how to write an ebook pdf

Hello, Dear How are you? write me.. In this post, we will discuss how to write an ebook pdf & earn 50,000 INR in a single day by selling an ebook. Do many people say that how can we earn through ebooks? Even some people say also that this is not possible & they know it is fake. In this article, I will try to understand what is ebooks & how can we earn through these ebooks by selling them online.

What is an ebook & how to write an ebook pdf?

Dear friends, Ebook is a soft copy of a hard copy. In old times, we used to read-only hard copies in our schools, college time but nowadays. Actually, an ebook is a digital form of any written content related to any subject or matter. We can understand this ebook by an example given below:-

Let’s take an example if you have a physical book but you will write all that content of this book in word Microsoft and turn it to pdf then this became a soft copy of the hard book that is called an ebook.

How can I create/make an ebook?

So, we understand how can we make an ebook. First of all, you need to know this is not a long-term process. Before making an ebook please make sure the following things.

You should find the niche of your ebook. That will attract your audience. So choose your niche very carefully, your niche is your own choice in which you have taken your education or learned any skill. like any computer course, any subject in your high school, or any other standard. we are considering an income point of view also.

After deciding your niche you should take the following steps to make your ebook.

  • 1. Write your content in word in the well-optimized format in a Microsoft word document.
    • Here optimized means your content will be accepted by Google by following tasks.
      • Your content must be free of punctuation errors.
      • Your content must be in a short paragraph if there is any paragraph.
      • Your content must be free of grammar errors.
      • That will be good if there is any border in your word document.
      • You will use a proper letter font & size.
  • 2. Please install any “Pdf add-on” on your computer or Laptop to convert your word document into a pdf format as an ebook is a format of pdf. To install follow these options.
    • Type “Download PDF addon” in Google then click the first link or click here.
    • After successfully downloading, open the file & Run. Install & activate.
    • After installing that ad your will see an extra option named “save as pdf” under the save as option, while you will save any word file. after clicking this option your word document file will turn into a PDF even in good condition. Never turn in pdf using online tools.
  • 3. After completing your writing & formatting task please save your word document by clicking the “Save as” button & choosing “As Pdf”. This will save your word document in A Pdf format.
  • 4. Now your ebook is ready.

Where can I sell my ebook?

After preparing an ebook now you have to find an Online Store where you can sell your ebook. Such an Online Store is named this store is really amazing & free of cost for a beginner who wants to sell his/her ebook or any Digital Product like ebooks, or courses. Online or accept payment. To use this store follow these steps.

  • 1. Visit any online Store where you will sell your ebook. like this, there is a Store named
    • Instamojo is a free online store that provides multiple services. Ebook selling is one of those. To sell your ebook through this platform please follow these steps:-
      • First, create your account using your email ID & complete your profile.
      • Login to your account & go to your dashboard & Click Add Product.
        • Fill in your Product (e-book) detail on that page. info like that
          • You Ebook title, and ebook description, upload your Pdf file, your ebook image, Your ebook price Meta description, etc.

How can you promote your Ebook or digital Product?

After Successfully uploading your ebook. Please copy the share link & share it on your Facebook profile if you want to promote your ebook then you can advertise this book with Facebook ads & many more. If you have made a targeted ebook to a specific Audience then you can build a strategy to promote your ebook on various Social Media.

how to write an ebook pdf
how to write an ebook pdf

You can promote your ebook on various Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. & Linkedin. But you have to find social media in nature. which means the product you are going to share at the specific platform you need to do research about the same social media platform that what is the nature of the same platform. Only after that must share you or advertise your ebook.

How to earn 50,000 INR by selling ebooks online?

You can earn 50,000 INR by selling ebooks. If you know it is fake then you are wrong. this is absolutely right. Sometimes it depends on your Ebook price. The lower the price of your book, the more you earn. if you price high of your ebook then you will gain low income.

Let’s assume your ebook price is worth 25/- INR & your ebook got 25000 people to reach in Facebook Promotion. If only 10,000 people bought your ebook then you can easily make money worth 25*10,000=2,50,000 INR. But …but… But Keep in your mind. Your ebook must provide high-value content.

What did you learn?

In this post, we learned how to make ebooks & earn good money Online. If you found this post has little value then please do comment.

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