what is a landing page on a website

Are you looking for what is a landing page on a website? What is a landing page? This is the same page where any visitor stops or lands while searching for something regarding their queries. Usually, every website has a landing page. When you search on Google, Google displays a lot of results in no time. This is the result of a Good SEO. When you click on one of the results above or in front of you. You land on a specific page.

You can get your visitors all types of actions through your Google Search Console. This is easy to add your site or blog to Google Search Console.

That page can be the home page or any other special page on the site where you land. In this post, I will tell you what is a landing page on a website and how to make a landing page for your blog. How to make a landing page.

What is a landing page on a website?

The landing page of any website is a very popular page that brings conversation for your Business whether your Business is related to any physical product or a digital one. If you have your online Business website then please make sure you have an attractive landing page that might be successful for your Business.

A landing page is a page a visitor reaches after clicking on ads from Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, or similar social media platforms on the web or from a search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and others. There is a clear purpose behind creating these landing pages to bring in high conversions. These landing pages contain powerful content like images, videos, or audio which are responsible for converting real leads.

Purposes of Landing Pages

Your intention behind the creation of a landing page must be very powerful. This is the same page that brings conversion for your Business day & night. You must have prepared your landing page with well-experienced landing page creators. The landing page of your website must contain your Business Product or services.

The purpose of your landing page must be the following:-

  • Your landing page objectives are to create curiosity about your product or services in the mind of your visitors.
  • Your landing page objectives must be designed to pull visitors’ attention to read your landing page, the clients or customers might know what services or products you want to sell or discuss.
  • Your landing page consists of a very short description of your product or services information that might any customers to click & read further information about your pages.

Component of landing pages

Now I hope you have got a better idea about landing pages. Now let me explain to you what kind of content should be on any landing page. What to include on your landing pages is very important. Look, there are a lot of things to be shown on your landing pages, but keep one thing in mind a very short description containing the link to your products or services enables your landing page to be a high conversion page.

There is one important thing if you have more than one landing page on your website or blog then Please make sure both of the landing pages are not the same. As components of the landing page there are five crucial items given below:-

1. Your unique selling propositions

A unique selling proposition refers to the unique benefits of your products or services that enable your brand to stand out from other brands or companies. Unique selling propositions should also have unique features that may attract new customers even at first glance and appear meaningful to your customers. A USP is always an exclusivity claim about the product and services to the customers.

The landing page must be built in a highly valued environment to communicate to the audience to remind them what they are searching for. In fact, your unique selling Proposition is only a thing that proves your products & services are different from the rest. There may be a section to tell your own product story.

1a. Main headline

Your headline is the first thing your visitors read. With this title, you can force your visitors to stay on your landing page. Therefore, it is very important to design your title. Use at least word length when creating a headline and use well-chosen catchy words in your headlines. Your headline must be in a well-designed format.

1b . A Supporting Headline

Do you feel that your headline is not enough to tell the full story of your specific service proposition? If I say in real you must use a subheading to support your headline. Because you can’t use full sentences in your headline, use a supporting headline under your main headline.

  • Your supportive headline can support your headline above to give extra knowledge of the product or services that you described in your headline.
  • Your supportive headline can be delivered additional info about your product or services that your visitors deserves.

1c. Closing Statement

A closing statement must be below the sub-headline. A closing statement is a supportive element to your Headlines & USP as well. A closing statement provides l

ast chance to convert. this is a very crucial stage because the closing statement tells the whole story about what your offer to your clients or customers. So, this should be carefully handled.

2. The Hero image

As you know and believe that the first impression is the last impression. It is very easy for humans to remember any detail in image formats. So your landing page should have a hero image on the right. Even if a visitor sees your main headline, keep in mind that the image on your landing page affects your visitor’s mind or thought process as much as possible. Your hero image creates curiosity in the mind of your visitors.

If you’re using a hero image in your landing page, visitors may click through to your product and services pages and spend a fair amount of time reading those pages. So, don’t escape using a hero image on your landing page.

  • If you deal in a physical product use your highly valued product image that tells the user how to use this product or the quality of the same product.
  • If you deal in any digital product then you can use a high-quality software image that is more engaging.
  • If possible then use your image on the right side of your landing pages.

3. Benefits

Your landing page really needs a profit description line of the products and services that you offer. When a visitor visits your landing page, it is easy to know what benefit they will get from using your product or services.

Sometimes you seem to mention only benefits but you have to keep both things benefits along with your features. Feature and benefits are both two types of things. The benefit of things may be concerned as reasonable prices what you offer. While features may be concerned as a dynamic value of a product or service.

4. Social Proof

Looking simple but mandatory, Social Proof is an essential thing for Business enhancement, especially for an online Business. Since an online Business can be easily expanded so, it this very important to mention social proof on your landing page. In social Proof, you can show your direct review from your customers.

The social proof can be in any form of the following.

  • Direct Quotes from customers.
  • Video Conversation or discussion.
  • Logos with company tagline.
  • Review scores from another famous social site like Amazon, or any review sites.

Please add your Testimonial on your landing page using real review & customers name along with their real photographs with their permissions. Don’t create any fake social proof.

Pro Tips

Don’t create any fake testimonials. Because if in any way people smell the rat then it is most difficult to win your customer’s trust again. You can use testimonials on your site using any WordPress Plugin.

5. Conversion Target (Call to Action)

The first & valuable thing on a landing page must have a call to action (CTA) Button. A super goal of any landing page is to generate more conversions as possible. If your landing page has high quality then it is possible that there will be high conversions.

Without a call to action button (CTA), you need to hope to generate leads through your landing Pages. This call to action button must be in the first 10% part of the upper side of your landing page. Because new visitors see the upper part of your landing page for the first time.

How to use Call to Action

Usually, digital marketers or web developers use this simple keyword like click here, See demo & many more that is outdated & there are no conversion values in such CTA buttons. that doesn’t mean that you must use long words. you must use words like Get Black Friday discount, Get 70% Discount, etc.

your tiny improvement will give you a lot of conversion possibilities.

Best Tools for creating a high conversion landing page (Landing page optimization)

These simple landing pages don’t work for a modern website. You need a powerful tool for designing your landing pages. Your attractive landing pages are only responsible to generate leads for your business online. Your high conversion landing page works 24 hrs. You can see high-quality landing page examples. Your call to action (CTA) buttons on your landing page define how many conversions may be driven to your business.

A lot of users also use the Wix landing pages to create a high-conversion of the landing page. Shopify landing page is also in trend. Many users use this Shopify to create their landing pages.

There are a few tools by which you can design a high-converting landing page for your business.

Last Word

The last word, I would like to say that the landing page in your website plays a crucial role in your Business website or blog. This page is really responsible for your Business or Blog growth. So, please take care while creating such a landing page.

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