What is affiliate marketing

Hi ! Are you looking for Affiliate Marketing? What is Affiliate Marketing? Is there any other scope of income in this affiliate marketing? Is it true that you can earn one lakh rupees from Affiliate Marketing through a blog post? In this post, I will discuss the complete details of what is Affiliate Marketing and how can we implement it. So continue to read this post.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing can be referred an online system by which any person promotes the third-party product or service in online Marketing. In this system, promoters get paid for their promotions or efforts for products or services only after sales. Affiliate marketing transactions are tracked by affiliate links. This affiliate marketing is not a small thing even though there was a high jump in affiliate marketing in past 2020.

Affiliate Marketing is today’s choice of big e-commerce companies. If you see then there are several companies that have come in Affiliate Marketing. Using this affiliate Marketing the companies are able to make double their profit even in a short time.

In each affiliate Marketing Program, there are three parties that complete the whole process of the transaction. If there are fewer than these three parties then the affiliate marketing process would not be completed.

Affiliate marketing component

An affiliate marketing component means how many parties must be there in this affiliate Marketing system. To complete any affiliate marketing transaction there must be a minimum of three parties or persons. An affiliate marketing Program can be run in multi locations.

  1. E-commerce Company or Seller

First & foremost, there must be a seller or e-commerce company that will sell their products or services. If this party has various types of products or services then that is great. This person may be a company or any individual also. This party must have efficient affiliate marketing software by which all the affiliate marketing activities could be completed. There is various great examples to understand. like Amazon, myntra, Flipkart, etc.

2. Affiliate Marketer

An affiliate marketer is the third unit of an affiliate Marketing system. This affiliate marketer is the same person that promotes the products or services of the company under the affiliate program, on their Blog or social media platforms. This person joins affiliate marketing programs run by e-commerce companies & gets all the settings, information, & other links.

This person promotes the company products or services on their own platforms like their blogs, YouTube channel, and other social media Platforms. When visitors click on these links & buy any products. Affiliate Marketers get paid for successful sales through their affiliate links.

3. Customers

Now the most important part of any type of affiliate marketing is the customers. If there are no customers group then you can not imagine any sales. Customers are the main part of any type of the market whether the market is online or offline.

For any affiliate marketing, you need modern customers. who use their smartphones, & the internet. For successful affiliate marketing, you need internet users who spend their time on the internet like social media or other online platforms.

How to join affiliate Marketing?

Join an affiliate marketing program is an easy task. Before joining an affiliate Program you will have to know many things to make a better profit from this. There are many affiliate programs to join. For joining any affiliate program you need to know several important things. These things help you to increase your profit through affiliate marketing.

1. Registration Process

The registration process is very easy for joining an affiliate marketing program. You have to find the registration link. Many e-commerce companies who run affiliate marketing programs use the special links named like “Earn with us”, “Join Our Affiliate Program”, “Earn with us” or any other name. Usually, this link is located at the bottom or in headers on eCommerce website.

For finding this type of a link on the home page of the affiliate marketing program launcher website, you can use this short cut key (Ctrl+F) & Type the above words. you can easily view this link. Click the & register yourself.

This is the same place where you will provide your active email ID which will be also verified by the same affiliate Program. In this registration process please provide only your active email ID & other detail. In the registration process, you may be asked for entering your other details like your PAN Card, Bank Account Details. provide all the same here.

2. Add your own platform to advertise

After successful registration, you will have to add your platforms where you will share your affiliate links. these platforms may be your blog. YouTube channel, or any other social media platform where you share your content, & your followers exist.

3. Approval for an affiliate account

After completing of your registration & other information updation in Affiliate Marketing Program. your account goes under review. If nothing happened wrong then your affiliate account will be activated by your joined affiliate program company.

Essential things to you must know before joining an affiliate program

Are you looking for the best affiliate Marketing Program? Then you must know various things about affiliate Marketing. This is the same place where you can earn a lot. So the more you effort the more you earn. But in spite of all formalities, you must keep the following things in your mind.

1. Why do you want to join

The reason if anything or action must be strong. The only thing is, reason enables you to make good efforts in your work. When I am talking about joining an affiliate marketing program. If your intention is only earn to money a lot from the beginning of this affiliate’s marketing then Just leave this. You can make money through money. Since the affiliate Program is a type of passive income source. You get your income while you sleep.

2. Your platform & followers

If you have decided to start affiliate marketing then you will have a platform where you will place your affiliate links while they will not have enough audience of their own. So that, your audience can make purchases through your Affiliate Link. Sometimes, some people do create an affiliate account but they do not have enough audience. In such a situation, they are not able to be successful in Affiliate Marketing.

3. Payment Threshold

Before joining any affiliate program, you should know that what is the threshold amount of the affiliate program, you are going to join. A threshold amount is a maximum limit on the amount that you must accrue to your affiliate account. You will be paid to your bank account only after reaching this payment limit in a certain time limit. This threshold amount may vary in several affiliate programs by several companies.

Please note that your payment will be forfeited if you do not meet your threshold payment.

4. Invalid Purchase

Usually, there is a big issue of Invalid purchases in affiliate accounts. Did you mean what is an invalid purchase? An invalid purchase may be the reason for an affiliate account suspension. If you purchase any product via your own affiliate link then your account may be suspended. Here your affiliate link means that you have purchased on your own device or the same browser where you created your affiliate account or any other device that is connected to your mobile network.

If affiliate program software is successful to detect the above type of purchase then your account is fixed to be suspended.

Best Affiliate Programs you must join

There are many affiliate programs to join. These affiliate programs are launched by large e-commerce companies. There are top companies that provide affiliate programs. Amazon is a super famous affiliate program. Usually, 8 out of 10 people want to join the Affiliate Program.

Here, I am going to provide the top 10 affiliate programs in which you can easily join and earn good money online.

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