Registering a domain name is like planting the seed of a big tree bearing fruit. Yes, you heard is right. If you are going to register a new Domain then this is like sowing a seed of a big tree bearing a lot fruits. I mean to say that in this technology era if any one wants to start his Online Business. Then he/she need a domain Registration for bringing his/her Business online. some people find this by the name of internet extension.

Registering a Domain

Registration of a domain name is very essential for any kind of Business. So, If we register a new domain then we will have a lot of Points to remember. We should have the proper knowledge about domain name, like how long it is, is there are any number in domain & many more. In this post, I will discuss all the crucial points while registration a new domain name. You must buy domain and hosting from same company.

You should not hurry in registration your domain name. Here are some Points that you must know before registration a new domain for your Business.

Before describing the points, keep one thing in your mind that new Domain is your Brand. It will be till your Brand. It will be till your Brand.

Registering a Domain
Registering a Domain

1. Must be short name

Your domain name should be in minimum word length. Because it is difficult for your audience to learn a long name. A short name looks awesome. Although there are many long word domains in the market and that all those long words domain are also famous. It has been observed that people choice small domain name.

2. Must be your niche keyword

While registering your domain name you must include your niche name or a keyword in your domain name. for doing so your domain takes a short time period to rank. Many Businesses include their niche keyword in their domain name. We can understand this by taking an example.

If person A is going to start a business in which he will deal in different types of bags then he can choose domain like,,, I mean to say there must be the word bag in their domain. So that google can easily rank your domain on this keyword.

3. Must be .com domain

You observe this fact that there are 8 out of 10 .com domains in choice. There is a solid reason that .com domain is a international level domain & can be ranked easily in all countries. while if you register a .in domain then this domain can easily be ranked in India But ,in domain can’t be ranked easily in another country.

If you are serious to your Business then you must choose a .com domain. A .com domain always makes your Brand different from others. A .com domain creates your unique image in your audience’s view. One big thing is that, In this .com domain, Google provides a lot of features to your website.

4. Avoid using Hyphen

Do not use hyphens in your domain name. Using hyphens in your domain makes it look like it’s not appropriate for your audience. Because it’s hard to assume that any of your audience would want to type a hyphen to search for your brand in Google. And some people will probably forget about them altogether and turn on someone else’s website.

There must not any hyphen in your domain. Using hyphen in your domain makes this difficult to understand your brand for your audience. Some people often forget domain name having hyphen in it.

5. Avoid using Double letters

Always avoid using double letters in your domain. Using double letters in your domain name makes it harder for your audience to learn and pronounce your domain name. Sometimes, your audience refers to your brand name by a different name.

Using double letters in your brand name creates a lot of confusion in reaching your brand or website. If mistakes happen frequently you can also loose your traffic.

6. Use quite Unique domain

Well, it’s really unique when you register your new domain. But if you want to get maximum free traffic to your blog or website, then your domain name should be absolutely unique. This type of exclusivity gives you a distinct name and fame as well as huge traffic to your specific niche of business.

7. Flexible domain Name

Your domain name should be flexible. Flexible domain here means that you can use your domain in other areas as well. Booking a domain name shouldn’t mean you can’t grow your site in other areas. You should have room to grow your business in other areas as well.

8. Buy after a Domain Research

Before you buy a domain, you must do domain Research. Here, Domain Research is very important for who is serious to an Online Business. In Domain Research, there are few works that is really really important.

a. Check Trademark existence

If a domain is available that doesn’t mean that its trademark is also available. It is also possible the person who has registered the trademark but did not register the domain name. So you need to check your trademark before registration a new domain. This action is only for a serious Business holders.

b. Check Google Adsense Ban

If you want to register a domain for your Blog & want to monetize your Blog through Google Adsense then you should check if your booking domain is not banned by Google Adsense in past. To check your domain is banned by google adsense or not. Check here

c. Check existing Social Media Handler

Before buying a new domain, check if there is a social media handler available to match your domain name. If a matching social media handler is available. So you can go ahead if not then you can change your domain a bit. You can read what is Social Bookmarking Sites & how is this useful for your blogs.

You can also check here Top 10 best social Media Apps

d. Checking your subdomain on High DA,PA

This is one great thing to rank your site or blog in a short time period, before booking a new domain name. If there a matching subdomain on High DA,PA site is available then you can book new domain name.

e. Checking history of your domain on waybackmachine

If you are not going to buy a new domain then you should check your domain name history. This will let you know what kind of content had previously hosted on this domain name. Here you can check your domain history easily by visiting on

f. Domain analysis

If you want to buy an expired domain then you should know the past performance of your domain like domain authority, backlinks, page authority, daily traffic and any penalty or spam if any.

For this you may visit various tools given below.

G. Keyword Research to crack competition

You should do thorough keyword research for your new domain. This is also your own duty to know that How much competition is there on the specific keyword you’ve included in your domain name? After your well keyword Research you can continue for same or you can change a bit in your domain name.

For keyword Research you can use a free tool by Google. Google Keyword planner.

9. Buy multiple domain to protect your Brand

It is seen that if you go to a showroom to buy a jacket for yourself then if you find the jacket in a specific color very fit and comfortable then buy all the jackets in all the colors along with that ones.

In the same way, If you are serious to your online Business then you must book your various TLD domains.

10. Selection of your Domain Registrar

After completion of your Domain Research, You must find out a Domain Registrar (where you will register/buy your new domain). there are several Domain Registrars in even India. You can choose a Domain Registrar on the basis of given Points below:-

  • Domain Pricings : in case of domain ,there is a minimum duration of one year for the price of Domain. Few companies offer lower prices or free domain name registration for the first year then increase them next year. But if your are you ready for paying for more than one year, then you have to option to lock for multiple years. You can buy cheap domain registration. Many registrar offers cheap domain.
  • Domain transfers : Before registration any domain on Domain Registrar you need to check Domain Transfer Policy. Many companies offer for their first client or customers cheap domain transfer.
  • Expiration policy : This is also a very important points that you must know. If you forget to renew your domain then Someone else can take it from your account. Must a look on Automatic Renewal & Grace Period system.
  • Domain privacy protection : If you book your new domain then You need to build your Domain Privacy Protection. If you enabled privacy Protection on your Domain Registrar on a specific domain then no one people can know your Domain related name info. like that registrant name (Owner name), Address, Mobile Number & email ID.

Last Word

In last word, I would like to say that if you want to buy a domain for your Business or blog then register you domain after a deep analysis. Tell your own opinion in the comment below.

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