What is a sandbox

Are you looking for any queries for sandbox? Is your blog or site not appearing in Search Results? Don’t panic. Feel free to read these articles. Here you will find your answer & solutions that why your site or blog is not appearing in Search Results.

By the way, anyone means a sandbox, containing sand. but wait….. we are discussing the field of digital marketing. So, here is something different. Actually, Sandbox is a period in which any blog exists for some time. If we say that there will be any site that does not stay in this period that will not be right.

What is a sandbox?

This is a time period or duration for any site. Please keep in your mind this is not any penalty for any website. This is a common period for each website only when we talk about ranking in google, not for other search engines. All sites have to go over before sites rank in the top position on the SERPs.

So, know well that during the sandbox period your site does not rank in Google at any rate. Even you tried your Best in Off-page SEO & On-page SEO. If I tell more about Sandbox, Google didn’t confirm any idea of this Period, But many digital marketers believe it does exist.

History of Google Sandbox

At the start of 2004, Bloggers & digital marketers seemed a ranking hamper that came into existence. Some digital Marketers found that even with the best practices in off-page SEO & on-Page SEO their sites are not ranking in the Top 10 on Google SERPs. But the Same sites are ranking at the top in other SERPs like bing.


Many SEO Agencies worked hard to rank top in Google. Many Brands hire experts to handle SEO for their websites like big e-commerce companies and agencies. This SEO is not a short game but also a vast & time taking process. So, To retain the ranking of any blog or site according to its work Google brought Google Sandbox.

Effect on Our Blogs/website

Dear user this is a common Period/duration for all sites. No Blogs/sites escaped from the effect of this Period. Because Google has to rank a million sites in Google. But you know this is not possible. So, this Sandbox effect came into existence.

How to check if your site is in Sandbox?

To check if your site is in Google sandbox then this is very simple. As you know that you gave your best & even after this, your site is not ranking in google. Please check your post or Blog ranking on another Search Engine like Bing.

If your site ranks in Bing fully then this is 100% possible that your site is in Sandbox.

Time duration of Sandbox

So, let’s talk about the duration of this effect. The duration of this effect is not confirmed. Usually, this effect lasted for several days or months. Even In some conditions, it lasts even up to six months.

How to come out from the effect of a Sandbox

Now, we will talk about solutions for coming out from the effect of Sandbox. Still, you must follow these instructions to come out from Sandbox:-

  • You must post on regular basis on your Blog/website.
  • You must care for your quality content.
    • You write your content as per audience choice.
    • You must write on the same topic that users find.
    • You shouldn’t be doing keyword stuffing.
    • You must do on-page & off-page SEO.

What did you learn?

I think we have discussed all the best points of Google Sandbox. I would like to share that sandbox is a common situation for a blog. So, If you found that your site is not ranking after even a good practice in SEO. Then it is possible that your site is in Google Sandbox. Don’t worry this is for a short time. Please work on your Blog on regular basis, Your site will soon be out of the sandbox.

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