Google My Business is a crucial tool for Local Businesses along with big giants. Because this is a digital Business listing Platform where any Business may register itself & gather customers for its Business Online Here we are going to discuss how to verify business on google in 2022.

The reason is behind writing this post many Businesses want to register on google business listing but there is a lot of changing the verification Method of google business listing (Google My Business). You can also type verify my business on google.

How to verify business on google in 2022

Once upon a time, the verification of Google My Business was very simple. Anyone could verify Google My Business through Mobile Number or email Id. But time passed & now there are no instant methods to verify Google My Business Account in 2022.

You can register & fill in your all Business detail. But your google business account Profile will be public only after Verification. You should fill your Business Detail in complete before your GMB (google business account Verification). I am telling you ways for verification methods of Google My Business listing in 2022.

The method is given below:-

By Postcard Method

I would like to tell Verification Process through Post Card Method. In this method, You have to select the option Verify Now right side after logging in to your Google My Business Account & click the button verify Now. after you will ask to check your address & press the button to send Post Card.

After hitting the send Button you will receive a postcard with having 5-digit verification code to verify within 30 days. In some conditions, it may take more than 30 days up to 45 days.

What will you do if no postcard will arrive at your address….?

By Trending Method (through email ID)

So, here is the second method by which you can easily verify your Google My Business Account. for this type of verification, you have to log in to your Google My Business Account & proceed step by step.

  • After logging in click the Support Menu on the left side of your google business account. Then you see a Help Menu appear on your right side.
  • Click the “Contact Us” Button under “Need More Help” at the Bottom.
    • Select the Business that you want to verify.
    • Write your Reason “For Verification” in the response to Tell us what we can help with:
    • Hit the Button Next.
    • After you have to select your Reason in the column of Choose the best description of this issue. that is Postcard didn’t arrive & hit the Button Next.
    • After hitting the Next Button you will see an option for setting your language & Click on the email ID link.
    • After clicking the email ID button then you will see a form, fill this form. This form requires the following details.
      • Your name? *
      • Your email address? *
      • Your Business name *
      • Your Business address *
      • Your relationship to the business? *
      • The URL for your business’s listing on Google My Business? *
      • Please provide a phone number we can reach you on.  *

Fill in the above details & Final Submit Google My Business Team will respond to you & verify your Business soon. This method is tested by me (The author).

Can I verify Google My Business through email ID?

Yes, you can verify your Google My Business through your email ID. But you have to try a postcard method before trying this.

How do I verify my business on Google?

In 2022 you have only one option to verify your Google My Business Account. That is Postcard Method. In this method, you have to wait for a postcard for verification.

How to Verify Google My Business Without a Postcard?

You have to follow the method that is told below:-
First, Please list your Client Business only reaching their shop-specific location.
Second, After one week edit something like the Business Subcategory & save this. Sometimes, This goes for a review for a few minutes & later this listing is automatically verified.

Is Google My Business free?

Yes, Google My Business is free of cost. Don’t pay anyone for your Business Listing. you have to pay only for SEO for your Business.

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