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Are you looking for any tool for keyword research even when you are working on chrome? Keyword surfer chrome extension can be your answer. Are you a digital marketer looking for the best keyword research tool for SEO? Well, see there are a lot of tools for keyword research in the market. There are two types of keyword tools, first, one can be used on its specific website and the second one is a type of extension which is used in the Chrome browser. Chrome extension is always better to use as compared to web-based tools.

What is Keyword Surfer Tool?

Keyword surfer is one of the best keyword research tools in the market which is used by digital marketers to find their target keywords to rank their websites in search engines. There are few searches for surfer SEO extension, surfer SEO chrome extension. This tool is also available in the Chrome extension. Few people search for keyword surfer for android also but this tool is not available for Android.

So, this tool becomes more popular. Because if you have a specific service in any chrome extension then your work becomes faster than ever. Although there is no other facility to do high-scale searches still this keyword surfer is a complete tool for a beginner in digital marketing. This tool works with Google chrome so. many people search for this tool by typing the keyword surfer google chrome extension in Google.

Price of this Chrome Extension

The good news for any digital marketer is that Keyword Surfer is free forever. Anyone can use this tool for a long time without paying any money. You don’t have to pay any money or any kind of daily limit to find keywords. This is totally free of cost. keyword research tool-free.

How to use this?

Using the keyword surfer extension is very easy. You can search this tool by the name of keyword surfer addon chrome, keyword surfer plugin, keyword surfer download, surfer google chrome, etc. If you want to use this Keyword Surfer Chrome Extension. Then please follow the steps below:-

  • Go to the chrome web store or click here.
  • Type your tool name which is Keyword Surfer & press enter.
  • You will see this tool detail & click on this.
  • After reading detail such as Overview, Review & Support you can click at the Button “Add to chrome”.
  • Enjoy the tool.

Ratings & Features

Keyword Surfer is a free tool that allows finding search volume in Google search results. Keyword Surfer is one of the keyword research free tools. This tool has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on the Chrome Webstore. When we talk about its features we can download all the keywords in CSV Formats.

There are several features that allow viewing, copying, and downloading all the keywords in CSV format to your PC. If you use Keyword Surfer you will see the following tab where the description is present.

Your KeywordSimilarityVolumeStar icon

How to download CSV File of all keywords

Keyword surfer chrome extension

To download all keywords please click the asterisk in the top, right corner of the column highlighting all the selected keywords. Then click on the Clipboard button and select Options.

  • Type any keyword in Google
  • Look to the right of the page you’ll see a column table in a box. Click the star icon at the top then click the Clipboard Button.
    • After clicking the Clipboard icon you see your all selected keywords exist here.
    • Click the 3 dot menu & then click Export As CSV.

Is Keyword Surfer free of cost?

Yes, Keyword Surfer Chrome Extension is free forever. You don’t need to pay any money for this.

Can I download the All keyword in CSV?

Yes, you can easily download all your Keywords in a CSV format.

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