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There are 200 ranking factors for a website or Blog for indexing in 2022. In this post, I will discuss the Top 10 Off-page ranking factors. I have discussed already the On-Page ranking factors in Post Top 10 ranking factors for Blog indexing in 2022. In this post, I am going to discuss all the off-page ranking factors that might affect your Blog or website ranking in google.

What are off-page ranking Factors for ranking?

Off-page ranking factors are such factors that are done outside your blog or website. Like backlinks, image submissions, and Pdf Submissions. So, Let’s start.

Top 10 Off-page ranking factors

Here are the Top 10 Off-page ranking factors that bloggers & website owners must know.

1. Backlinks with high quality

Do you think backlinks are great for your blog? Then it’s fine. Ranking high in Google for any website or blog depends on how many quality backlinks are created. Accept it or not but backlinks are also one of the ranking factors in Google. So, please make sure that you have created high-quality backlinks and not good-quality backlinks.

Backlinks work as a powerful dose to rank your website or blog in Google. Please keep one thing in your mind, to create backlinks related to your own niche. Only then will you benefit. Do not buy backlinks. It’s great if you get any automatic backlinks.

If you want to know more about Backlinks and how it works then you can read here,

2. Pdf Submissions

Do you know that a PDF can rank your blog or website fast? does this trick work?

Yes, Pdf Submission really works for your site or blog. If you share your own pdf on several PDF Sharing platforms where millions of active users dwell. These users may read, share & likes your pdf. From here you can get thousands of visitors daily for your blog. You can reach up to millions of users for your blog. This is a passive strategy for your Off-page ranking factors.

Don’t underestimate Pdf Submissions Task. you get also organic traffic through this PDF Submissions. If you share your PDFs on high-traffic platforms then it is sure & certain that you get high traffic to your Blogs or websites.

There are several pdf Submission sites like Instamojo.com, Issuu.com, and mediafire.com & you get can many more here.

3. Image Submissions

Did you know that your site or blog can be ranked on the basis of images? Yes, a blog or site can be ranked with the help of images. Because the number of viewers attracted by the images is more than usual visitors.

Today, people love photos and they share and like them. Today Pinterest is the most popular site where images are the main content for sharing. If you have posted or submitted your images on different platforms then people will like and share the images and may also visit your site or blog by clicking on these images.

There are several sites where you can submit your Images. There are millions of active users on such sites. A few of them are given below:-

  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Flickr
  • Dropbox
  • Postimages.org

There are many more Images Submissions sites. you can check here also.

4. Video Submissions

This is Video generation where 8 out of 10 internet users like enjoying videos. Videos are one of high consuming content these days. there is a high conversion rate for video ads. There will probably be another site as powerful as YouTube.

By the way, you can share or submit your videos on several sites.

Sr. No.Top Video Submission WebsitesDomain AuthorityPage AuthoritySubmissionSharing
2.https://www.dailymotion.com/9582 X
4.https://www.YouTube.com/100100 X
5.https://www.tumblr.com/86100 X
6.https://www.linkedin.com/99100 X
7.https://www.flickr.com/9295 X
8.https://www.imageshack.com/9365 X

5. Audio Submissions

Audio is also a format by which you can get high-quality backlinks & huge Traffic as well. Bloggers & Website owners must avail of this benefit. You can easily submit your content in audio format & generate backlinks.

Here I am providing a list of 10 audio Submission sites where you can create backlinks by submitting your audio.

Sr. No. Top Audio Submission Websites Domain Authority Page Authority

6. Guest Post

Guest posting is also in trend these days. This consideration accounts for the ranking factors. Because Guest Post on High Authority Blog enables your Blog Post in High Ranking. With this, your blog starts appearing on the search engine result page. But some bloggers charge money for guest posts on their blogs. So, 2 out of 10 bloggers do this.

In Guest Post, a low-authority Blogger request to publish a well-written Blog post on another high Authority Blog. In this process, Some Bloggers charge & some don’t charge for this. If you want to take benefit of a Guest post. then you have to follow the steps given below.

  • Find such Bloggers who accept Guest posts. In order to find such a site, you have to run a query on Google “Write for us”. Select the proper one.
  • Read the Rules decided by Site owners.
  • Contact them.


As you know commenting is not the way to get high-quality backlinks. Because comment gives no follow the backlink to your site or blog. So it doesn’t matter that you should not create such backlinks. But keep in mind that do not create backlinks more such comments. Creating more backlinks based on comments makes your site a spammy score.

By commenting your site or blog becomes visible to millions of Readers. If you made any comment on any high authority website or blog the same comments are visible to each & everyone for all who visits. By this, some visitors visit your Blog also by clicking the link given in your comment.

Thus, you get visitors from here from your site or Blogs.

Final Words

In final words, I would like to suggest that you should create both types of backlinks for your site or blog. But keep in mind that create do follow backlinks more than no follow backlinks.

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