What is a child theme WordPress

Are you looking for child themes in WordPress? Want to know more about child themes in WordPress? A child theme can be considered a customized theme present in a WordPress-based website. A child theme is a child of its parent theme. Many bloggers use it in their WordPress blogs. In this post, I will tell you the complete story of the child theme.

What is a child theme WordPress?

What is a child theme WordPress? A child theme is a child of any theme. The child theme looks identical to its parent theme. But a child theme gets all its assets from its parent theme. Some WordPress themes offer you a child with your current theme and in some cases, you have to create it separately. When you set up a WordPress blog.

Then you install a WordPress theme in your blog to give a furnished look to your blog. It is also true that in the future you need to make some kind of modification to your blog. Guess what will happen when you modify your WordPress theme through the theme editor in the future? If unfortunately, your theme got damaged due to wrong coding?

Hi, don’t be afraid I say this only to assume that this is not real. You can get rid of the above problem by using a child theme. A child theme protects your blog from this problem. You can easily get a child theme on your WordPress website.

What is a WordPress Parent theme?

As we install a WordPress theme in our blog that is a Parent theme. I mean to say that the Original copy of any theme is called a Parent theme. when we prepare a duplicate theme from an original theme then we can call it a child theme. After preparing a child theme & before editing the same child theme there is nothing different in the character of both themes (Parent theme & duplicate theme or child theme). A child theme can be considered a duplicate theme also.

What are the uses of a child theme & Why you should use this?

A child theme makes it easy to customize your current theme without harming your current theme. The child theme gets all the assets from its parent theme. If you need to customize your theme then you can do it in your child’s theme. If you edit something in your parent theme and something goes wrong then your blog may break but if you edit in your child theme that you have and if something goes wrong with your child theme then You don’t need to worry, you can instantly change your theme to the parent theme on the same page. So you should use a child theme.

How can you get a child theme?

Usually, when you install any WordPress theme in your WordPress website or blog then some themes contain their child theme but in some cases there is not any child theme. In this condition, you have the option to get your child’s theme of its parent theme. There is a WordPress plugin that can help you to get your child theme named Child Theme Configurator & after successfully doing your job, you can uninstall this Plugin.

To get your child theme please follow the instructions given below:-

  • First, install the above Plugin named Child Theme Configurator & activate this.
  • Go to plugin Tool > Child themes.
  • Click on the tab “Parent/Child” & select “CREATE a new Child Theme” first one from the multiple options.
  • Click on the button Analyze & you will see a few green signals.
  • Scroll down & click on Create New Child Theme button.
  • After this, you will see a message that your child theme has been generated.

How to change your child’s theme?

Change in your child’s theme is also very easy. If you need a few changes in your child’s theme then it may be for a specific purpose. you need to change your header, footer & sidebar design, or the color of your theme. for this, you have to do some setting of what you want to change in your child theme. For example if you want to change your header then it should be required a setting in your child theme via your Child Theme Configurator Plugin. To change the setting follow the instructions to do the same.

  • If you have uninstalled the same plugin, reinstall this.
  • Go to Tool > Child themes
  • Click on the tab “Files” where you have to do some changes.
  • If you have to do some changes to your header then find the header.php file (you can also use (Ctrl+F) to find it. Well, you can easily see various files & click them. By doing this you will get options to edit your file via Theme Editor in your child theme.
  • Now go to your Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Editor > see the right side of your them there are options to edit specific files. Do changes & Save them.

Benefits of a child theme

There is a huge advantage to having a child theme in your blog. As you know that you have to make some changes in your theme design not in a short time but in long run. It is good if you change your original theme but sometimes it will not be good for your blog. Because if by mistake any wrong code is entered in your theme then your theme might be dead. If you have installed the child theme of your parent theme that is great for your blog health.

While you do some changes to your child’s theme & by mistake the theme got dead & stopped its work then you can change your theme to your parent’s theme at once on the same page.

Last Word

In last words, I would like to suggest that if you use a child theme in your blog then this is great. Because it will escape your blog from any miss-happening with your WordPress theme. In some cases, You get a child theme along with your parent theme. I am sure that you have no doubt about What is a child theme WordPress Please keep one thing in your mind you must have one separate theme except your active theme in your blog.

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