Top 10 social media apps

In this post, I will share with you the Top 10 Social Media Apps that can be used for getting Organic Traffic to your website or Blog. Keep one thing in your mind it is hard to get traffic over a new website or blog But not Possible. Google or any other social media don’t send traffic to your new Blog or Site. So here we will discuss the top 10 Social media Apps. So that you can drive more traffic to your site or Blog.

Read till the end to know what is Top 10 social media apps are to share your post to reach out.

Top 10 social media apps

These are the top 10 social media apps. that can boost your blog or Website.


YouTube is today’s choice. Believe it or not but the truth is youtube. I mean to say that each & every one of us want to enjoy content in the form of videos. Yes if you imagine that you will find In these days 8 out of 10 people like to consume youtube videos, Even if you want to see videos rather than write content. Because Video is easy consuming content. Many people search for youtube video downloaders for android to find anything. There is another reason to grow with YouTube is youtube analytics. With this youtube analytics, you can find metrics related to your audience.


Facebook is a big brand in India along with all other countries. Facebook is also one of the Great Social Media sites. That connected millions of internet users across the world. People use Facebook apps like Facebook lite on their smartphones. This is such a type of platform where a million users visit, read & share the articles that are posted by bloggers or other individuals.

On Facebook, you can join any Facebook group. After you join any Facebook Group. you can share your post URL in the same Group. Please care about one thing that always shares only your Blogging niche-related Group.

There are to follow some rules in these social media apps. You can publish a maximum of 25 posts in 24 Hours.


Medium is a blogging platform. People write & share their articles on this Platform. There is the majority of traffic on Medium is from the United States. Medium is owned by A Medium Corporation platform & developed by Evan Williams. The medium was launched in August 2012. Medium is such a Platform that a hybrid collection of amateur & professional people visit on daily basis. Some people search for This Medium by the word online medium or medium site. There is not any charge for using Medium.

Medium is a powerful & high-domain authority Blogging site that boosts your Blog post & sends fantastic traffic to your site or blogs. You will know by using Medium how to promote medium articles.


Quora is a type of question & answer based Platform in Mountain view. This headquarter is situated in California, In the United States. Quora is founded on June 21, 2010. Here is the big opportunity for any type of blogging or site.

Users can ask questions on any topic & give answers to other questions on this platform. By this, users are regularly updated & taking a lot of traffic on this site or Blogs. There are a lot of sections where you ask & give an answer to other questions on different niches like digital Marketing, or any other niche like Education, Decoration, Food Blogging, etc. from here you can get a million of traffic for your blogs or websites.


When we talk about Pinterest, Then there are creative ideas in our minds. Because Pinterest works on Images, not of low quality. There are a lot of images on Pinterest of High Quality. This is a type of platform where images are shared. If you are running a blog about some decoration type like Dressings, Affiliate Marketing, Food Blogging, etc.

Today if someone installs Pinterest once via Pinterest video downloader he/she probably uninstalls this app. So, you can target easily your audience through Pinterest.

I mean to say that Pinterest is designed to attract a new audience through high-quality images. Because a high-quality image has a lot of potential for taking a new audience. So, You can use this platform to grow your audience & generate more income. You must use a prolific Pinterest lite so that a maximum unique audience might visit your site by clicking your page.


Linkedin is an American-based, professional & development site that operates via website & mobile Apps LinkedIn was launched on May 5, 2003. LinkedIn is primarily used for Professional networking & allows job seekers to upload their CVs & employers to post jobs in their companies.

If you provide a professional service to your clients. Then you create a page here to reach out to more new possible future clients. You can create here your Profile using your credentials like that your Email ID, your Mobile No. your work experience & many more.


Instagram is an American photo and video-sharing social networking service founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. In April 2012, Instagram is a trending Social media Platform. There are millions of active users on Instagram. There is huge potential for reach on this Platform. If there is reach then you will be able to make followers easily. On this platform, users are like the B2C marketing Model.

On this Platform, we can easily target our audience by publishing reels. regularly. You must use this Instagram to make followers.


Twitter (initially called Twttr) is a US-based microblogging and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages called “tweets”. Registered users were able to post, like, and retweet. Whereas unregistered users could only read what was available.

Twitter is a high-authority site where people talk, and respond to each other. If you run a blog or website then you have a chance to grow your audience on this Platform. There is a great thing that you will not get here spam account like other platforms.


Reddit is an American social news platform. Where people share their thoughts like other Social Sites and Platforms. Like other Social sites here Registered members can submit content to the site such as links, text posts, videos, & images which are then voted up or down by other members.

If you are a blogger, or website owner then you can create your own account. where you can easily promote your blog post.


Meetup is a social site that is focused to bring a specific group of people together from thousands of cities to do more of what they want to do in life. Meetup is an amazing social site where we can drive a lot of visitors to your site or blog.

This is one such social media app that allows joining thousands of people in a single meeting. You can share your post on this platform to grow your audience.

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