How to increase traffic on website

How to increase traffic on the website? Some people think that blogging is the best industry where thousand of dollars earning is very easy. The big problem is getting traffic on your Blog or website. Because there is only traffic through which, you can generate income more & more as passive income day or night & for a new blogger this is not easy to drive traffic on his/her Blog. By the way, we will discuss how to drive traffic to your website.

How to increase traffic on the website

There are a dozen of ways to drive huge traffic to your website or Blog. We can easily bring traffic by making powerful Backlinks on high DA PA Sites. Google also doesn’t send traffic to a new blog. Because Google doesn’t trust a new Blog or website. This post will answer the question of how to improve Alexa ranking. A backlink is the main point to get a high volume of traffic.

For this, you have to build trust in Google & fulfill all the formalities. In this post, we will discuss which ways you can use to get traffic to your website. I will tell you how to get traffic to your website or how to get more traffic to my website.

Ways to drive huge traffic on your website or Blog

I am going to share with you all methods by which you can drive huge traffic to your sites. first, we will read how many technics we can drive traffic to our sites. These technics will help you to understand How to increase traffic on the website. Somewhere, we need powerful Backlinks through high DA PA Sites. So that we might get more traffic along with a better Search Engine improvement. There are many ways to drive more traffic on Blog or sites:-

Google My Business Account

Google My Business account is a necessary item for making Online appearances. Many Businesses use this to get local traffic & boost their Business. They also run google Ads to get traffic on their websites. By this, anyone can build one’s online appearance in a short time. There is probably any Business-holder that doesn’t use this Google My Business. If we talk about the cost for this GMB Listing then this is absolutely free of cost. Google My Business is a product of Google. This is also the best technics to increase traffic on the website.

So, If you run any kind of Business or a blog then you must use this GMB Listing to boost traffic on your blog or sites. Please use this GMB. There are several Featured services on these Platforms. To visit you can click Google My Business.

Social Media Accounts

Don't forget to use social media
Don’t forget to use social media

Do not underestimate Social Media Accounts. This social media account is really very Powerful. There is a solid reason behind this, millions of visitors are present at a time. Internet users respond to any post related to any type of event, shared on Social Media accounts. Internet users respond with their opinions.

Social media is a big solution in response to the line how to get traffic to your website fast. Because for any type of new online business, Blogs there is only a single way to get traffic by running an ads campaign. For organic traffic

There are several Social Media Platforms. By this, you can easily do social media marketing for your own services or Products. There are social media Platforms for each nature of Business. That means you need to do a deep analysis before using any social Media.

The reason behind this is the internet user interest. Yes, the center of a business is the customer & above this, the customers’ interest. If the customers have no interest in your Business. then there is no probability for your Product sales. Hence, we should know the nature of the social media platforms that we are going to use for our Business.

There are many social media platforms to use but I mention a few of them that are popular. By these social media platforms, you can enhance your blog traffic.

1. Facebook

Facebook is one of the top social media sites. This social media site is very old. Still, this social media platform is called “King” Facebook is still used by a lot of internet users. Because there are a lot of features. Facebook is the king of the world of advertisement. Facebook ads are also known as FB ads in short. There are a lot of filters to show your ads to only your targeted customers.

You can use these Facebook retargeting ads for your own customers or clients. Facebook also gives you a Facebook pixels facility for your WordPress Blog. Each Business or Blogger must use Facebook ads to promote their Business or Blogs. In front of Facebook, there are no new social media platforms in 2021. There is also a feature of Facebook dynamic ads. In this, you can easily change or customize your ads campaign show plans.

Facebook is an open-source social network. Due to this reason using this Facebook at a large scale for Business holders. There are roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2021, Facebook became the biggest social network worldwide.

Facebook allows running the following types of Ads for your Business or Brand.

  • Facebook sponsored Ads
  • Facebook Dynamic Ads
  • Facebook carousel Ads
  • Facebook leads Ads
  • Facebook Video Ads

2. Twitter

Twitter is an American microblogging and social networking service where users post and interact with messages called “tweets”. Registered users can post, like, and retweet tweets, but unregistered users can only read the content available.

Twitter is also the biggest Social Media Site. You can create your Business Profile on Twitter to drive huge traffic to your sites. You can create your Business Product Ads to attract more customers to your Business website. Twitter is now not Twitter. It has been changed to its next level. Twitter has changed the Business advertisements scenario & made the career easy to find & make.

In Twitter Ads, you can also run ad Campaigns. In these Twitter ads, you can target your exact targeted audience for your business Promotion.

There are both users one is Real users and the second is digital creators. So, there are users in broad categories on Twitter. You can easily target your Audience.

3. Linkedin

This is one professional social media site that is made for professionals. LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented online service that provides messages and chat & works as a social media site. Launched on May 5, 2003, the platform is primarily used for professional networking and career development, and allows job seekers to post their CVs so that job seeker might find their jobs.

If your business is professional then you use these Linkedin Platforms to promote your Business or products. Many users make their Profile on LinkedIn by typing a LinkedIn search on google. You can experience that by knowing many people search on Google for the words LinkedIn India. Linkedin offers also LinkedIn courses to its registered users. In these courses, there are LinkedIn learning courses. You can also find your best LinkedIn groups, where you can easily learn a lot of professional skills.

Its LinkedIn marketing is a very well-known thing. There is an outstanding marketing experience for Business Holders.

4. Instagram

Instagram is an American photo and video-sharing social networking platform that is founded by Kevin System and Mike Krieger. Instagram is one of the modern Social networking services. This Instagram can be used through browsers so many users find this on google by typing Instagram web. You can also use this Instagram through Instagram app.

Instagram is an American photo and video-sharing social networking service founded by Kevin System and Mike Krieger. There is also an advertising system on Instagram. To reach out to more customers you can advertise your product on Instagram.

5. Q & A websites

INN These days, Q&A Sites are really used to take backlinks along with high-volume traffic. Yes, this Q&A idea really works. If you want to use this trick for a high volume of traffic then you can use this for the growth of your Business or Blog.

Let’s understand what is Q&A and how this works. Simply, Q&A means questions & Answers. In this process, visitors ask a few questions that come to their mind & you (Business or Bloggers) answer their questions. This is a time when you build your trust with your customers/clients along Google.

Only answering the questions is not meant that you have satisfied your client or customers or a good task for getting a backlink, you need to answer in time. To be on regular basis on Q/A is a good & unique way to get organic traffic on your websites or blogs.

This Q/A feature is available in Google My Business Account after successfully logging in.

Image submission sites

When we talk about Domain Ranking in Google or any other search engine. Then there are many parameters on which we can say that the domain is in the top ranking in Google. Image submission is also one of these parameters. There are many free image submission sites to take traffic.

Are you viding this type of parameter the first time, If yes, Then please read carefully? You will know how an image can give you a lot of traffic to your site. yes, an image submission on the other platform can send a lot of traffic to your site. To get a list you can google the image submission sites list.

To get the traffic you can submit images on various platforms (image submission sites). This idea works for image submission sites in SEO.

Here is some image submission sites’ address.
Image submission sites

PDFs sharing Sites

To rank your site in Google Search Engine, PDF sharing is also responsible. If you share your Pdf on pdf sharing sites, where, there are a million active users, then this is most possible that there any user might come to your site by clicking your pdf link.

This idea really works for higher ranking our domain in Google Search Engine. There are many pdf-sharing sites. Keep one thing in your mind you will benefit only on one condition when users click on your pdf & visit your site address that is given on your pdfs.

Some pdf-sharing sites are given below:-+
Pdf sharing sites

Profile Creation Sites

Profile creation sites are also responsible for ranking in Google or other search Engine. There are many sites where you create your profile creation in order to improve site ranking. This type of backlink really work for your site ranking in Google Search Engine. These are the few websites where you create your Profile creation link.

Profile Creation Sites

By Relevant comment

A comment is also an easy way to get traffic from the high authority site & not high authority sites. for this, you can put an awesome comment to any relevant post on your blog. If your comment has been approved by the blog admin then you will get a no to follow backlink.

In this No follow backlink you get traffic also from the site you made the backlink. This is one of the methods to way instant backlinks.

Broken Link Backlink

A broken link is also a method of getting a choice of do-follow or no follow backlinks. This is a free method of getting a Backlink. You must use this method to rank your site as soon as possible.

Process for getting a backlink: In this process, you will have to find a broken link on a blog or web page related to your niche. after finding broken links you must find the contact email ID of the same website or Blog on which you have found broken links. Then send a fresh mail requesting the following lines.

Hello sir Good morning,

I visit your blog today, where I found a broken link. actually, I have a article similar to your link. What will it happen that you replace your broken link with my fresh written article link. By this your visitor will retain a good experience & I could get a do follow backlink also.

Send this format along with detail like that your link, their Broken links etc.


Now we are at the conclusion. That means If you want to rank your site as soon as possible then you have to build powerful Backlinks. Only building powerful backlinks with high DA PA Sites Google will up your sites in Google. Because if your site is new then you will have to gain the trust of Google.

If you have learned a bit from this article then please do comment with your thoughts.

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