Google Ads 2000 credit

Google Ads 2000 credit is now 20,000/- INR. Before some time Google offered only for 20,000/- INR Ads Credit But now that offer is no more in this system. Google discontinued the same But Good news is now offer is changed into 20,000/- INR. So, we have to accept this offer having some changes in Google Free Ads Credit.

Google Ads 2000 credit is now 20,000/- INR

I have given a clear details on the basis of Google Guidelines of ads.

Now, Google offers free 20,000/- INR ads Credit with the following rules & regulations. Please read the below.

  • This offer (the free ads credit) is valid only for new advertiser in India.
  • First, new advertiser has to pay 20,000/- in his/her ads account only after paying this value you will get 20,000/- INR in your ads account.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is one of the high-performance Services used worldwide to promote Businesses or Brands. By using this Google ads Platform, you can advertise your Business or Product worldwide to your own preference or choice.

Google Ads is an easy & high-conversion ads unit. Google Ads works fully online. So your Business or Products can be advertised through Google Ads. Trust can be a great factor. You can easily trust this Platform Because there is about 90 Billion monthly traffic on Google.

What is Google Ads 20,000 credit?

Are looking for ways to get Google Ads 20,000/- INR credit. As you know Google is one of the giant technology companies that provides a lot of high-performance Services & Google ads are one of them.

This service is known as Google Ads. As you know by this name that this is an advertisement program run by Google. Here Business holders can run their Business ads Campaign on Google.

Although running an ads campaign is time taking there is a high conversion rate. So, you must use Google ads to promote your Business or Brand worldwide.

How to get Google Ads free credit?

Availing of Google Ads credit is easy & not time taking but you have to follow the full process. First of all, keep in mind that this Google Ads free credit is an initial offer to get an experience that how Google Ads works.

If you have registered with Google Business Profile now (known as Google My Business in past). Then this credit will transfer to your Google Business Profile account.

How to activate or redeem my 20,000/- INR Ads Credit

Please follow the following steps to get 20,000/- INR Google Ads Credit carefully. the official link of Google advertisement is here.

  • Open a new Google ads Account for yours.
  • Check your mail for your Google Ads credit coupon code & copy that.
  • Login to your ads account & find Promotion tab under Tool & Setting menu in your dashboard.
  • Click a PLUS icon + to Paste your Promo Code & press Submit Button.
  • You will see that your coupon has been applied.
  • Now you have to spend your own 20,000/- balance within 60 days. (the date is given) a row.
  • Whenever you add your 20,000/- INR in your ads account. Google ads 20,000/- INR to your ads account.

In this way, you will get 20,000/- free ads credit.

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