Blogging is an electronic medium of sharing knowledge or any kind of education. It is also said that sharing is caring. How to write a blog Post or how to start writing a blog and Share Knowledge? There was a time when providing any kind of information could be a huge task. But in this age of technology, we have excellent resources to send any kind of information in just one click. You may know about India’s famous Blogger.

How to write a blog post (manner of writing Blog Post)

In this post, I will discuss how we can write a blog post and share our best knowledge to the needy. In this post, we will know how to write a good blog post step by step in a well set up WordPress Blog. How many headings & in which manner should be in Blog Post? We will cover all of them.

If you want to know how to write a blog in English. & how can you set up a complete Blog in Blogger then you may read here.

Let’s start to learn that how can we start writing our first Blog Post?

1. Idea for the Blog Post

Idea is the Top most essential thing for your Blog Post. If you have great idea then you can write a Blog Post easily in maximum word count. For a new blogger, finding an idea for writing Blog Post is a common issue. Please keep in mind that your idea must be unique from others. A unique idea may be the reason of viral your post.

If you want to start your Blog post in a specific niche then that will be very good to your Blog health. Here the health means that your audience on your blog is very targeted & you can easily target your same niche Products or services to your audience. Here, I am sharing your few tips to find out your blog post.

Tips to find out your First Blog Post

  • Deciding Blog niche : Pick your niche from your your choice or your education what you learnt now. If you choose your niche from your choice or education what you have obtained till date then your will get unlimited ideas of blog posts. But if your choose your first Blog Post idea from anywhere else then that will not run your work. So, always, select your niche as you want or any industry in which you can create something new or provide a high valuable knowledge.
  • Establishing a Pillar Post : Do you know what is Pillar Post? A Pillar Post is a first post of any Blog. all the post written after this are part of this Pillar Post or come after this pillar Post. By writing your pillar Post, All ideas keep originating from pillar posts. To tell Google or search Console that this is a pillar Post please mark as Pillar Post while writing the Blog Post in your Editor, right side.

2. Creating story for your Blog Post

After selection of any Blog post niche, you have to find out any idea or any problem of users. Then you should create a short story before giving intro of your Blog Post in very short. This is very important for your audience. This is the same lines that push your audience to read your Blog post article.

In this line you can do the following activity related to your post. This line must be very catchy that might be able to attract your audience eye.

  • You can question of users problems or issue.
  • You can remind them about their any serious issue or problem that they usually face.
  • You can share words, tricks in a short paragraph.

3. Write first Heading of your Blog Post

After writing the first short paragraph in your blog post, you have to share the complete introduction about your post. This is the first title of your blog post. Here, you have to explain to your audience that what item are you writing about? You have to do your best to describe your post in a way that can capture the attention of your audience.

4. Describing of your Blog Post benefits

After describing your blog post you have to introduce all the benefits of your blog post. You can elaborate all your thoughts about the benefits of a blog post. One of the great benefits of sharing all the benefits of your blog post is that if you are talking about an affiliate product then you can easily get a good conversion. So don’t be low in this stage. Working in this section can bring huge traffic to your blog.

5. Aware dark side of your article if any

Whether your post related to any product or services you must share all the disadvantage of your products or services. If you will be good in telling about the disadvantages of your products then this is also a trust gaining method of your Audience.

Trust gaining is other factor of a successful Blog post writing. If you get your audience trust then you earned a lot. If you couldn’t earn trust of your audience then you lost everything.

6. Connect your audience to your Blog Post.

If you want to write a perfect blog post then you have to connect your blog post with your audience. The meaning of this connection is that you can establish a connection with your blog post article to your audience so that your audience can easily understand what you are trying to understand to your audience.

You can give some example about what your are talking in your Blog post. By giving them example you will be able to connect your audience with your flow of describing your heading.

7. Using action words in your Blog Post

Writing your Blog Post article must be a learning task. In this task you need having a lot of knowledge of your field along with latest updates. If you write your Blog Post in about more than two thousand words then that’s ok. But if you do not use any action words in your blog post then it might be possible that there are less clicks in your post. That is not fine for your blog post.

A blog post deserves a good number of clicks. You can also use a number of tools to give your content a presentable look in your blog posts. Sometimes, bloggers use dictionary plugins to show the description of a word on hover. This shows the audience interest in your Blog post. So you must use powerful action words like check here, must read, don’t forget to read, etc.

8. Must use images in your Blog Post

Many bloggers write blog posts in a very smart way to attract their audience, they use Elementor to give an attractive look to their blog posts. Keep one thing in your mind that you must use good and attractive images in your blog posts. You should use at least two images in your blog post.

There are many types of content used in your blog posts. Images are one of them. Humans learn more easily from images rather than text content. So you must use images in your Blog post.

9. Must use Video in your Blog Post if possible

After entry of JIO in telecom industry, Now each & every person has own smartphone along with 2 GB daily data pack. Try to understand what I want to say. I am saying that each & everyone of us like consuming videos rather than any other content. You can make your own videos about your Blog post & embed in your Blog Post. There are many video making tools to build your own videos.

You can make your Videos form various amazing tools that are given below:-

10. Conclusion

You must last your Blog Post using a certain Word or Heading in the end of your blog post. This word must be the same in all post of the same blog. This type of word send the signal to your audience to return to your Blog Post. This type of word may be like Last Word, Conclusion, Must Read, Keep in mind etc.

How to write a blog article?

To write a blog article you must clear your niche in your mind of your blog Post.

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Digitalpathik India

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Village - Gulaur, Post - Sarya Tiwari Unwal Khajani, Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh India, PIN 273406