how to earn money with a blog

When we talk about earning money online through a blog, the biggest issue comes how many sources of income are there to monetize your blog. Do you also want to know how much a blogger earns in India? and how bloggers make money.

Before starting the discussion about all the possible ways to monetize your blog, I would like to tell you that blogging is a long-term process, it would be wrong to say that if you have started your blog today and you will start earning millions overnight.

How to earn money with a blog?

First & foremost, To earn a decent and passive income through your blog, you have to work hard day and night and regularly. Many new bloggers usually search on Google for how to earn money with a blog. Because to have a successful blogging career, consistency is required your work. To be successful in the field of blogging, you have to make your efforts regularly. You can also read here how can you write a blog for the first time.

Ad Networks

To earn money online through your blog, you can use any of the famous ad networks on your blog. Actually, In this ad network, you can show ads of these ad networks on your blog post or pages where your audience stays to read your blog post. The ad Networks pay you for showing & clicking on ads by your visitors.

There are several ads Networks that you can use & place their ads on your own blog post. The account creation for Ads Networks is the same on all Ad Networks Platforms. There may be differences in the CPC of various Ads Networks. There are a few Ad Networks that I mention below.

Google AdSense

how to earn money with a blog
how to earn money with a blog

Google AdSense is one of the famous Ad Networks for bloggers. If you want to monetize your blog then there is nothing good but such as Google Ad Network. Because these ads suit the blog post content. In some cases, this is not usually possible to Identify for your audience, which one is ads & which one is your content. You should use Google AdSense in your blog for monetization.

There are several Ad Networks for blog monetization

Taboola,, Adcash, Facebook Audience Network, Epom, Apple Ads, Yahoo Ad Network, Microsoft Ads, etc.

Sponsorship Ads

If you run a blog. there has good monthly traffic then you can monetize your blog with sponsorship ads. You will be surprised to know that a single sponsorship ad can pay you a minimum of 25,000 INR for your blog post. If your blog is in good condition & there has huge traffic on your blog then you can also earn a good income through Sponsorship ads.

In this process, when there is sufficient traffic on your blog on monthly basis. Businesses or Brands start to approach you via your contact us form that is built on your Blog or website. This is very simple to analyze your blog or platform traffic with the help of any SEO Tools. They (Business Brand) usually send you request or offer for sponsorship ads via mail in which they offer your specific money for showing their sponsorship ads on your own blog.

Guest Post

Guest Post is a choice of new Bloggers. A low-domain authority blog holder always finds to drop a guest post on a high-domain authority blog for SEO purposes. Publishing your own written blog post on another blog is called Guest Post. This is the same method of getting a quality do-follow backlink from a Guest post.

So, cutting the long story short, if you are running a blog for a long time and your domain is more than 3 or 4 years old with good domain authority. Then you can also guest post for other bloggers and for this you can charge a fixed fee.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the highest income sources in the field of digital marketing. Affiliate marketing is also a passive income source. In this marketing, You have to share all the valuable content about your focused products or services on your blog & gradually the number of visitors increases. This is the same time when you can join any affiliate marketing of any company like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

In this affiliate Marketing, If your blog or website is related to a micro-niche then this is more beneficial to your affiliate program. Your blog must be in a micro-niche to generate a high income through Affiliate Marketing. You can easily create content for a micro niche website or blog. In affiliate Marketing, When visitors see your content & gradually you get the trust of your audience. This trust gives you a lot of chances of making money.

Selling Service

If you run a blog in a specific niche & there are sufficient visitors to your blog on monthly basis. then if you want to earn money through your blog then you can sell your specific service-related niche. for example, if your blog is in the niche of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then there will be the same visitors that have an interest in your blog post about what is SEO. how can we do a powerful SEO & anything more?

Then you can provide your SEO service to your audience. for this, you can publish a contact form where your audience will contact you regarding SEO services. You can sell any type of service this depends on your blog niche.

E-book Sales

The E-book is another popular thing for earning potential. If you must have noticed that people also find content in the form of PDFs. Some people want to read the material as an e-book. E-books are a great way to earn money online from anywhere. If your blog is related to any academic material like mathematics, English, science, or any other type of subject or knowledge. Then there is the same audience on your blog. In this case, you can sell him your well-designed eBook with premium-quality content.

You will be surprised to know that you can easily earn Rs 50,000 in a month. E-books are also a passive income source. Your one-time published e-book in well-designed formats can pay you high passive income even while you sleep.

Launching Online Course

If you run a blog about Skill related online in which you publish your post about how to decorate a room, How to cook in a better way etc. Then this is very simple to understand that your audience will be the same by nature & interest in your blog. Then you can sell online courses to your specific audience. By this, you can make a lot of money through your Blog. This is also a high-income-generating idea.

In this method, you actually sell your own knowledge to your audience in the form of online courses. You can sell any course but the same course should be associated with your blog niche, then only you will benefit. Because you will be selling your audience which should be from your own blog audience. This will help to find your targeted audience.

Last Word

In last words, I would like to say that If you are looking for the best ways to earn money online through your blog then Please trust me. when your blog will be popular or there is regular traffic on your blog then you can easily monetize your blog traffic. If you have millions of traffic on your blog then there are several ways to make money online for you.

You won’t know when your blog turns into a brand. Because if you have quality then you are a brand. If you have quality then you have traffic. & if you have traffic then you have money & if you have money then you have respect & nothing is greater than respect.

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