what is a blog and how does it work

What is a blog and how does it work? Are you looking for the same? Is easy to start a blog? A blog is like an electronic medium for sharing knowledge. The blog is a multi-sharing platform where anyone can read about the proper knowledge that exists on a single platform. In this post, I am going to share your complete story about what is a blog and how does it work? So, please continue reading this blog post.

What is a blog and how does it work in short?

A blog is a digital platform that is run by an individual or a team. It is a kind of platform for knowledge sharing among internet users who use smartphones or any other such device. Just like you read a book you can get different types of knowledge depending on your preference. The blog is not a small thing but you can start from zero. There are a number of examples of the best bloggers even in India.

Now we are going to start with each & everything about the blog.

What is a blog?

A Blog is a digital platform where any internet user can view, read and share their own knowledge or opinion. It is visible to everyone who accesses the Internet on any device. There are different types of blogs based on different niches. For example, if you are a student then you can get your questions related to your education or something. If you are a housewife and looking for a recipe, you can also search for recipes on Google then Google displays some of your relevant and high-quality content for your search query.

Blog types

Now you know what is blog & how this is useful for a visitor. If you know what is a blog then you would like to know also that how many types of blogs are there. Because this blog is established on a specific niche. If you care about blogging niches then this is hard to tell you how many blogging niches are there. A niche can be considered the topic of a blog.

There are two types of blogs. Some people blog for hobby purposes But some people do blogging not for hobby purposes they do blog professionally.

  1. Blogging by Hobby

Blogging as a hobby is not in use. This is a thing of past time. Once there was a time when people don’t know money-making ways through blogging. So, people were in the practice of blogging but not for the purpose of money. In this type of blogging the authors don’t work on a regular basis even the author publish posts at the random time neither the author provides any valuable content to their audience.

2. Professional Blogging

Professional bloggers are bloggers who run blogs to share high-quality content and serve the purpose of monetizing their blogs. Firstly they publish high-quality content on their blog and after some time when a huge number of traffic comes to their blog, they monetize the same.

How does it work in 2022

Are you looking for starting a new blog then that is great for you? The decision of starting a new blog takes to a golden scope for the both purpose of learning & earning. In this field, you will get a big dose of Daily new learnings. But But ….. you need to take a deep analysis of the niche you are going to choose.

Yes, The niche is very very important where your blog will stand all in one day. As you see it is very competitive in a few niches. Examples of such niches are tech, Blogging, etc.

You need to start such type of niche in which the competition is low. If you start your blogging in such a niche then that will not take a long time to drive a lot of traffic to your blog.

Usually, you will see the following types of blogs. A niche is base of the blogging potential. I mean to say that how much you monetize your blog or website all depends on your Blog niche. How many visitors search or have an interest in a specific niche? So, here I am providing a few niche lists below.

Fashion Blogging, Cooking Blogging, health Blogging, Living standard Blogging, Any Educational Blogging, News website, entertainment Blogging,

Blogs are types of such websites where you can read, & share your information anytime. The information on this website is updated by its owner from time to time. for example, this is also a blog where you are reading this blog (digitalpathik.com) post.

Bloggers are owners of such websites or blogs. Actually, Bloggers are the same person who runs this blog or invests in the same project or blog. The author & the admin of the blog may be the same person. There may be more than one author in a single blog as per the size of the project or blog.

Blogging is the process in which an author writes & shares his information & other internet users read the same blog post & introduce their reactions by commenting.

When authors write articles in their blogs. Then this same article is called Blog Post. There may be more than lakh posts or articles in a single blog. the more their posts, the more there is the audience.

A blog niche is really a deeply understandable thing. A niche can be considered as the topic, idea, or any concern for a new blog. There can be many places to start a new blog. For example, if you are a student then your blogging niche can be your own good topic that you can easily guide anyone in any problem of the subject. If you are a businessman then you can start a blog about the products that you want to sell or your knowledge about the same product or niche will be complete.

Blog Post view refers that how many times your blog post is viewed by any user. You can analyze your post view through Google Analytics. You can also see your post views by installing WordPress plugin named Post View count by Naresh Parmar

Last Word

In the last word, I would like to suggest that If you are thinking about starting your new blog Then there are only three things to discuss. These three things are all of your blogging. If you will succeed to control these three things then you would be able to control your blog & monetize the same.

  • Your Blog Niche (your interest)
  • Your Quality Content
  • Target country & language

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