What is backlink

Backlink! what is a backlink? what is the role of Backlinks in Blogging or Digital? Marketing? Do you have any confusion about Backlink? You have also heard about Link Building. In this post, we will discuss the full nature of Backlinks & how a backlink works for our site, especially in SEO. So, Let’s start.

What is a Backlink?

what are backlinks? As you know by its name, a Backlink is a connection of a blog or website with another. You can understand easily a Backlink in your word. If there happens a connection between two websites or Blogs by building a link. In this connection there made a link building between both sites. Then, this type of link building is called Backlink. I hope you have got my point & understood what is a backlink in SEO.

But have you any idea how many types of Backlinks are there? Don’t worry there are only two types of Backlinks. By the way, both of the Backlinks can be made for websites or Blogs but one of them is very very important. Backlinks may not be considered for full ranking factors for any website. But It can be considered at least one of all ranking factors.

Some special Terms you must know

Since we are discussing Backlinks, we must get information about a few terms related to Backlinks. So that we might understand the meaning of Backlinks along with their type of nature & how this works?

Link Juice :

when a link to a web page is attached to your website Blog page or home page & the link flows to your other web page. In that condition, a link flow is automatically created & travels up to your Blog. This link flow is called Link Juice. The link juice improves your domain authority & is also responsible for grabbing more visitors along with search engine visibility.

External Links

During writing a blog post, we usually, discuss another company, person, or anything giving an example to understand something so that user experience can be maximized, for this we link some external sites or web pages. By doing this, the link juice of our web page goes to an external web page. This type of link is called External Link.

Internal Link

In this type of link, both of the links are on the same page or posted on a single website. That means, click on the same link, we reach another post or page of the same website. The user does not go to another website. This method is used to rank a post with the help of a well-ranked page or post, that is not ranked. You must use interlinking in your Blog post.

Low-quality Links

Maybe you know what is a low-quality link? A link flow comes from such websites that website having spam, and low-quality content, your website is called Low-quality Link.

High-Quality Backlink

You use only high-quality backlinks for your Blog. Because by using this high-quality backlink, your site becomes successful to get the trust of Google. for this, you can also buy quality backlinks.

Types of Backlinks

First thing, you must have an idea of what is Backlink. Now you have to understand the types of backlinks. See there are only points of quality Backlinks. There are only two types of Backlinks. Both of the Backlinks are easily established for your Blog or website.

Before you know, Types of Backlinks You must know that Any kind of Backlink is established between two websites, where is the difference between the authority of sites? That means one of them is low authority while another is high.

Nofollow Backlinks

A nofollow Backlink is a Backlink that does not pass the authority to the site to which it is linked with. This type of backlink does not benefit the lower authority sites. You can say it dofollow the link also. Because through this nofollow Backlink, visitors can go to your site while a crawler can not go through this link. In this case, No crawler can’t go through this link to your site. There, No signal will go to Google that your site is valuable. If you see a link anywhere in a blog you can check by right click on “inspect element”.

What is backlink
What are dofollow backlinks?

Do-follow Backlinks

Nofollow backlinks are very important backlinks for any Blog or website. Actually, There are two benefits of dofollow Backlinks. These dofollow backlinks give visitors & authority from a linked websites. Because here, the crawlers may also visit your Blog or website through these dofollow backlinks . These are very high-quality Backlinks. Such Backlinks give your site a powerful boost. An example of a Nofollow Backlink is given below:-

What is a Nofollow Backlink?

Nature of Backlinks

The nature of backlinks for any blog or website is very simple and straightforward. According to SEO Experts, bad backlink reduces your site’s search engine visibility. If you have created a backlink from a website with a high spam score, it is possible that your site’s ranking in the SERP may have dropped. Sometimes Google penalizes your site for creating backlinks from bad or spammy websites.

You must not use a lot of comment-based Backlinks. Because these are not followed backlinks & a low number of visitors came through such links. This is not a single factor that affects your site’s ranking in the Search Engine. Although there is demand for high-level domain authority. Usually, you can create free backlinks.

We can not deny that a website, having high-quality backlinks force its post to rank at the top in Google Search. If your site is one or two months old even then has a few high-quality backlinks your blog post may rank & pull good traffic.

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How & From where to create backlinks?

Here we can’t deny that there is a crucial role of Backlink in the ranking of websites in Search Results. If a site has many high-quality backlinks then its post will rank easily in Google or other search engines as compared to other new sites. Here keep one thing in mind content must be unique. As you know content is king.

Here, we build links between two websites. We build links in such a manner that anybody might click this link & land on the destination site. When we create dofollow backlink the crawlers along with visitors visit through the links.

We can create Backlinks by using this method.

  • Broken link Building Method
    • You can manage your new backlink through other websites/blogs Broken Backlinks. In this process, first, you have to find such broken links on web pages. Contact site owners, and send them mail preparing fresh mail with a clear understanding in which you found a broken link on their web page. this is a bad user experience for the site having a broken link. we have similar content on our site. would you like to link up our web page with your broken link? This method really works & also called an example of SEO backlinks. therefore you get a dofollow backlink. To use all broken links on a web page you can use a chrome extension Check my Links.
  • Backlinks through infographics
    • You will be surprised to know that infographics are one of the best ways to get traffic & backlink also. You have to find any infographics site where you might contribute photos along with your web address. This method also works.
  • The advantage of Guest Post
    • This is also one of the ways to get dofollow backlink. But this method is paid formula. In this method, you will have to pay some money to the second Blog owner to get a do-follow backlink. Probably, someone gives a free backlink in this Guest post. In this method, you have to find out the same blog that allows Guest Posting. Read the protocols for this operation on the same site. write a guest post & take a dofollow backlink. Most bloggers charge for this guest Post. so we can say that you can buy backlinks. You can also buy high da backlinks.
  • Build internal links.
    • Building internal links is also a method to rank each blog post. With this technics, we can rank our other posts easily. In order to provide a good user experience we should use internal linking in our blog post.
  • Backlink with HARO
    • We also discuss High DA PA sites. when it comes to backlinks we must use HARO as a source. If you want to use HARO then you must sign up as a source on HARO on its home page. You can go with its free plan & start your journey. Soon you will receive emails from HARO. Pick any one of the matters that are relevant to your blog niche. Do your Best. you can get a backlink in writing a relevant article.
  • Profile Creation Sites/profile creation websites
  • You can go through profile creation sites or profile creation websites to create backlinks. By this method, you can create 1000000 free backlinks.
  • Promote your Blog

If you want to grow up your blog in a short time then you can run Ads on your own specific keyword you want. By this method, your Blog starts taking good traffic even in the initial days.

How many Backlinks should we create in a single day?

By the way, there are no minimum criteria to create backlinks in a single day. You should create a minimum of 10 backlinks in a single day to boost your Blog. Because if your blog content is unique u0026amp; meaningful then even one do-follow backlink may boost your Post Rank in Google.

How can we check a website/blog backlink?

To check the number of backlinks you can use a number of tools available in the Online market for free
1. https://websiteseochecker.com
2. https://neilpatel.com/backlinks
3. https://www.semrush.com/analytics/backlinks
4. https://moz.com/link-explorer
5. https://www.seoreviewtools.com/valuable-backlinks-checker
6. https://smallseotools.com/backlink-checker/

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