then your can.
      • Choosing your desired options, you can take & also send backups to your remote storage that you have set recently.

Last Word

In the end, I would like to say that it is highly recommended for a new blogger to use any backup system for blogs because if you are a new blogger then there are high chances that your site may have There may be a fatal error and sometimes your site might be broken. So, in the prevention of this problem if you use auto backup in your site or blog then it is a high time saver. In this case, you can restore your site in just a few clicks. Well, keep one thing in your mind it is always better to do any work in one go than do it on multiple occasions.

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