Tools to grow your small Business

Want to enhance your small business in the online market in 2022 after covid? looking for the best free Tools to grow small businesses, available in the market to grow & extend to the next level of your Business. In this world of technology, each of us has been connected to a comprehensive network of the internet. Now, this is too easy to find or explore for any user. In this technology era if you are incaged with traditional marketing strategies then your Business will no more or gradually decrease the existence of your Business.

In this post, I will describe the top 7 Free tools that help to grow your business online. These tools, you can use these in your Business to make your daily tasks easy. You will not get only this free tool knowledge but also will know how to engage more & more Customers with your Products.

So, let’s dive into the post.

What are the best tools to grow a small Business?

Yes, If you think that you will be able to beat your competitor easily in your offline Business then this looks easy but not as easy as this looks. This doesn’t mean that you will not compete with your rivals but I can say surely this process will take a lot of time. For this, you need some tools that are absolutely free of cost. In these tools, local Business directories, Free subdomain sites, or Google Sites & any Social media official pages. Here are the full details of the free tools.

1. Setup your Business Online Identity

Many Business-holders start their business without setting up any online appearance of their Business in Local Business Directories. Generally, They know only invest money in purchasing products or services for their Businesses. They underestimate this online appearance task. But they don’t know this is the main idea through which they can boost their business 10 times as compared to others.

If there is an online appearance of your business then your business can reach daily new customers automatically. Even it seems to me that many shopkeepers ignore this online appearance Idea of Business, considering that it takes a lot of frills to do all this. But the story doesn’t look like this.

To create your own Business Online identity or appearance, you can choose Google Business Profile. This is a product of Google So, so this is very easy to create your business online appearance with Google. You can read in this post how can you add your business on Google for free.

2. Setup Google site for your small Business

These days, you see each of us has a smartphone. Here this is easy & takes no time to search or explore anything on the internet. Assume you deal in a huge variety of school bags. You have near about 1000 school bags in your shop or showroom. But still, you have not created your own website where you could list your own school bag information & you have mentioned your Brand name on your showroom header.

let’s assume that you sell a bag to a specific customer & this deal is also the best deal for your customer also. Here what happens? that Your brand image will create a space in the mind of the same customer & you can easily guess the human tendency to share their thought with others whether it is positive or negative.

When your customers share this deal info with others then this is a genuine lead generation for your Business. for this you need to list your Business on Google Business Profile. But if you have your own Google Site that is absolutely free. then your can list & upload all images of your Business Products or services.

3. Create a Social Media official page for your Business

There are two types of social Places in this technology era first is A physical Society where we have been living. And the second society is our Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & others also. You can read about the best Social Media Platform for your Business. If you want to increase your customers for your own business then you need to create a social media official Business page.

If you must have noticed, in today’s time all businesses have their own social media pages through which The business publishes regular posts & share them in groups. by sharing relevant strategies their Brand awareness reaches a daily new audience. You can take big examples of Instagram.

So, don’t lag behind to build your own Business website for free.

4. Set up an Online Payment Option based on UPI

Tools to grow small Business
Tools to grow small Businesses

As you see there will be probably a person who hasn’t installed any UPI-based Application on the smartphone. Today no one has the cash to give you the price of your products instead of paying you online. So, keep one thing in your mind you will have to use an online payment solution for the convenience of your customers. So that your customers might feel free to pay you.

As online payment solutions, you can use any of the UPI-based payment solutions that suit you. There are Paytm, Phonepay, GooglePay, Amazon pay, & BHIM Pay, etc. You can choose any of them. Using one of them, you will also be able to use a QR code for accepting payments online from your customers.

5. Use coupon strategies via Google Business Profile

You must have noticed that big giant companies offer coupon codes that provide discounts to the current price of the product you offer. In the same way, this is also possible in the case of a small business that uses Google Business Profile.

Google provides facilities to offer coupons codes features in its google Business Profile. By using this feature, Business holders issue a coupon code to their customers. If you use this feature your audience will automatically grow.

6. Submission of your Business in local directories

This is also a great progress factor for your Business. This point allows only specific businesses that run their Business site like Google site or any other own Specific domain website.

if you run a business website then you would like maximum visitors to land on your site & visit your Store or showroom to buy your products or services. The more visitors on your site the more possibility to buy. So, in order to get daily new customers on your site via your website you need to submit your Business website to Local Business directories like Google Business Profile, Bing Business Places & many more.

7. Register your Business in GST

In the Past 2017, there are various types of taxes on several types of products & services. But when GST came into existence, there is compulsory to register for GST for interstate Businesses. But in some conditions, this depends upon whether the business-holders that he wants to register their Business in GST or not. See, if you run a very small business in a radius of 10 to 25 kilometers only. Then I think you don’t need a GST registration. But if you are thinking to do a lot in the market then this is beneficial to register in GST.

GST registration takes no more than 7 days. You also need to know one more important point after GST registration you will have to file your GST Return on a definite time period like monthly, once in four months, or once in six months. For this, you have to find the Best GST Practioner.

Last Words

In the Last Words, I would like to suggest if you run any small business or planning to establish a new Business then keep one thing in your mind that you will not succeed without using technology in your Business. Because this is a world of technology & if you don’t participate in this technology then there is a high chance that you might be lagged behind in the race of Business trends.

So, make a mind to use technology in your Business to grow continuously.

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