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In this post, we will discuss a few platforms where you can share your content in Pdf format. Yes, we are going to discuss getting Backlinks. You are getting right. You can drive traffic on your site or blog by sharing Pdfs on several platforms and pdf submission websites where millions of traffic exist.

Looking for traffic through sharing Pdfs

Pdf sharing sites (sharing pdf) open new ways to get traffic for blogs. You can say this also document submission sites. For a new Blogger, it is common problem for struggling for getting traffic on blogs or websites. In some cases, even for a 6-month-old blog or website, getting traffic is hard. In the initial days, bloggers should publish posts on a regular basis so that Google gets hints about regular Publishing Posts.

This technique really promotes your blog or website even if you are an old blogger. Because if your content comes in demand and has really good quality content then your traffic increases by 2 times.

This Pdf sharing is done on pdf submission sites. There are a lot of Pdf sites from where you can submit your content in the form of pdf & drive a lot of traffic to your own blog or website. Keep one thing in your mind there are millions of users on such Pdf Submission sites. There is also a search Bar where users find their content of choice. If you have uploaded your content then the users will also see your content.

I will provide a pdf submission site list & free pdf submission sites where you can share your pdfs so that you might drive a lot of traffic to your Blog or websites.

How to create a PDF from your post on the Blog?

To convert your Blog post or page into pdf you have to use this step by installing a Chrome extension. Please follow the steps given below to convert your post into A pdf.

  • First, install the chrome extension “Print Friendly” in your Chrome Browser on your Laptop. & pinned it.
  • Open the specific Blog post that you want to convert into PDF & click on the chrome extension icon “Print friendly
  • You will see such an interface below.
sharing pdf
sharing pdf
  • After seeing this interface you have the option to eliminate any of the lines or any type of content. You can delete or remove any part of the content by hovering over the content you want to delete.
  • After this, click on the PDF Button 2nd icon from the left.
  • Your Pdf will be ready. Please rename your PDF your Post title.

How to Submit Pdfs on a Pdf Submission Site?

To Submit Pdf on such Pdf Submission site. You have to create an account on this Platform or sites. For this, you have an email ID & website or blog if any. I give a step by step instructions to submit your PDF on this site. we can take the example of

  • Visit the Site address of the PDF Submission site & find the Signup or Registration link. Complete the Registration Process & verification.
  • Complete your Profile with the URL of your site or Blog, your email ID, etc.
  • Select the Basic Plan that is free of cost. The basic Plan is fit for new Users like Bloggers.
  • After selecting Plan you are required to fill in the detail like this.
    • Your Name, Your Blog Address & Name & a short description about your Blog.
    • You can also submit your Social Account URLs here.
    • In these steps, you have completed your account.
  • You will see your Dashboard in your Account like this.
sharing pdf
Sharing pdf
  • Now upload your Pdf on this Submission site. & Ready your Pdf detail like
    • Pdf file, Pdf title, & Pdf Description
  • In your pdf please keep a minimum of 3 backlinks on a single page. Because there are maximum chances of incoming visitors through your pdfs.

How to find PDF Submission Sites?

Now if you find google PDF Submission sites then you will get a lot of such Submission sites. But for a short while, think about a site authority where you are going to submit your Blog or idea in the form of a pdf. If the authority of such a site is really great then it is the correct PDF Submission site.

  • How many active users are there on such Pdf Submission sites on which you are going to share your content?
  • What is the domain Authority of PDF Submission Sites where you are going to share your content?
  • What is the Page Authority of PDF Submission Sites where you are going to share your content?
  • How many unique Visitors are there on Pdf Submission sites where you are going to share your content?

I am providing a few Pdf Submission sites of high Domain Authority & page authority.

Submission SiteDomain AuthorityPage Authority

There are a lot of Pdf Submission sites to share your Pdf for your backlink & traffic of your Blog.

Can I get any backlinks through Pdf Submission?

Yes, you also get backlinks and traffic from these Pdf submission sites.

What are Pdf Submissions?

Sharing content in the form of PDF on several platforms is called Pdfs Submissions. you will get Backlinks & traffic as well for these Platforms. You can get top pdf submission sites by searching by Google.

Is it necessary for new bloggers and sites?

Yes, This is necessary for new Blogger sites. Because in the initial days, bloggers don’t get organic traffic. You get traffic through these Submission sites.

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