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Want to hear good news about Keywords everywhere alternative? As you know the famous keyword research chrome extension, Keyword Everywhere. Initially, this chrome extension was free but after some time this chrome extension became paid. With this action, many users quit using this tool. Just imagine a tool that was free for a long time and later, now has a price. So what effect will this have on its uses? The same happened was not supposed to happen.

In this post, we will discuss a Keyword everywhere alternative chrome extension. That is LiveKeyword by BiQ. I will share all the benefits of this LiveKeyword by BiQ chrome extension used by Bloggers & Digital Marketers.

What is a keyword Research Tool?

Keyword Research Tool is the same tool that helps us to find keywords that are searched by internet users on Google or any other search Engine or Platform. Actually Blogging or online content revolves around Keywords. The keyword is the specific phrase. terms that are used to find anything on Google.

Keywords everywhere alternative ( LiveKeyword by BiQ )

Yes, we are going to discuss Keywords everywhere alternative. A new chrome extension came into existence. the name of the new chrome extension is LiveKeyword by BiQ Offered by: Meta Dev. This extension gives several information about your keywords. The keyword is the same thing that has the potential to change your blogging future.

Benefits of LiveKeyword by BiQ

By the way, there are several benefits of a keyword Tool in the version of the browser extension. But LiveKeyword by BiQ offers you some great features of a keyword research tool. There is information like CPC, Search Volume, competition, etc, The benefits of this LiveKeyword by BiQ have been divided into two sections. those are Related Keywords & Related Searches.

  • In related Keywords, there are Phrases that people often search for in addition to your main keyword.
  • In related Searches, there are searches that are close to your main keyword.
  • In Keyword Data there is a system that makes better keyword Research Decisions with Search Volume, CPC, & Competition level.
  • You can export your all keyword in CSV Formats.

How to install & activate LiveKeyword by BiQ

  1. Installing to chrome

Installing live keyword by BiQ is very easy. Please visit the Chrome web store from your PC. then type LiveKeyword by BiQ in the Search Box. You may read these chrome extension reviews under the reviews Tab & click on Add to chrome for activating this extension on your PC.

To start Keyword Research, you have to set up your API Key of liveKeyword by BiQ Chrome extension for this, Follow these few steps:-

  • After installing this chrome extension, You will see a page where you may be asked to enter your API key. If you don’t see this page then click on the extension icon in the right, corner, upper side. & Pin this extension so that it might be easily seen outside on the top bar of the Browser.
  • If you see a page to enter the API key & Also a Google sign Up button on the same page. Just click this & create your account. It will not take more than 10 seconds.
    • You have 3 options to create your accounts with liveKeyword by BiQ.
      • You can create your Account with Google.
      • You can create your Account with Facebook also.
      • You can create your account by providing a different email ID and a new password.
keywords everywhere alternative
Create your account
  • Generate your API key, copy & paste it into API box & submit.
  • Your extension is ready to use for keyword Research.
  • You can also perform your API key task by clicking the button of View Advanced Settings.

Should I use this Chrome Extension?

Yes, you can use this chrome extension for keyword Research for your blog or website.

Is LiveKeyword by BiQ free?

Yes, This chrome extension is free to use.

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