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Google Search Console is a web service provided by Google that checks indexing status & optimizes the visibility of websites. Google Search Console handles all the indexing projects. Since this is a product of Google, you have a Gmail account to use this Google Search Console. Without using this Google Search Console, you can’t index your site in Google. This is the same service that is used by every site owner like Bloggers, Developers, or digital Marketers. People use Search Console for Google Search Console sometimes.

What is Google Search Console

Product information

Google Search Console is a web service Product of Google that allows webmasters to check the indexing status of a web page & also optimize the visibility of web pages. It is initially launched in 2001 with the name of Google webmaster tool.

Google Search Console is a Product of Google. Hence you are required a Gmail Account to use this Google Search Console. Till 20 May 2015, Google Search Console was known as Google Webmaster Tool. But after this, the name of Google webmaster Tool was changed to Google Search Console.

Google updated its service in Webmaster Tools and changed the name to Google Search Console. Google has been working on an update to Google Search Console. Google has provided a new version of Google Search Console. Where you will get more value in Insights Option. Google Search Console is an essential part of a website. So that anyone can index their site in Google.

How does Google Search Console work?

The website has no significant benefits unless the site automatically attracts new audiences. for this, we have to submit our website to Google Search Console. We generally, have to sign in with a Gmail ID & submit our domain name in Google Search Console.

Google Search Console is not directly related to google search analytics. Google Analytics is user-focused & provides data related to those visitors & who interact with your website. But Google Search Console is a search engine-oriented info that we could optimize our search appearance & visibility in SERPs.

After successfully submitting your site to Google Search Console, We can show our website traffic in real-time. If there is an issue in indexing any page of our site. then we can know the issue & resolve them. If we don’t use the Google Search Console then we are not enabled to find our website traffic & all the related another matrix like that total clicks, Impressions, CTR, Average Impressions,

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Benefits of Google Search Console

As you know that in this world of technology, each of us has a smartphone. For any person, this is very easy to find anything on Google as compared to asking anyone else. So before, asking anyone about anything even if you would like to find something on Google. Am I correct?

So, your site must be indexed in Google. Only then you are able to bring a new audience to your website daily. That is good for your Business or your Blogs.

There are several benefits of Google Search Console for a website owner. Each website owner must use Google Search Console to get an index in Google Search. The Google Search Console gives us a lot of benefits that are given below:-

Features of Google Search Console

There are a number of features that you find in the Google Search Console.

  • By using Google Search Console, the verification of your domain is successfully done.
  • After this, you can get a lot of data about your site.
    • You can know the total impressions, Total clicks, on your posts or pages.
    • You can check & edit your Robot text file which helps to help discover pages that are blocked in robots.txt accidentally.
    • You can check all your pages that have issues in crawling & resolve them.
    • You can check the crawling rate along with statistics about when Google bots access a particular site
    • You can list all your pages on your website or blog.
    • You also get notifications from Google for manual penalties if any.
    • You can get info about the average position of your Blog or website or specific articles.
    • You can set a filter on your preferred data.
  • You can verify more than one domain in Google Search Console.
  • You can see additional info on your Blog or websites.
  • You can see your site or blog is mobile-friendly or not.
  • You can check any URL of a specific page or post of your Blog or website in the URL Inspection tool Box.
  • You can remove any property from Google Search Console anytime with just a single click.
  • You can easily submit your Sitemap in your Google Search Console or get a link to your sitemap.
  • You can get an idea of keywords related to your blog or website.
  • You can see all the keywords on which your site is being ranked & make the best strategy for your SEO.
  • You can solve the indexing issue of any URL of your blog or website.
    • If you check any URL of your website or blog in the URL Inspection tool & found the URL is not in Google then you can request to Index for the same.
    • You can make your post crawl instantly. & see the crawling requested info.

Integration of Google Search Console

There are some ways to connect your blog or website with Google Search Console. If you are new to Google Search Console then you need to follow this process. this process will tell you how to connect your blog or website with Google Search Console.

Please follow the instruction to connect your site or blog with Google Search Console.

  • Please sign in your Gmail ID
  • You will see the following image like this.
Google Search Console
Google Search Console Adding Verification Method
  • You can verify your domain in any one of two ways.
    • 1. Domain verification Method If you want to attach auto verification of all your subdomains & HTTP or HTTPS then you can go with first domain verification. In the first section, you have to give one URL. after this your all associated URL will automatically be attached to Google Search Console.
    • In this verification when you enter your domain name such as in the box. then you will be asked to paste a verification code shown here after pasting your domain account. Please paste this Text record in your DNS (In your domain Registrar account) & after this, you can press the button Verify as mentioned below.
  • 2. URL prefix Verification Method If you don’t want to automatically submit all types of addresses of websites then you can choose 2nd method (right-side) as shown in the image above. In this method, if you submit a URL then the search console will only attach the same URL that you provide in Google Search Console.
    • In this method, you can verify specific URLs mentioned below. You can verify one or more than one URLs one by one. In this method, you have to verify each URL separately.
    • In this method, as in the first method, you do not have a single verification option. Rather, here are 5 ways you can verify your domain. The ways are given below.
    • Option 1. : HTML Upload an HTML file to your website
    • Option 2. : HTML Tag Add an HTML tag to your website
    • Option 3. : Google Analytics Use your Google Analytics account
    • Option 4 . : Google Tag Manager Use Google Tag Manager Account
    • Option 5. : Domain Name Provider Associate a DNS record with Google
  • In 2nd method, Here you can verify URLs like below.


I would like to say that if you are in this field and use a business website then you should use google search console to analyze your website or blog. Because this is the only way to get important alerts from Google about your domain.

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