What is a keyword

Yes, this is the same keyword that exists in your mind while writing your blog post. Do you ever hear What is a keyword? Have you any idea what visitors are finding or what is the demand of visitors, All this is the keyword. Yes, we are going to discuss all the keyword, their nature, types & how it works. We will also discuss the all methods that bloggers use to rank highly on the Google search result Page.

What is keyword

Now we came to the point. we are going to discuss What is a keyword. As we are going to discuss keywords. Before starting, I would like to clarify that keyword is the main base & the whole blogging industry depend on this “keyword”.

Now you must have some idea about keywords. You usually see people searching on google for anything that they want. This search may be anything like the nearest coffee shop, nearest bank, or any destination. In easy words, the words people use on their smartphone to find anything is called keyword.

We take an example to understand it here.

How does the keyword work?

After being knowledgeable of keywords What is a keyword? We must go ahead & know how the keyword works. What is the role of keywords in Blogs? I would like to share with you that a long time ago few people wrote their blog posts without the knowledge of keywords & got a failure in blogging.

Without keyword knowledge, no one can rank one’s Blog posts on Google. Keyword works in that direction by helping any article go to its destination.

What is a keyword
What is a keyword

Actually, the keyword is a unique connection that works to connect Users, who search and the relevant blog’s post. When any user searches any term on Google or any other search engine then Google finds the relevant results & Google displays all the results to users. This particular blog post is always written by targeting the same focused keyword that the user types.

Types of keywords

I would like to share that there are three types of keywords. People find their solutions using different types of keywords. You may see three types of Keywords given below:-

  • Informational keywords
    • In Informational keywords, Users make the search for information this may be for deep knowledge.
  • Navigational keywords
    • In Navigational keywords, Users make search for only Navigation or direction we can understand it by using Google Maps.
  • Transactional keywords
    • In Transactional keywords, Users make any search for buying anything. We can understand this type of keyword with the example given below:-
      • Best Shoe under 1500/-

How to find keywords for your Blog/Matter/niche?

After having a good understanding of Keywords like that what is a keyword & how it works? you might think that how can we find keywords? Where we can find exact keywords that people find on Google.

If you are thinking about your own keywords from your own thoughts then it would not work or it would not have a such volume that can be helped in writing Blog Posts.

  • Keyword relevancy How much your keyword is relevant to users’ problems or ideas.
  • Keyword Volume How many times are keywords searched in a definite time?
  • Log tail keyword Long tail keywords rank in a minimum time as compared to short tail keywords.
    • Usually, It is strongly, advised to use the long tail keywords for newly Domain to rank in a short time.
  • Keyword intent what is the intent behind the users’ search
    • Here, intent means what were the objects of users behind searches. Sometimes users find only one line answer or date or any other number while in some cases, users search for episodes of how and on what terms. That means people want to know the whole story. That gives a green signal to show the maximum dwell time of Users.

Tools you must use to find keyword

Having knowledge of the Nature of keywords you must know tools with help you can find your desired Keywords. There are many tools in the market that you can use to find your valuable keywords. In this industry, digital Marketers, Bloggers use many types of keywords and Research Tools to rank any blog or web page top in Google.

Semrush Keywords Explorer

Semrush Keywords Explorer is one of the best keyword research tools. that is a great tool that shows your keywords in detail like that given below:-

  • Keyword Search Volume Semrush shows you the volume of keywords you type
  • Global Volume Semrush shows you the Global Volume of your Keyword type
  • Results in Search Engine Result Page Semrush shows you your result in a quick SERP Shot.
  • Keyword Difficulty Semrush shows you how much difficulty you face to rank the same keyword.
  • Keyword Variations Semrush shows you the Keyword Variations of your given keyword.
  • Related Keywords Semrush shows you all related keywords given your Keywords.

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Like Semrush Ahrefs Keywords Explorer tool provides all the features about the keywords. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer provides extra services like advanced Search strings etc. Ahrefs learns What is a keyword.

Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz is Super-king in the field of keyword research systems. It is recommended for digital marketers & Bloggers as well. You see also its chrome extension. This chrome extension is really good & very beneficial. There are a lot of features for Digital Marketing that can boost any type of business enhancement. I think that one, who works in the field of Digital marketing must have the best knowledge about What is a keyword.

Google Keyword Planner

Now, this is the turn to discuss Google Keyword Planner which is one of the greatest tools in the field of DigitalMarketing & Bloggers as well. The second thing is this free of cost. Google Keyword Planner provides a number of keywords for free & provides you to opt for downloading all keywords in CSV format. Google Keyword Planner is a tool that is the first choice of Beginner Bloggers.

Word tracker

Word tracker is one of the Best keyword Research tools in the Market. Word tracker also provides a lot of features. If I say in other words then It would not be wrong to say that this tool has some similar features to Google keyword Planner. Where Google keyword Planner offers you a lot of keywords for free while Word tracker goes you a premium plan.


The Soovle is also one of the greatest keyword Research tools for digital marketing. I think Soovle is such a keyword research tool in which you find results live. As you type your keyword in the Box, you instantly see all the keyword’s ideas. The other thing, this Soovle shows you all keywords from different platforms like Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Youtube, Bing, etc. Soovle is also free of cost.

Insta keyword

Have you ever heard about insta-keyword? This keyword research tool is not enough but as a digital Marketer, you must know about them. How to use & how does this work? If you want its membership then you can buy the pro version.


Keysearch is such a keyword Research tool that provides a lot of features like other keyword tools Semrush, Ahrefs, & Moj, etc. This keyword is both of the plans are free & paid. Keysearch gives many Features even in free plans. Keysearch gives also two Paid plans.


The keyword tool is one of the best Tools that serves your Hindi keyword. If anyone wants to write blogs in Hindi then He/she must go with keywordtool.io favorite tool of Hindi. Keywordtool.io provides a lot of features like analyzing, comparing, etc.

This tool shows your keyword on several platforms like Amazon, Twitter, eBay, Bing, Playstore, Instagram, Youtube, etc. Like other Platforms, Keywordtool.io shows you the Number of Search Volumes, Keyword Difficulties, and many more.


Seoscout is also a Keyword. It provides suitable keywords that can help in targeting your keywords to rank highly in your niche in your Business. SEO Scout works as a site analytics, keyword optimization machinery, and testing tool.

Additional Skill

We have the additional skills to handle keyword density, keyword stuffing & many more. All the points are given below:-

What is KGR?

We will also discuss the KGR technics that could help in ranking your blog post. in KGR Technics we first like to know that the full form of KGR is Keyword Golden Ratio. this is called Golden Ration because with this help you can rank your post in a few days. Even there must be no need for any backlinks support.

Advanced Search

You have heard before about advanced search. There are few search operators. you must know about these if you are going to write any new Blog posts. With this knowledge of operators, you will never say What is a keyword?

In advance search, we use Search Operators like “allintitle: your keyword”. Like this, I introduce you to some search operators given below:-

  • Allintext – To check the same text in the whole body.
  • Intitle – To check the same text in all blogs title.
  • Allintitle – Search the page title for every term that follows allintitle. 
  • Intext – Look for a word or phrase in quotes within the body of the text.
  • Allinurl – Search the URL for every search term that follows allinurl.
  • Filetype – Find only results that match a specific file type.
  • Inurl – Locate a word or phrase within the document URL.
  • Related – Find sites that are related to a target domain. 

Q Can Bloggers succeed without Keyword Research?

No, you must do Keyword Research to Rank in the Top 10 at any rate.

Q. Can a new fresh domain rank on a low keyword in the first 30 days?

Ans. Yes, To rank in the Top 10 for a new domain in google using KGR Technics.

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