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Every one of us wants to rank our blog in the famous search engine Google. Many of us put in a lot of effort to rank the blog site on a specific keyword. The only way to drive a lot of traffic to our site or blog is to rank high on Google. When we talk about ranking factors. So there are 200 ranking factors to rank our website or blog. In this post, we will discuss some of the ranking factors.

What is the Ranking Factor?

A ranking factor is a term used to describe the criteria applied by search engines when evaluating web pages to compile the ranking of search results. Every digital Marketer must know the ranking Factors.

On Ranking factors for Blog websites in Google

I am going to reveal some ranking factors that actually work for a blog or site to rank in Google. Hi, I am dividing these ranking factors into two sections according to the work inside the blog or website and others outside the blog or website.

On page Ranking Factors

In this section, I will cover all the activities that we should do inside our blog or website so that our site or Blog might be ranked in Google.

Good Page Loading Speed

This is one of the serious factors that we should not ignore. Please keep in mind that Google always prefers a website or blog that has good page loading speed. Google or even any other search engine does not like a slow-loading website. Because slow loading page speed leads to poor user experience. This incident also sends a bad signal to Google. After this Google deranks your site or blog.

So, If you want to Rank your site or Blog then keep your site fast loading. If your site or blog is built with WordPress. Then you have a lot of Plugins to optimize your site or Blog. But mention this also. that don’t use more than necessary Plugins. To read about the full strategy on how to speed up the WordPress site or Blog read here.

Valuable & Relevant Content

As you know content is king. This means whether your niche is digital marketing or any other. Always provide valuable & relevant content to your readers. Do not copy from any other site or blog. Copying content from another site or blog reduces the performance of your site. This makes your site not rank fast. One thing to keep in mind is to organize your content in headings. The content in the title looks like an organized diary that one should be interested in reading. This increases the user’s dwell time.

You should use A Plugin called Easy Table of Contents By Steven A. Zahm to organize your content in headings in your Post. This is an amazing plugin.

Regular Publish your Blog Post

Don’t underestimate the regular posting in your blog. Here regular Publishing post means that if you plan to publish a single post in a week then do the same. & On the other hand, if you plan to publish your 3 posts in

If you don’t publish your post on regular basis. Then your post can get a late rank in Google. By publishing your posts regularly, you send a signal to Google that you are serious about writing your blog post. Publishing your blog posts regularly sets your domain apart from other blogs that publish posts randomly.

So, fix a time to publish your Blog Post in your Blog.

Installing SSL Certificate on Blog

In order for your blog or website to rank higher in Google, don’t forget to install an SSL certificate on your domain. Google always prefers domains with SSL installed. An SSL certificate indicates to the user that your website or blog is secure and that the user can perform any transaction on your SSL-installed blog or website.

Google always prefers SSL-installed websites or blogs. The reason behind this demand is the safety of the visitors. Because a blog or website set up in SSL is highly secure to perform online payment actions. It contains all the details in encrypted form.

Installing an SSL certificate on the domain is very easy today. In the olden times, it is not easy to install SSL on the domain. But currently, it is very easy to install an SSL certificate on a domain. Because many web hosting companies provide SSL certificates for free. So, you don’t have to do anything separately to install this SSL certificate on your domain.

Meta Description

A meta description is also important to your audience and search engines. In meta description, we have to prepare our post title, attractive so that visitors can get attracted to see this and click it.

In this Meta Description, we have to do the following things.

  • Post Title Your post title should be catchy so that your visitors couldn’t help clicking on the title. Your content should have a clear message about your page.
  • Meta Description There must be a short description of your content on your Page. This short description of your page makes it easy to understand your page content.

Keywords using Technics

The blogging industry revolves around keywords. A blogger writes his blog post targeting single-focus keywords. This keyword can be more than one. If a blogger writes a blog post without targeting any focus keyword. So it is possible that his blog post may not reach the maximum audience.

Please keep in mind that before writing any post, spend a time period for thorough keyword research. Because if by doing this Keyword Research you have got a keyword whose volume is very good and there is less competition then that is very good. It is also said that if you find a good keyword, then you have done half the work of your new post.

For information on what is keyword in-depth, you may read here.

Superb User Interface & UX

Here I would like to describe what is UI & UX.

UI stands for User Interface which means How your website or Blog looks to your audience. Actually, UI is a design that is faced by any user. If your website or Blog UI is attractive then your User Experience is also the best & if your user’s experience will be better on your site then your dwell time also increased

Regular publishing high-quality content on your Blog doesn’t make a good impact on your audience until the user interface of your Blog or website is not good & attractive and unless the user interface of your blog or website is good and attractive, then the user experience of your site will not be good.

There are many websites or blogs which are launched daily by their owner. But some of them are able to attract new audiences according to their UI and UX. Keeping the website or blog in mind it is very important for a website or blog to have a good quality UI and UX.

Please keep one thing in your mind a better user interface can attract more and more new audiences. Furthermore, the user experience of your audience will automatically improve if you create a better interface on your site or Blog.

Mobile Optimization

If you want to see your site or blog on the Google search result page then you have to work on mobile optimization of your website or blog. Because 95% of internet users use mobile phones. So, it is very important for website owners. Website or blog owners must have their website or blog mobile optimized.

If you are thinking of running your business only through PC optimized website or blog then you are in a big mistake regarding your business. Don’t compromise the user interface with your bloat or website.

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