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Grammarly chrome extension is a great tool for English writing. I am sure that you have just heard about the Grammarly Chrome extension. This great tool is used for writing error-free English. This tool is very famous for anyone who works in writing. With this tool, anyone can improve his/her writing skill. This tool helps us to write error-free English.

In this post, I will discuss the Grammarly Chrome extension & its all functions, & benefits for its users. I will also tell you how to use this Grammarly Chrome extension in your work. Adding Grammarly to Browser is very easy.

Intro for Grammarly Chrome extension

Grammarly Chrome extension is a Chrome extension that helps in your error-free writing in any Browser. The name of this chrome extension is Grammarly for Chrome. This chrome extension can be easily installed & activated in your Chrome Browser. Then, this Chrome extension points out your grammar mistakes in different colors. By hovering your mouse cursor over these colored underlined words or phrases, you can select the correct option from the same. This Chrome extension works with all types of websites that are opened in the Chrome browser. For improving writing skills, the Grammarly google chrome extension is very important.

Benefits of using the Grammarly Chrome extension

When the points come off the benefits of the Grammarly Chrome extension then keep one thing in your mind. If a person needs to write something on any device. Sometimes, internet users face issues with grammatical-based errors like punctuation, prepositions, and many more. This chrome extension makes it easy to write free error English.

1. Very easy to install & activate

It is very easy to install and activate the Grammarly Chrome extension in your Chrome browser. Once this Grammarly Chrome extension is activated, all you have to do is click on this icon at the top of your browser. Clicking on this icon will refresh your page and you will see colored underlined words or phrases if there are any mistakes of any type in your text. Click to select one or ignore all of them.

2. Key Features

The main feature of this Grammarly Chrome extension is awesome. This Grammatical Chrome extension makes your writing error-free so that your writing can engage your audience whether you’re writing job applications or blog posts for your audience.

There are some great features that are given below:-

grammarly chrome extension
Grammarly Chrome extension

Simple Guide edition Process

As per grammar, It is recommended always to use English grammar as per the audience’s reaction to your text. We are not talking about the difference between speaking and writing, but rather maintaining the tone of the text as you type. This chrome extension will not improve your English but also makes your text tone easily understandable to your audience.

High-quality writing

As you know that any spelling checker tool can check only spelling in your text. But a grammar checker can spot grammatical mistakes in your content. But a good effective tool that makes your text absolutely free from grammatical errors. This chrome extension is one of those tools. The helps you fix grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues, and it also improves your sentences to be grammatically correct without flooding words.

Works where you do

Grammarly Chrome extension offers you to work anywhere, which means you can work with compatible all text fields on most websites, including Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, WordPress & a million websites. Grammarly Chrome extension enables you to work on all websites in a Browser.

Trusted by millions of users

This Grammarly extension can be used by Business professionals, students, bloggers, writers & all the people who want to write better & gain the trust of their audience in writing skills.

Grammarly Premium package

You get amazing features of Grammarly extension even in the free Plan. Like spelling, punctuation, proposition & many more. But if you want a pro Plan to improve your English in an advanced manner then you can also avail of the Professional Plan of Grammarly Chrome extension.

The Premium feature of this Grammarly extension provides you with comprehensive feedback. This pro version helps you to meet your highest standard. This chrome extension pro version evaluates your writing qualities through full-sentence rewritings, Word choice enhancement, tone adjustments & more.

Detecting your tone

The special feature of this Chrome extension is detecting to figure out how your message will come across to readers. This chrome extension will help you to add a little worth so that your audience might be able to get extra user experience.

Grammarly’s built-in tone detector assists you to add a little confidence, friendliness, or any other thing like the clarity of your used words in your text.

Multilingual speakers

Grammarly helps multilingual speakers also to sound their best in English as suggestions to improve grammar & idiomatic phrasing. Despite this unique feature, Grammarly will also help to offer this service in other languages like Spanish, German Speakers, Hindi, French Mandarin, etc.

How to install, activate & use?

To use this chrome extension you can take the easy steps that are given below.

  • Visit or you easily type Grammarly chrome extension on Google.
  • Write the Grammarly chrome extension in the search bar. If You want to read the review then you can.
  • After reading the review, Click the Add to Chrome Button to install this chrome extension. This will take a few minutes & will be installed on your PC.
  • After installing this extension, Pin it, from the extension icon above in your window. So that you might click on this extension icon to use this on each site or location.
  • Now if you want to use the Grammarly extension on any Online editor like WordPress, Twitter, In your Blog editor, etc. Just click the Grammarly icon seen above your editor. this will refresh your Page where you were.
  • Then you will see underlined phrases & words. Now, you can change by hovering over them.

About Grammarly Chrome Extension

Extension NameGrammarly Chrome Extension
Size of extension35.66MB
Installations10,000,000+ users
Where to Download fromDownload here

Last Word

I would like to say in my last word that if you want to improve or make an advanced level of writing skill then you must use this Grammarly Chrome extension.

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