How to monetize a blog

Are you looking for smart ways to monetize your blog? How to monetize a blog? There are many creators that establish their website or blog & create so much content on their blog. Another great thing is that there are sufficient readers on the blog. That means you are successful to build your brand. But if you want to earn through your blog or if you monetize your blog then there are multiple options to monetize your blog. In this post, I will tell you all possible ways to monetize your blog.

Understand what is monetizing.

Here I am not going to give you a different meaning of monetizing. I want to clear only the misconception that if you want to monetize your blog this is possible & I want to clarify one thing more if your blog is older than one or two years since have good traffic, only then you should monetize your blog. Keep one thing in your mind showing ads on your new blog may be bad for your audience experience.

By seeing ads on your blog, your users may leave your blog and consider your blog for the purpose of monetization only. So, don’t be in a hurry to show ads on your blog. If you are showing ads then show low-frequency ads. So that your audience does not have trouble reading your post when showing ads while.

Ways to monetize your blog (how to monetize a blog?)

Now I am going to tell you how to monetize your blog. See, there are really several ways to monetize your blog. for monetization, you have only regular visitors on your blog. The more visitors to your blog the more revenue you earn. Learn how can you increase traffic on your blog. Here I am going to tell you the following ways to monetize your blog.

how to monetize a blog
How to monetize a blog

1. Using Ad Network

Each 90 out of 100 bloggers wants to monetize their blog using any ad network. Because once you get approval from any ad network on your blog. This is so easy to raise a high revenue through your blogs. As you know there are a few requirements for the approval of Ad Networks on your blog. if you pass all requirements then your site gets approved for ad networks.

There are several Ad Networks available in the market. You can choose any of them or more than one as per your choice. Google AdSense, AdCash, Adsterra & others are a few examples of Great & famous Ad Networks.

2. Selling Services

If you run a blog where good visitors visit on monthly basis & your blog is based on a single specified niche then this is a golden opportunity for you. If you want to monetize your blog then you can sell services related to your blog niche. Assume you write articles on the topic of computer knowledge then if you want then you can sell specific knowledge of computers in the form of e-books. you can sell your knowledge in the form of your online services.

3. Selling Digital Products

Selling digital products can also be considered as monetizing blog traffic. If you want to monetize your blog. You can then sell digital products through your blog to your own audience. For example, if your blog is related to the time of cosmetics and you write your articles only on cosmetics then you can recommend any product to your audience that you are fully aware of. Your audience will definitely buy your recommended products because they are your own audience, and trust you. Read an article & know how can you drive huge traffic through sharing pdfs.

4. Selling Online Courses

If you run your own blog where you write about a specific course. Like Maths, English, Science or any other subject. If you write relevant content in your blog post. So it is also possible that your blog has a target audience. In these situations, you can sell your online course to your audience and charge them as much as you want.

To sell online courses, you can join any of the famous platforms like Instamojo, and Udemey or you can also create your own online course-selling platform using WordPress free of cost & sell your own course.

5. Monetize using Sponsorships

When your blog becomes older than two or three years & takes sufficient traffic then many brands start approaching you to place their sponsorship ad on your site or blog. Because if your blog has been ranking then there is high chance that the brand might see your blog or website. By getting sponsorship ads, you can earn a lot.

For getting sponsorships ads, you, only work on your quality content on your blog and nothing else because your own blog speaks about your own brand.

6. Advertisement for a specific purpose

If you run a blog & get huge traffic on a monthly basis & with a target audience. Then you have a chance to run ads for any other brand on your blog. You can run another new blog or any other product ads on the blog & charge them a specific amount. Well, this is not ok for the blog but only in a few conditions like high-frequency ads.

Showing ads of a high frequency sometimes irritate your audience. There may be a risk of losing an audience on your own blog.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a huge industry where you can make thousands of dollars using the best strategy. If you can tell everything like about the products, all advantages & disadvantages of products then you can run your affiliate blog where you will tell everything about the products & place there an affiliate link. Never think to underestimate an affiliate blog.

Affiliate marketing is so a massive industry. without whole preparation, you can’t run an affiliate blog. Learn what is affiliate marketing in depth here. There are several niches in this affiliate industry. So you can decide your own niche because if you know your niche well then you can build a successful affiliate blog.

8. Content writings

Content writing is an amazing skill. If you provide better content in your blog. Then visitors will visit your blog & pass a nice time period on your blog. You must know how to write your first post. Trust me, this increases your audience dwelling time. Always keep one thing in mind “Content is King”. If your content is unique to others & has value then your blog post does not need to have a backlink for ranking. Because any new blog content is the only thing that is responsible for ranking.

If you can write good quality content then you can also write for others’ blogs & charge them as you want. For this, you can contact them by visiting their contact us page.

Last Word

In last words, I would like to suggest that If you are running a blog & getting huge traffic & now want to monetize your blog traffic then there is a noticeable thing that depends on the nature of our blog how will react your audience sees ads on your site?

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