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Search Engine Optimization is a process to make visible your site Top to Google. Search Engine Optimization is a huge topic that is related to website Ranking. Search Engine task is handled by SEO professionals. By doing a Search Engine Optimization task your site gets a higher rank in Google. In this topic, we will discuss the whole process of Search Engine Optimization.

What is Search Engine Optimization? intro

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. By doing this exercise we can rank our site at the top of Google (SERP). In Search Engine Optimization there are a number of formalities that are taken.

To manage/Prepare, or Decorate a web page in order to rank higher in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) is called Search Engine Optimization. In Search Engine Optimization, there are really a lot of operations. These are publishing Blog posts, Social Media Pages, Backlinks, & many more.

Actually, after the construction of any Website. There needs traffic. Here, traffic means the number of visitors. Only traffic gives you a large number of businesses. And driving traffic to your site totally depends on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If there is no practice of SEO then this is not possible to get organic traffic on a website or any other digital platform.

How much time to see in Search Result?

Search Engine Optimization is not a short-term process so these results can’t be also seen in a short duration. After completion of all processes of Search Engine Optimization, it takes to see your product or services in Google Search Result near about one year.

If there is competition in your Business Niche then it will take more than one year. Even in some cases, It will take to appear your site on the Search Engine Result Page after two years. So you must keep patience.

Nature of Search Engine Optimization

The nature of Search Engine Optimization is not a one-time process. It is recurring in nature. If I say it in other words then we can say that Search Engine Optimization is a regular process, held in three or four months. Because there is a lot of competition in the market. Many SEO professionals use their own strategy to rank top on the Google search results page. So, you see fluctuations in specific site ranking usually.

All steps in Search Engine Optimization

See Search Engine Optimization is a very huge industry where a lot of tasks exist. Big industries spend a thousand dollars even in a single Process to rank higher sites. So that their Products might reach a number of Customers.

So, let’s start with how & which steps are there in the process of Search Engine Optimization. I am trying my best to understand the stages of Search Engine Optimization. I also share with you how to perform such tasks.

We should know the types of SEO.

On-Page SEO

In this On-Page SEO, we have to work on the same web page that we want to rank in Google. This is a very important stage in the process of Search Engine Optimization. The reason is behind saying that visitors click on your web page in the Search Engine Result Page to see your page detail like that Post Title, Meta Description, etc.

In On-Page SEO, we have to perform the following tasks in our website to rank higher in Google.

  • 1. Do a proper Keyword Research
    • Do you know what is Keyword Research? This is a very very important part of the Blogging Industry or Digital Marketing. Unless you have the proper keyword, you can’t target your audience. If you don’t know what is keyword then Please read this article What is a keyword & How this works. You can search your keyword through Google Keyword Planner. This is free of cost & also credible.
  • 2. Page or Post Title
    • We should optimize our Page or Post Title. That our post title might grab the attention of Internet users. So that there may be a higher chance of clicking our Post title.
  • 3. Meta Description detail
    • We should write a good, problem-solving, and attractive meta description in our post or page. So that our post description is of good quality. The user can easily understand to what extent your content can solve the problems of the users. We should optimize our Page/Post Meta Description.
  • 4. Internal Linking
    • While writing your Blog Post. You must link your own other page or posts on your website. These types of tasks really improve user experience along with Online Appearance on Search Result Pages.
  • 5. External Linking
    • You can use this type of linking which is called external linking. When writing a post or page, you can link the content of your post to the post content of another website. It improves your post’s relevance or content credibility.
  • 6. URL Optimization
    • While writing the Blog Post you must change your post or Page URL related to your Focus keywords. You use your focus keyword in your Post/Page URL. If you have not opted to change this URL then you can go to the Permalinks settings by Setting>Permalinks. & Select Post name in Common Settings.
  • 7. Use your Focus keyword in your subheading in your Post
    • You must use your focus keyword in your content’s first subheading. By doing this your audience found you describing solutions if their issue.
  • 8. Words length matters
    • Write a minimum of 700 words length of Post content. If you can write posts having more than 1000 words then it is more optimized content.
  • 9. Use Rich Media in your Post
    • You can use images, and videos in your Blog Post so that your post reach might be enhanced. By doing this, there will be more engaged in your post.
  • 10. Use a number in Your SEO Title
    • It is better to use a number in your Post or page title. Usually, this is noticed if a number exists in your Post title, your post title becomes catchy.
  • 11. Use short paragraph
    • Please keep one thing in your mind you have to use short paragraphs because today no one has the patience to read a long paragraph. So, a short Paragraph is the best.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is a kind of SEO in which tasks are done not on the same page that is to be ranked in Search Engines. On this Off-Page SEO, we have to perform a lot of tasks.

By doing these practices there is fast visibility in Search engines. Sometimes if you have good content, then any other party or website owner links your content with their own. that is called Backlink.

Here are some tasks that are operated in Off-Page SEO.

Social Media Pages

If you have to rank your sites in Google, fast in a short time then you need to make your online Appearance on a minimum number of social sites. This social media is a great platform where a number of visitors pass their time. So if you have your own official Business Page then you can reach out to a number of customers or clients. Through this platform, your product or services reach a maximum number of visitors daily.

There are many social Media Platforms to use. here I am telling a few of them to reach out to a maximum number of clients or areas.

Facebook: Facebook is a social media platform, that a million daily users visit. If you run a blog or any kind of business then you must have a Facebook business Official Page. Facebook is free of cost. If you have a Facebook page then you can also run your Product Ads. you must share your blog post on Facebook (URL). by this many people could have reached your Blog by clicking on the link you shared on Facebook.

Twitter: Twitter, American microblogging, and social networking site is also a high domain authority. this site engages a million users. If you want to grow your site, Blog, or Business. then you must have your Official Business Page on Twitter. This is also free of cost.

Linkedin: LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented online service that provides professional groups to make better connections. This platform is used in professional ways. you must manage an official Page on this platform.

Guest Posting

Guest Posting is also a good technic to get a do-follow Backlink from your target site. In this Guest Post, a blogger (who wants a backlink) writes a post for another website & inserts his/her own blog link. Usually for Guest Posting site owner charges a certain fee for a Guest Post. If possible, do create a do-follow link for your site.

Pdf sharing Platforms

If you know how to can create Pdf then please create a pdf about your Business Product or services. Pdf sharing makes backlinks for your site & also a medium of traffic. There are a number of pdf sharing Platforms that a million users visit on daily basis. If you have any new Blog then you can create a system of new ones.

Join Q/A Sites

If you want to see your site in SERP then you can try Q/A Sites. On the Q/A site users ask/her question & get answers to his/her questions. during this, by asking your question or answering questions you can leave your own website address. By this link, new visitors visit your sites.

Google Question Hub is a big example of a Q/A site. you must join Google Hub.

Join any Forum

If you run a blog & want traffic for your blog then you must join your niche-related forum. where you find all your answers along with traffic. In this way, you get the benefit of a backlink for your site.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the third type of SEO. In this SEO, we have to complete the internal setting of a blog. This SEO is very very useful. because if there is any error in this setting. then your site does not reflect in Google. In this condition, both SEO will not work. So, let’s read which of the steps must be taken.

Verification of Domain: This is right that the domain you have bought is yours. But from the point of view of Google, you need to verify your domain that is needed for further services. For this, you have to submit your URL of the web address.

Optimization of Robot Text File: In technical SEO you need to check your Robot Text File. The Robot Text File indicates Search Engine that which pages are to be indexed & which one are not to be indexed. By editing this page, you can change the settings. You must check this file once.

Customization of Navigation Menus: Please ensure that you have created a well-designed navigation menu. Because better menu navigation helps your visitors to find any article in the blog. Menu navigation is good and resultant for Google and visitors.

Installing A SSL Certificate: Please keep in mind that if you want to rank higher in google search engines or other Search Engine Pages then install an SSL Certificate on your domain. After installing an SSL Certificate you will see But if there is no installed SSL Certificate then you will see

Mobile-Friendly site: You know very well that there are 90% of internet users use the internet through their smartphones. So, you must optimize your website or blog mobile-friendly.

Loading Speed: You know that Blog or website loading speed matters a lot. If your blog or website takes more than 3 seconds to load then no one wait for your site. Of this, the user experience becomes bad & a wrong signal also goes to Google. That is bad for SEO. You can use WordPress Plugin to optimize your site speed. Read this here.

Submit your site in Google Search Console: You must submit your Sitemap in Google Search Console. By this, Google knows how many pages are there in your Blogs. This makes it easy to rank your blog on Google.

Setup a 404 Redirection in your Blog: You have to create a 404 Redirection for the broken links in your blog. So that if someone clicks on your broken link then they don’t see a 404 error and can be redirected to the home page.

What is SEO and how it works?

SEO means a connection with other online Platforms that’s authority is high u0026amp; rank high on google. After a Powerful SEO, your blog or website get traffic. There is a huge benefit of having a do-follow backlink.

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