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An image leaves a great impression on the mind of your visitors. You also know that it is easier to remember any image rather than any text content. But it is also a point that is essential to pay attention to in order to use an image properly. Because if you use high-size images on your website then it may be that your site or blog is slower than before.

What is Image Optimization in SEO?

Before elaborating on Image SEO, we need to understand SEO. what does SEO exactly mean? SEO stands for SEO Search Engine Optimization. To prepare or decorate any type of content on a digital platform that might be shown in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is called SEO.

Image optimization is the process in which an image is prepared or decorated as per the requirements of Search Engines like Google, Bing, & yahoo many more. To use an image in your blog or website of any size or format is not called image SEO. In image SEO, we reduce the size of an image without decreasing the quality of the image. This deduction in the size of images helps to load a web page in a short time. The main purpose of Image optimization is to reduce loading time & keep attracting visitors.

How to optimize image (Optimization method)

Each & everyone wants that his website or blog to load in a very short time so that no visitor would return to another site or blog. Here the terms of Optimization occur. So, we have already known what is optimization. Now we will know how to optimize our images used in web pages.

Image Compression

Image compression is a method of image optimization. In this method, we reduce the file size of images. In this compression process, we can minimize file size & information of images. The best light format for images is Png. there are also other formats of images are Jpg, Jpeg, or Jif, etc.

Vector Images

Vector images are such types of images that use coordinates & graphics parameters to create a scene. This is also found that vector images are very smaller than their raster equivalent element. If we use to replace them then it can decrease page loading time.

Image Caching

Image caching is also the most effective technics to reduce the loading time of your web pages. This is the same process in which the size of the file is stored in users’ browsers or on a proxy server in last time access for the purpose of fast & easy access. There are also various cache plugins to caching to your images on WordPress web pages.

Best WordPress Plugins for image optimization

If your site is built with WordPress, then there are various plugins for the purpose of image Optimization. WordPress offers you a number of plugins that offer to optimize your all images in your WordPress website or blog. The list of WordPress plugins to optimize your images is given below.

1. W3 Total Cache By BoldGrid

This is an amazing WordPress Plugin that helps to reduce page loading time. This Plugin is one of the most loved WordPress Plugins. This W3 Total Cache plugin improves your SEO. This WordPress plugin has the huge trust of well-experienced developers, Publishers.

You can easily install & activate this plugin on your WordPress website. You can install this WordPress Plugin here.

2. Smush – Lazy Load Images, Optimize & Compress Images By WPMU DEV

Smush is also a super-qualified WordPress Plugin to optimize your image in your WordPress Plugins. This plugin gives your site lossless images. This WordPress Plugin offers you to speed up your site or blog in a few easy steps. This plugin offers you to optimize, compress, Improve your Google Page Speed, & turn on lazy load speed.

You can download this WordPress Plugin here.

3. WP-Optimize – Cache, Clean, Compress By By David Anderson, Ruhani Rabin, Team Updraft

WP-Optimize is the best WordPress plugin to optimize your site. This keeps your WordPress Plugin fast & efficient. This plugin helps to compress your images. This plugin also allows your site to clean your site. There are also more benefits of this WordPress plugin. You can download it here.

Last Word

In the last word, I would like to suggest that if you want to optimize your WordPress site then Please use any one of the following WordPress. How much value did you get from this post? Please do comment & tell me.

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