What is canva

Have you heard about Canva? what is Canva? How can Canva help you with your blog? Are you looking for online tools for designing your image for your own blog post? If I am right then you are searching for an image creation tool for your blog. An image can leave a good impression on your audience. Second thing is that if Image optimization is done perfectly then your website ranking will also be improved.

You can attract a new audience & increase the dwelling time of your audience by using high-quality images in your blog post. In this post, I am going to tell you about Canva a design tool, not for only images but also you can also create a lot of things with this tool.

what is Canva application? (Introduction)

Canva is a graphic designing platform, that can be used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents & other visual content for your Business Purposes. Canva also provides its applications for users for the purpose of being easy to use. Canva is Perth, Australia-based company with 1500 working employees in it. The parent company of canvas is Canva inc.

Canva offers a design tools in a lot of varieties. Those are very beneficial for Business websites, Blogs, or any other social media or any type of content marketing. Usually, the canvas is used by professional Bloggers, Website developers. & social media managers to promote their digital platforms.

How & where can you use Canva?

As you know Canva is one of the greatest graphic designing online tools. Canva is really loved by most professional Bloggers, YouTubers, & social media content creators. Can let you create your own free high-quality images for your blog posts. Canva offers a lot of varieties of high-quality images free of cost.

Well, Canva offers a lot of graphic designs, videos & many more. I am telling a few of them that is mostly used by bloggers or YouTubers. Those services are given below.

Can mainly offer its services in the following sections. Under this section, you have to select your own idea & create something new. There are multiple types of content (file type) that you could need for your Business or Personal use.

1. Social media

Canva offers a variety of works under Social Media. As you know there are various social media platforms on which you have to choose one that fits your Business. Because there can be differences between the nature of your Business & your selected Social Media Platform. So, this is very very essential to choose suitable Social Media for your Business. Let me take an example to understand it perfectly.

Assume your run a blanket factory that you want to promote online But for this, you choose a Linkedin platform for the advertisement of your Products then this became wrong. Because Linkedin is a professional platform where you can not advertise your physical Products. you must select another platform like Facebook.

So, Canva offers you different prepared templates like banners, Profile photos, Blog posts, covers, and channel art. These all templates are fully prepared by canvas. You can customize them as per your choice. Here you will get Instagram, YouTube, Facebook & much other social media content.

2. Personal

If you want a resume template or format then you can use this personal section. In this personal section, you can get all documents in a prepared template like Resumes formats, Invitations, Cards, and Posts. Weekly Schedule Planner etc. You can customize your templates as per your choice.

3. Business

As you know this era is a technology era So, you can see easily arrival of Businesses that want to come online. Such Businesses go into the practice of Online marketing. for this, they create their online website. & Best social media appearance. this Business needs highly attractive images that represent their Business online appearance. So, these images may be the company’s logo, presentations, Business Cards, Invoices & Business Letters head, etc. These all things are very easy to customize as per your choice.

4. Marketing

As you know there are probably a few Businesses that don’t use Digital Marketing. You can’t imagine your success in Modern Business without using Digital marketing. If you use digital marketing then you must use graphics, posters, flyers, Brochures & Newsletters. Although most of these things are used in offline Marketing But still you can use all these things in your online Marketing. There are more benefits & conversions in an online Business.

5. Education

In the education era, You will surely be needed Canva. Got Surprised! let me explain more. If I discuss small children’s education then you see that a teacher always tries to learn with attractive images instead of only a text-based book. Because the images are easy to memorize any matter as compared to text-based matters. So. In the education sector, the student can prepare their lesson Plan, Classroom decoration kits, Worksheets, Bookmarks, Class Schedules, etc.

7. Trending

In the trending section, Canva offers you to create YouTube intro videos, normal Videos, Canvas Print, Photo Books, Menus & Itinerary planners for any objectives. You can create a lot of designs by its features.

Canva pricings

Canva offers both of the plans free & paid. This free plan includes all features that a Bloggers need in the initial stage of his blogging. With a free plan, you can create & design thousands of images, Videos & other high-quality images & download them on your PC. Their free subscription is lifetime working. All images or all created files exist in your Free Canva Account.

If you are running a free plan with Canva & want to upgrade your subscription to Canva Pro. Canva offers 3999.00/- per year. This paid plan can be accessed or used by only 5 people. for more info, you can go to Canva prices.

Last Words

In last words, I would like to suggest that you must use Canva for image design & creation works. Because If you insert a low-quality image in your Blog then this is very possible that there might be seen a low rate of conversion. So you must use Canva to create high-quality images for your blog posts,

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