Hi dear, you are most welcome to Digitalpathik where I usually talk about Digital Marketing-related posts. In this post, we will discuss how can you start a blog for free in 2022. We will discuss the main steps you should take to set up your Blogs. You will know that How to start a blog for free or we can say also how to create a blog for free?

How to start a blog for free or how to create a blog for free?

Before I start to discuss How to start a blog for free, I would like to give a short description of what is a blog & how can you earn through this. In short, a Blog is a digital Medium where some knowledge is shared that is accessible to everyone. The visitors appear on the blogs & read the articles. This is the whole story of Blogging. I will share further in this post how can you generate income through Blogs?

To set up a Blog you need two things. First is Domain & second thing is Webhosting. By the way, To set up a Blog, from a financial point of view you have two options to set up your Blog.

Free of cost blog: This is Blogger.com where you can easily create your Blog absolutely free of cost. Here you will have to pay nothing. Blogger.com is a Free Blogging Platform for Google. Here, your task of buying & set-up of domain and Webhosting ends here. After creating an account on Blogger.com & set-up your Blog name, you can start your blogging journey. Some of the main points are given below:-

  • You will get a subdomain of Blogger.com as your Blog name.
  • You can generate income through Google Adsense.
  • Your site/blog may take time to generate income.
  • You will not get any Plugin in Blogger.com so you will have to customise yourself with the help of coding.

Paid Blog Here, Paid Blog means we are talking about Wordpres website/Blog. This is a platform where a number of Plugins & themes are available to customize our Blog or websites. This is paid system. In this system, you have to buy a domain & web hosting for your blog or website. For a Normal Blog, you must pay only for your domain & Webhosting for one year. You have some points to keep in your mind.

  • In this system, you can use theme of your own choice in your WordPress Blog.
  • You can install your choice of Plugin to be functiinable to your WordPress blog.
  • You must care for SSL Certificate while buying your Webhosting Plan whether your hosting provider offers you a free SSL or not. as Blogger.com provides free SSL

You have two options as points of view economically. You will have to pay.

Buy your Domain name

Don’t hurry in purchasing your domain. Because this domain name is your Blog name. If you are thinking of starting your Business with your domain name. Then your should buy your domain only after better Domain research. Because your Domain name must be tally with your Business Brand name.

Domain A domain is the name of your Blog that is unique. For example, where you are reading this article, is also a blog whose domain name is Digitalpathik.com. That is a unique name. A domain name can be purchased from any registrar like Godaddy, Domain.com, Bigrock.com, etc. However, this is also free at some domain registrar like Freenom, etc,

Keep main points while buying a domain for your Blog

  • As more as Possible you should buy a TLD domain. like that xyz.com, xyz.in etc.
  • Buy domain after even a better Domain Research.
  • Buy your domain from a known registrar like Godaddy.com, Bigrock.com, domain.com, Hostinger.com, etc. Because this will save your time on Browser.
  • Please use your Valid email ID while buying domain.
  • Please make sure you have used same email ID to buy your all transaction like Domain, Webhosting, etc.
  • After buying domain name you get DNS Setting of your domain name in where you have to add IP server name of your webhosting account.

Buy web hosting for your Blog

After purchasing your Domain name you want to buy the Best Webhosting. If you really want to buy a good Webhosting then you also do better Research.

Do you know what is Sandbox & how does It affect your new Blog?

Webhosting: Webhosting is such a computer where your blog or website contents are kept and fully managed for your visitors. There is no doubt that your blog’s fast speed depends on your Webhosting having a possibility of 90%. To buy reliable web hosting from a famous Brand such as Hostinger.com, Bluhost.com, hostgator.com, & paidboom.com. Some main points must be in your mind while buying Webhosting.

  • You must buy always SSD storage Based webhosting. But If you are beginner then you go with shared webhosting. Because initially there is a limited number of visitors on your Blogs.
  • You must be carefull of a SSL Certificate Because this is going to be one of Ranking Factors of your Blog in Google.
  • You must care about Support quality from your hosting provider. Becuase you may face any problem that time your can requet for help to your hosting providers.
  • Please make sure you have used same email ID to buy your all transaction like Domain, Webhosting, etc.
  • After buying webhosting package you will get a mail containing few details from the hosting provider.
    • You will get Hosting Name Server (this is to be added to your domain DNS Setting)
    • You will get also IP Number of your webhosting package (this number is to be added your DNS Setting)

Connect your Domain & Webhsoting

How to start a blog for free
How to start a blog for free

After buying Domain & Webhosting, now you have to connect the domain with your Webhosting. Please follow these steps to connect your domain with your Webhosting.

  • Please login your domain Registrar & webhosting account in same Browser.
  • Type your Domain name in your webhosting account.
  • Go to your Domain Registrar Account & click My domain section. & then click Nameserver.
  • You have to change this customs nameservers from default nameservers.
  • Now go to your mail coming from your webhosting provider and copy Nameserver and paste it on your Domain registrar account in DNS Setting in other tab.
  • After some time your domain will be connected with your webhosting account.
  • When you see in a successful report in your webhosting account. you go to your C Panel account.
  • Please login to your Cpanel account using crediential received via mail from your webhosting Provider.
  • The url of C-panel may be found in same mail from webhosting provider. there are your login ID & Password as well.
  • after logged in, you have to install wordpress on your domain.
    • After logged in your Cpanel find wordpress tab. & click that.
    • Select your domain & redirectory if you don’t want any directory then leave blank the directory column.
    • Fill your choice user ID & Password. this same user ID & Password is required to login to your wordpress login Panel.
      • when you want to login your website to edit simply you will type in url your web address & wp-admin. for example your blog address is https://myblog.com then you will type https://myblog.com/wp-admin
      • You will be redirected to your login Panel. Fill your user ID & Password and hit button. You will be logged in to your admin dashboard.

Setting up your Blog internally

Now you have connected your domain with your Webhosting. Now you have to set up your internal tasks like blog theme, plugins for working your website as a blog & a few integrations. for this, you have to follow these lines.

  • After you logged in with your user ID & Password.
    • Go to Appearance > theme > click the Add new button > write your Desired theme Please hit the button install & activate.
    • Now you have to install Plugins for making a functionable blog. From dashboard go to Plugin > Add new > write plugin name, install & configure them.
      • Rank Math SEO This Plugin is for SEO of your Blog
      • Contact Form Query This works for a contact form for your blog
      • LiteSpeed Cache This works for your Blog speed. The speed is a ranking factor.
      • Easy Table of Contents This makes your Blog heading friendly.
      • Share Social Media This Plugin powers your Blog Post through social Media.
      • Google Sitekit for verification your domain & Submission in Google Search Console.

Perform other Task

After this work, you have to perform other tasks In the Blog. These are the following tasks:-

  • Submit your Blog in Google Search Console & set up Google Analytics G4.
  • For Submission your Blog to Google Search Console
    • For this click the Google Site Kit plugin before this make sure you are logged in with same email ID you have purchased domain. (another email ID will work quite)
    • Click Sign in with Google Button & complete verification & Submission.
    • This submission is a mandatory stage for any blog or website to gain traffic.
  • Setup Google Analytics G4 for analysis traffic of your Blog.
    • This is a not a mandatory stage but beneficial So, we will discuss this in our next post with new updates.

Your Blog is ready to Publish Post.

You can write your post, you should write any post after proper keyword research. Because after good keyword Research your blog will consume automatic Traffic from Search Engines.

What we learnt

In this post we have learned how can we buy domain & web hosting, the Connection of both, how to install themes & Plugins in WordPress. We have also learned how to verify our domain Please comment to tell me what is your reaction to this Blog Post.

How do I start a blog for free?

Go to Blogger.com & sign up. Fill in your Blog name & Other details.
Set up themes & another setting.
Your Blog is ready to Publish Post.

Is creating a blog free?

Yes, The domain name is free & paid both are available. If you choose Blogger.com there is free & you will get a subdomain of Blogger.com So, this is free.

Is there any free domain for one year?

Yes, there is a domain registrar named freenom.com

Can I get monthly web hosting?

Yes, you can get SSD monthly web hosting easily. Buy here.

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