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Hello dear, how are you? write us. In the digital marketing field, we always work on Search terms like Google search, Amazon Search, etc. Many users search on Google with different search keywords. Then Google displays relevant results.

People search for advanced google image search except for searching What is advanced Search. This types of search are the advanced Search. By the way, these days people use advanced searching

Here I am going to share your advanced searches. Mainly, Digital Marketers use this advanced search. In this post, we are going to discuss What is advanced search & how a digital Marketer can use this to find exact keywords and other things. So, let’s get started…

What is advanced Search?

An advanced Search is an inbuilt tool of Google. Google provides a lot of services free of cost & Advanced Search is one of them. Nowadays, many users are actively finding their search using Advanced Search. Still, many users don’t know What is advanced search. When a user uses advanced Search Google provides additional information to the user.

Usually, when Somebody searches any terms on Google, he/she types queries like best buckle shoe & Google shows the relevant results. This search is sufficient for a user who wants to buy something & searching on Google.

But in the case of a digital marketer, this type of search cannot help in digital marketing technics. Here we will talk about all search types. that can boost digital marketing & keyword Research.

This search is called the Search operator. In advanced search, there are a lot of search Operators. I present a list here.

For a digital marketer will not run with this type of search. So, there is a need for advanced Searches. These advanced searches send Google extra information. On this extra info, Google displays a refined Result.

Example of Advance Search

If any digital Marketer wants to find maximum content or Post on a single keyword then he will not type ***best furniture showroom*** But he will type in this way “Best furniture showroom” When he will type his search term in double quotes the search result will be refined. In this search result, Google shows only such a post that contains the keyword best furniture showroom. You will know What is advanced search.

What is advanced search
What is the advanced search?
  • Allintext – To check the same text in the whole body.
  • Intitle – To check the same text in all blogs title.
  • Allintitle – Search the page title for every term that follows allintitle. 
  • Intext – Look for a word or phrase in quotes within the body of the text.
  • Allinurl – Search the URL for every search term that follows allinurl.
  • Filetype – Find only results that match a specific file type.
  • Inurl – Locate a word or phrase within the document URL.
  • Related – Find sites that are related to a target domain. 

How to use it in your Blog?

So far now, you are sure of what is advanced Search on Google. So, we come to the point of using it in our Blogs. You can use Advance search in several ways.

You can refine your search as your want. Assume you have to find that how many times any specific word has been used in a title, Body text, Url, etc. then you have to find it easily with the help of Advanced Search. You can find any specific word in any URL, in the body text.

If you want to know in-depth about Advanced Search then you can go through this link

What is Advanced Search?

An advanced Search is an inbuilt tool By Google presented in Google Chrome Browser for specific Searches. You can refine your search using Advanced Search.

What is an example of an advanced search?

Here is an example of an Advance Search. Assume you have to find how many times has any word been used in the Blog Post Title. So, You will type in Google allintitle:your-keyword

Why do we use an advanced search?

We use Advance Search to refine our Search Terms on Google purely.

How do I use Advanced Search?

If you want to use Advanced Search in Google by doing settings in Google then follow these instructions

1. Open Advanced Setting Tab in your Chrome Browser setting.
2. Fill in your preferred choice in Find pages with…… & then fill in your other choice Then narrow your results by… in last press ‘Advanced Search Button

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