Most of Bloggers face a common issue that is website speed. After establishing a Blog, their Blog or website’s speed becomes slow. Their Blogs’ page takes more than 5 seconds to load. By this user experience becomes bad. There are a sufficient reasons behind this. Many bloggers installed a number of WordPress plugins & heavy WordPress theme. So, their Blog’s speed becomes slow. In this post, I will discuss all the possible reasons for being slow of website & also tell solutions for speed up Blogs or websites.

What is issue? Website speed test

Some times, many bloggers face issue of slower loading of web page. Due to this issue, their users experience get bad. This affects on Search Engine visibility of their website or blogs. Some of them (Website owners/Blogger), feel that they see their site loads in a very short time but it is not correct in a specific time.

This page speed is only for website owners that see this website in their PC. This fast speed is seen due to Browser cache. So, Blog’s real speed is different from this. You can test your blog’s speed by Gtmetrix, Pingdom Speed Test, & Google provides you also Google Page insights, etc.

How to test your website speed test?

website speed test
website speed test

If you run a blog or any other types of website. then you need to check your website speed at regular basis so that your Readers might get a better experience while visiting your Blog Posts. The page speed test is big thing for a blogger. You have many tools to check your WordPress speed. the name of tools are given below:-

Which of these you should use?

You should use GTmetrix as you will find there a lot of things to do reform.

Causes of slow website loading

Their are many reasons of getting slow website speed. Some of these, I am trying to share you. By this knowledge, you will be able to find faults in your website system. The reasons are given below:-

1. Bad web hosting

This is not wrong to say that The overall speed of your website or Blog depends on your web hosting. Don’t buy web hosting in hurry. The web hosting matters page load speed. You can also find any test tool by typing page speed checker. There will be a unique connection between your Blog & your readers. This connection depends on quality of web hosting. So, if your web hosting is good then your Readers experience is also good. you can also check website performance any time.

There is a most possible reason of a slower website or not a satisfied page loading speed is low quality web hosting service. Most of the Bloggers, who start theirs journey without any past experience about web hosting ABC. They buy a low quality webhosting from any web hosting service Provider. So Buy a web hosting from a Branded Company like that Hostinger, Bluehost, etc.

2. Using of A heavy WordPress theme

In order to make an attractive website or Blog, Bloggers install a heavy size of WordPress theme. In result, their Blog or website takes a long time to respond or load. This makes user experience bad. A new user leaves your site instant & jump to another. So there is a loss of ranking, also.

3. Using of many WordPress Plugins

Most of Bloggers install a lot of plugins in their WordPress site to make more functionable. In a WordPress site, having a lot of Plugins makes your site too slow. Then your site losses the best relation to its Readers. Please mention here, that loss of speed is more affective in this Plugin issue as compared to WordPress theme issue. you need to install only mandatory Plugins in your WordPress.

4. Using of many Java scripts in your WordPress

The WordPress site becomes slow due to using java scripts more than needed. Yes, If you use a lot of Java script then your site takes too long to load the web pages. You should use a minimum number of Java scripts. So that your site might respond to your readers in time.

5. Having inactive Plugins & WordPress themes

There is also a solid reason behind the slower speed of website that is having an inactive Plugins & WordPress Themes in your WordPress website. This inactive themes & Plugins become your site slower.

6. Having a lot of Trashed pages, Posts, Images, Others things.

If you have a lot of Trashed Pages, Posts, Images & others then it is also possible that your WordPress site might load more than 5 seconds. That is a bad time for user Experience.

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7. Using an updated Plugin & themes for a long time.

If you are using an older version plugin or WordPress theme that has not been updated for a long time. Then it is also possible that your WordPress site has a critical condition and your site loses its best loading speed.

How to speed up WordPress site

Still using a lot of WordPress themes & Plugins there is issue of website speed. yet there are a number of WordPress plugins to optimize our site speed. There are also other tips of optimization for a WordPress site. These are few optimization that are given below:-

  • 1. Use a few number of WordPress Plugin
    • Always use only mandatory Plugins in your WordPress Blog. Because there are a number of WordPress plugins it might be possible that you install many plugins to make your site more functionable.
    • Use only latest updated version of WordPress Plugin that works correctly.
    • Uninstall the inactive WordPress Plugins from your WordPress Websites.
    • Prevent from Installing more than one Plugin for same action or operations in your WordPress site.
    • If you have a blog then you can use the following Plugins:-
      • Akismet Anti-Spam : To get rid of Spam Comment & security issue
      • Easy Table of Contents : To show a heading of content
      • Light speed cache : To optimize your blog website speed
      • Contact Form Query : To place a contact form
      • Instant Indexing : To get instant indexing of your posts/pages
      • Rank Math SEO : To get SEO Benefits in Google
      • Share Social Media : To placing social site share icons
      • Site Kit by Google : To Set up domain verification & other
  • 2. Use a light weight of WordPress Themes in your WordPress Website
    • Keep in mind that you should use always a light weight WordPress theme in your WordPress site so that your blog might load in a minimum time.
    • If you have installed a light weight theme then your site respond the best loading speed.
    • Before installing any WordPress theme Please insure that your theme is mobile friendly or not. This information exists in the WordPress theme info or description. Because this is also a ranking factors In Google SERP.
    • Please install one of the following WordPress themes for setup a Blog
    • Newspaper lite ; Newspaperess ; GeneratePress ; Multipurpose Magazine, etc.
  • 3. Change your Server Name in your web hosting account
    • If you can boost your webpage loading speed upto 50% then do one thing Please change your Name Server name in your web hosting Account. here the tips to change name server:-
    • Please create an account on by your email ID & complete verification.
    • Submit your domain address (URL) in your cloudflare account in the section of “DNS”.
    • Copy the generated SERVER NAME from & paste your Webhosting account.
    • You will see an imaging result in speed of your site.

What is website speed test tools?

The website speed test tool is for testing your website speed. It gives a lot of details that helps you to understand user Users or Readers experience & you will be able to improve them.

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