What is a logo & how to create one?

What is a logo? A logo is a graphic mark or identification of any Brand. A logo is used to spread out identification of any Kind of Business or startup. This is the same thing that your customers retain in their minds. Logo helps you to create your online image in the mind of your customers. Because if you have your own brand logo then you are able to retain your old customers because your logo makes it easy to keep your brand name in the mind of your customers. In this post, I will tell you the whole story about Logo. How can you create your own Business logo?

What is a logo? An Understanding

The logo is an integral part of any Brand. The logo makes it easy to keep the brand name in your customer’s minds. Maybe your customers forget your brand name But this is impossible to forget your brand logo. Because the logo exists in a form of an image.

The logo identifies your own brand name in a crowded place. Basically, Logo is a graphic identity of a brand name containing graphics, symbols or digits, etc. The logo is the only thing that your customers can easily retain in their minds. The logo of any Brand is usually prepared for marketing purposes & Branding.

The objectives of preparing the logo are simple but comprehensive work for a brand. The logo identifies your own brand in a crowd & differentiates your brand from others. If you have no logo then this might be possible your old customer couldn’t recall your brand.

People forget any text or name but if I say that people forget any image then there are too low chances of happening so. If a brand identifies its logo to its customers then this is very easy to retain the brand name for people or new customers.

If you want to clarify more about the logo then you need a few examples to fully understand what is logo & how this logo provides benefits to your brand & Business. Since you know that a logo defines invites more new customers daily in your Business. You will easily see many examples of brands like Amazon, Flipkart & Big giant technology companies like the Google logo.

The logo describes a lot about your Brand & Business. Anybody can know about your brand through your logo. Your logo must be in your own Business criteria like your targeting audience, etc.

There are various types of logos that exist that you can use in your Business. Companies use different types of logos like character-based logos, emblem logos, font-based logos, short name-based logos, etc. You can use any one of them in your Business. Here are a few logotypes that you can design for your business.

1. Monogram logos

A monogram logo is also called a letter mark logo that represents your business. A monogram consists few initial letters of your Brand. Your target audience identifies through these initial letters. like NASA, IBM etc. Usually, Monogram consists few famous letters of a brand name specifically initial letters that your customers know very well.

Monogram logos are typography-based logos that consists of a letter of the company’s initial. This type of lettermark is all about your company identification for your audience in a digital space. A monogram logo is specifically designed to retain your brand name in the mind of your audience. Monogram works more effectively when your brand name is lengthy. For a better understanding, you can take this example.

People can easily remember the Logo NASA instead of This full form like the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The main objective of this logo is to retain your brand name in the mind of your audience in short.

2. Mascots logos

Mascots logos are based on illustrated characters that represent your company & make differentiate your company from others. In this log design, you can use a colorful character in your logo. Sometimes, you see there used a cartoon image in the logo. This is the smart way of designing your logo. This logo is more powerful than other types of logos. The reason is having an image or character in this logo.

A mascot logo is a powerful logo that increases the identity of your brand in your audience. This type of logo is awesome for big & high investment companies that want to do their marketing in a huge & new audience atmosphere. This type of logo is really necessary for a new company that deals in children’s commodities.

3. Pictorial logos

A pictorial logo is usually a designed logo that contains a picture, icon or any graphics. Sometimes a pictorial logo is called a band mark or a symbol. The reason behind this is using pictures or icons in the logo. In this logo mindset, an image is auto-created inside your mind when your think about a pictorial logo. Well, you know the true brand is built with an image that is sufficient to recognize among several brands.

You can take the various examples of a pictorial logo of a famous Brand like Apple, or Twitter. This type of logo is very easy to memorize. The pictorial logo is an amazing brand logo that can easily create an impression in the mind of your audience.

4. Abstract logos

The abstract logo is one type of illustrated logo, you can also consider this abstract logo, which is an improved version of the illustrated logo. Where in an illustrated logo you use a non-abstract image or icon, in this abstract logo you may use an abstract image in our logo that is related to our brand. An abstract image in your logo doesn’t relate to your image but this image is created around your brand.

An abstract image-based logo allows the brand to make a unique logo & represent its brand in another way. Your audiences are also concerned this abstract logo is unique. You can take examples of abstract logos like Bp starburst etc.

Emblem based logo is a symbol-based logo that represents your Business Brand. In this logo, there is a font inside a symbol or an icon. you can imagine a seal or square logo. The emblem logo looks like a traditional appearance. Most schools, colleges, or government agencies use this type of logo. The auto industry also uses this type of logo. In my point of view, this type of logo is really powerful that can represent your brand in a powerful way a comparatively better way.

But on the other hand, this logo can’t be used so much due to various reasons. Since this is one of the so informative logos. this size of the logo is very small when this is used on various places of websites then the major parts of this logo get shrunk so this is hard to read for the audience. Sometimes the audience gets a different understanding from this.

There is more issue to use this Emblem logo in your business. When you use this logo in our other part then your can face more issues like shrinking logo, not readable, size issues, etc. So we would not recommend using this type of logo.

7. Wordmarks logos

The wordmark logo is like a monogram logo or letter mark logo in some cases. Wordmark logo is a font-based logo. In this logo Business name is used alone in a specific font. One thing to know is this type of logo works more effectively when the brand name is too short & specific. you can take the best example of Visa as the sample of the WordMark logo. This type of logo helps your audience to memorize your logo & your Brand or Business as well.

The wordmark logo is used to mention your brand name. Here this is Important to mention that a wordmark logo is a really smart way of mentioning your brand & increasing your brand awareness among your audience. Wordmark is a good style of logo because in this logo your audiences know your business name and they might search for your Brand on google & get details online.

6. The combination mark

The combination mark-based logo is a mixture of all types of other logos. This combination mark consists of all types of logos like Monogram logos, Mascots logos, Pictorial logos, Abstract logos or Emblem Based Logo, & Wordmarks logos. This type of logo is also highly used by companies to represent Business in the audience. Since this type of logo contains an image of the Business brand. So, this is a more versatile logo that has more capacity to introduce a new brand.

Why do you need a logo for your own Brand?

See, Nowadays Businesses are turning in online from offline. Because of more & user-friendly scalability of Business. Assume you are a customer & buying something in any showroom. Before you visit any showroom, first you find any banner or board of the same Business. if you see the same then you plan to go head toward the same showroom. Now if your business logo also exists there then your customers can easily retain your Brand name in their minds. This will help your customers revisiting to your shop.

  • If you don’t use a Logo then you can’t succeed to make an image of your own brand in the mind of your customers. This will take out your brand’s direct competition.
  • If you don’t create your own logo then another meaning of this result is that you are not making more new customers. That leads to the failure of your Business.

How to create a logo for your own Brand?

Now you have a very clear idea that why the logo is important for your Brand. Now keep one thing in hour mind there are a number of logo creator tools online absolutely free of cost. You can create your own choice logo using free tools. Those free tools also give you full editing access & let you download your created logo. There are several free tools that let you create your own Business or Brand logo. But here we are talking about the most valuable & user-friendly tool for logo creation.

If you have planned to create your own logo for your Business then your need the following things to create your own logo.

  • First, you have to choose or decide your brand name. that means by which name the people know your business or brand.
  • Your logo color because color matter a lot. don’t take this color determination small or simple topic. This defines your Targeted audience’s psychology.
  • You have to set your slogan or tagline. As you can read our slogan is Build your Brand & Blast The market. Just like this, you have to choose your own logo for your Business.

There are a few tools by using you can create your Brand Logo.

A logo offers a variety of benefits to your Business. Whether your business is related to any of the niches. If you run any kind of business then you must publish your own brand Logo. Because this is the same thing that your customers will mention when they buy any product from your Business.

Having a logo leaves a positive impression on your customers. Seeing your logo new customers arrive at your Business & shop. having a logo, you are able to get the trust of your own customers. This is also beneficial from the marketing point of view.

If you have your own Business or Brand logo then you will get the following benefits.

  • You can get newly attracted customers by referring old ones.
  • There are high chances of revisiting your customers. when you run your paid ads campaign for your business.
  • This is very easy to retain your own brand in the mind of your customers by publishing your furnished logo.
  • You can enhance your customer’s pre-experience by publishing your logo.

Last Word

In the last word, I would like to suggest to you that if you are planning to publish your own logo then this is great for your Business Future. Because you are thinking about the Future of your Brand. Keep one thing in your mind the logo creation of your brand is a very crucial stage.

You must complete this task with the help of an experienced digital marketing agency. A logo describes your Business very well. you must use a slogan in your logo. With this slogan, your audience gets messages from your brand in the right tone.

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