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Hi dear hello how are how? write us… As you know We are living in a digital era where everyone is doing anything but online. Today, each person knows how to use digital types of equipment & way of using the same. I am going to discuss How to do digital marketing? One of them is computers and above this Digital Marketing is the digital way of doing Marketing.

In this blog post, I want to share how can you do digital marketing for your Business & for others as well. I will also discuss in which way can you perform digital Marketing.

So, let’s start!

What is Digital Marketing & How to do digital marketing?

As I have already introduced what is digital marketing? But I give a short description of Digital Marketing. In Digital Marketing there are all the activities that are for Business enhancement but in a digital way. There are a number of tasks in digital marketing. We will mention here How to do digital marketing? Actually, In Digital Marketing, we focus on web designing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization & Ads campaigns, etc.

Ways of Digital Marketing

Now we are heading to understand & perform digital marketing activities for any kind of Business. I will discuss How to do digital marketing & ways of doing Digital Marketing. First of all, we must follow all the points to do Business enhancement;-

  • We must prepare an Audit Report for our Targeted Business (Our Client/Business).
  • Then we must contact the Business holders to discuss.
  • In this conversation, you have to discuss all the issue that you can solve & business holders allows.
  • Then you must talk about your service Charge. If you are new in this field or are these your first clients? Don’t do this service charge formality let it be for the future. You will only focus on the best efforts in your service.

Divide your Project into small Tasks

how to do digital marketing
How to do digital marketing

Assume that you got one project from well-known Business-holders now what will you do? You should divide your whole project into small tasks. By dividing your task into small tasks you will know How to do digital marketing. We can do this easily through a small example given below:-

Assume you prepared an audit report of Dulluck Emporium. Now you have a big task to handle this project. In this situation, you must divide your whole Task into small.

I am taking you as an example let’s assume your Project is ready & You have divided your whole task the task is given below:-

  • Create a Google My Business Listing
    • Create a Google My Business Listing & complete a full Profile
      1. Fill in Business detail such as Business Address, mobile No., email ID, etc
      2. List your all Business Product information with perfect SEO.
    • Publish posts on a regular basis with complete SEO on your GMB Account.
    • Prepare Google Ads & Run a campaign
      1. Please note that Google provides INR2000/- free Ads Credits on the New GMB account.
  • Set up a website or Blog for Business
    • Find a perfect Domain & buy this along with the best Webhosting.
    • Connect the domain with hosting & Setup up a Blog or website for Business.
    • Build your static Business Pages in Proper design.
    • Setup your Blog. Decide your Blog directory whether on the main domain or in the directory.
      • Setup your Blog design & Functionality in your Blog
        • Setup & Optimize your Blog at The Best speed.
        • Create your Post Category & Tags for your Blog Post.
        • Submit your blog/website to Google Search Engine or any other if you want.
        • Create a Google analytics Properties G4 to view your live audience & many more.
        • Publish your attractive, Beautiful & valuable Post on a Regular Basis in your Blog.
  • Set up Social Media Platform to connect your Business with your Audience.
    • Select your preferred Social Media Platform & Create your Official Business Page.
      • Create your Business Account on Social Media with the following details:-
        • Your Business Name, Contact Details, and your Complete Business Profile.
          • Your other social Media Account Link
    • Publish your post on a regular basis with links to your site & high-quality images & content.
  • Prepare Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your Business site.
    • Facebook ads are the king of the Ads Market Hence you can drive more traffic to your site or Blog.
    • Prepare your Facebook ads & Target your Audience to take any action on your website.
  • Analysis of your Ads Campaign
    • You must get in a deep analysis for your Ads Campaign only after that you will be able to know your business is growing or not or going in which direction & all the possible improvements that can be done.

Tools you need for Digital Marketing

Hi dear, Once there was such a digital marketing era in which digital marketing is so easy. any Blog post was ranked easily with just in few efforts. But the meaning & ways of Digital Marketing has been changed. Digital Marketing has been tougher than ever. You must have known how to do digital marketing.

In this era of Digital Marketing, we need to use a lot of digital Marketing Tools. Because we need to analyze the domain’s nature, its importance, domain ranking & Article Ranking factors. So, there are a lot of things that we need while performing digital Marketing efforts in any kind of Business. we have very well known how to do digital marketing.

So, I am going to share a few tools that can help more in Digital Marketing

  • SEO checker, This is a web-based tool where you will find all the things that you need in work of Digital Marketing like that:-
    • SEO Checker To check the SEO of any website
    • Domain Authority Checker To check the website Authority
    • Backlink Checker To check the Backlink of the website
    • Plagiarism checker To check Plagiarism
    • Website Traffic Checker To check website traffic


Q How can I do digital marketing after the 12th?

Ans. You can join any Digital Marketing Course after you must join an internship with any famous Digital Marketing company.

How can I start digital marketing?

First, create your Online Presence using any digital Platform or Social Media, Check the latest trend that is going on around you?, Publish posts on regular basis to reach out maximum audience, and Sell your Products or Services to your audience.

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